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Caliber 90 V2006 Kit Kyosho 21996 Competition Helicopter with Servos, Motor, Muffler Gyro, Blades

Caliber 90 V2006 Kit Kyosho 21996 Competition Helicopter with Servos, Motor, Muffler Gyro, Blades

Semi Assembled  Caliber 90 Ver.06 - 21996 , Flown very few times (Less than 5)

This model is in perfect conditions, no scratches, no broken parts.

This model is assembled, couple of Flights Old, and including the following

  • Original Caliber 90 Heli kit, Carbon/CNC parts, fiberglass canopy
  • Engine HZ, very very low operational time( see photo of crank)
  • Original Japan Funkey/Kyosho muffler
  • Futaba BLS451 Cyclic servos (total 3)
  • Engine servo Futaba 9202
  • Gyro futaba GY601+9256 servo.
  • some other upgrades, header tank, Carbon paddles SAB, extra flybar weights.
  • Original Blades

Please notes the kit Required for operation:

  • R/C System / 6-channel, 5-channel 1-gyro EMS compatible R/C system for helicopters
  • Engine suitable for 90-class helicopters
  • Engine starting tools
  • Fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system

With a unique structure and drive train, the powerful but quiet flight of the Kyosho Caliber 90 has evolved even further with this latest 2006 version. While keeping the best of the Caliber 90, this latest version adds increased mobility to meet the new demands of F3C rules. Carbon lower frames allow removal for setting of the resonance point while maintaining rigidity for optimum engine mounting conditions. Also, as the machine is designed to work with two swash mode types, increased elevator thrust with optimal aileron and elevator control ratio is obtained.

With its new design rotor head the Caliber 90 raises the level of precision and performance to new levels. The increased maneuverability needed to meet the new F3C rules has already been tested successfully with a 2nd and 3rd place finish at the 2005 Japan National Championships and 2 positions on the 2007 F3C US World Championship team. The Caliber 60 Ver.06 again proves Kyosho's commitment to achieving the highest level of quality and performance available today.


  • Caliber 90 Ver.06 Special Features - Newly designed swash plate allows choice between 120 degree or 140 degree swash modes.
  • Fuel tank capacity increased to almost 600cc to meet new performance demands.
  • Adoption of V-section cooling fan drive belt. Results in improved efficiency and low noise.
  • New design head allows precision adjustment of damper hardness.
  • Carbon lower frame allows resonance point to be changed for greater extraction of engine power.
  • 20mm longer Main Mast for increase hover stability and greater pitch range.


3M Gyro Mounting Pads adjesive 2.5mm (6pcs)

3M Gyro Mounting Pads adjesive 2.5mm (6pcs)

3m Gyro Pads

These 3M high quality Gyro and receiver mounting pads are double sided tape which is used to both securely hold the gyro in place but just as importantly act as a dampener between the frame and the gyro. MADE from 3M material, with 2.5mm of thickness, 6pcs in a set
This allows for shock absorption from the Helicopters natural vibration.
Each pad is cushioned to help to eliminate vibration


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K&S JAPAN (KSJ) - Fuel Shutoff Clamp ,set of 2, colors Black, Orange, Yellow, Red

K&S JAPAN (KSJ) - Fuel Shutoff Clamp ,set of 2, colors Black, Orange, Yellow, Red

This is a set of two K&S Fuel Shut Off clamps. The worlds best designed, best selling fuel shutoff clamps, these mechanical clamps are great!
They hold the fuel line closed firmly when shut, and can be released with the press of a button! Great for any glow heli.

Available in Black, Orange, Yellow, Red


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K&S Japan Header Tank Size 80cc Assembly

K&S Japan Header Tank Size 80cc Assembly


  • Size: 60x60x25mm
  • Net Weight: 22g
  • Holder material:Plastic


  • TANK capacity: 80cc
  • This is a replacement Header tank 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Header Tank set


Inc. VAT
Muffler replacement Pack of four Hatori brand grommets for 61-105 size pipes

Muffler replacement Pack of four Hatori brand grommets for 61-105 size pipes

Original Hatori Muffler replacement Pack of four Hator and otheri brands grommets for 61-105 size pipes


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Whiplash Gas V2 Clutch and Motor Mount Support - Set

Whiplash Gas V2 Clutch and Motor Mount Support - Set

Whiplash Gas V2 Clutch and Motor Mount Support - Set

133-416 Whiplash V2 16t Pinion - Pack of 1

- 1 pc -

1 x 133-416

Fits Whiplash Version 2 Models


Inc. VAT
Whiplash gasser CNC Zenoah Hub Tool - Set

Whiplash gasser CNC Zenoah Hub Tool - Set

3000-76 Zenoah Hub Tool - Set

- set -

1 x 3000-76, 1 x 3000-77, 2 x knurled screw M5


Inc. VAT
Whiplash gasser CNC Machined Clutch System Stack MA133-125

Whiplash gasser CNC Machined Clutch System Stack MA133-125

133-125 CNC Machined Clutch System Stack - Set

Including top-start one-way bearing.

Fits for Zenoah, TRM, BH-Hanson, OBR, RC Style Gas engines.

Ensures perfect concentric of the clutch system.

This clutch stack is designed to eliminate all causes of run-out of the original ZenoaH clutch which can have an axial and radial run-out of up to 0.15" (0.38mm). This run-out causes heavy vibrations which normally result in broken screws, broken aluminum parts and in disconnecting electrical connectors or results in broken wires.

The new MA clutch stack is based on a high precise clutch hub.

The studs which hold the clutch shoes are pre-assembled at the hub. They are not centered by the thread - they are centered by a precise cylinder at the hub for each stud. This eliminates and deviation caused by threads.

The upper part which holds the one way bearing for top start is also positioned by the studs and precise bores. So there is no thread involved in centering this part also.

The result is a precise true running clutch stack. But the clutch stack can only be as precise as the crank is. So please check the crank for true running before installing the clutch system.


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Featured Products

Custom assembled TITAN DC5 v1.4 Compatible with DJI Air Unit PNP

Custom assembled TITAN DC5 v1.4 Compatible with DJI Air Unit PNP

TITAN DC5 w/ DJI Air Unit BNF built for  the amazing new DJI FPV system, this quad makes flying FPV truly breathtaking. With the 720p video shown at 120fps through the goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in an FPV system. This TITAN DC5 BNF is 5 inch quad which is no prop in view, equipped SucceX-D F7(50A 4-in-1 ESC) Stack and popular XING motor, everything you just need to bind and fly!

FPV air unit is optional- see options

You can use Any radio you want, you will need to add your receiver and bind and calibrate it.

If you use your own DJI Remote Controller, you need to update beta-flight to 10.6.0 to set up and bind your DJI remote controller.

ELECTRONICS // SucceX-D F7 Stack (50A 4-in-1 ESC):

  • Universal USB Type C connector instead of micro USB
  • Plug-and-Play. No need to solder tiny wires
  • Designed to support DJI Digital FPV.

BNF // Parts lists

  • 1x TITAN DC5 HD Frame
  • 2x TPU camera side plate soft mount
  • 1x iFlight Lipo Strap
  • 2x Nazgul 5140 Propeller (Set of 4 - Color May Vary)
  • 4x XING 2207 Motor Unibell (4S 2450KV)
  • 1x SucceX- F7 Flight Controller
  • 1x SucceX BLHeli32 50A 4-in-1 ESC 2-6S


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RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor Touch screen TBS Crossfire Firemaster combo

RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor Touch screen TBS Crossfire Firemaster combo

RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor 16CH Multi-protocol RF System OpenTX Transmitter and TBS Micro TX

The Radiomaster Tx16S. Equipped with large color screen, full size hall sensor gimbals, built-in USB-C charging port and multiprotocol transmitting module for all your favorite devices with FRSKY D8 and D16 (both FCC and LBT!), Spektrum DSMX, Flysky AFHDS2A and Futaba SFHSS and much more. Of course you can also place a TBS Crossfire module (not included) in the back of the transmitter. The RadiomasterRC Tx16S is officially supported by the OpenTX team

Why choose TX16S?

  •     Built in USB-C Charging
  •     Touch Panel
  •     USB-C Data/simulator port
  •     Bigger battery compartment
  •     External SD card slot
  •     2 X UART ports for updates and DIY
  •     Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward
  •     Grip Ergonomic design
  •     Better switch quality and placement design
  •     Better sliders with good center feedback
  •     Full Size (not small short throw) HALL gimbal with CNC Aluminum face
  •     Official OpenTX support
  •     Official Multi-module support
  •     Improved speaker circuit (no noise)
  •     Included EPP carry box


  1. Channel: 16CH
  2. Mode: Mode2- can be changed
  3. Size: 183*212*66 mm
  4. Weight: 736g (without battery)
  5. Voltage: DC7-8.4V
  6. Battery Compartment: 25*52*97mm
  7. 2 x18650 (tray included) , 21700 7.4v 2s Pack or 7.4v 2s Lipoly (Batteries not included)
  8. Current: 400mah (excluding external module)
  9. External Micro SD slot: Card Included
  10. 2 x External UART Expansion Ports


  • STM32F429BIT6 MCU
  • Industrial grade 4.3 inch 480*272 outdoor readable color touch panel screen
  • Compatible with OpenTX
  • Wheel menu button
  • Full Size High Quality HALL sensor gimbals with CNC Aluminum Facias
  • Internal Multi-protocol RF System
  • Full Speed Native TBS Crossfire support (400K)
  • Supports Telemetry (Protocol and Receiver dependent)
  • Memory 16M (can be expanded by Micro SD card)
  • Voice function
  • Vibration reminder function
  • Improved JR module slot
  • 6-Flight Mode Buttons (Pixhawk and more!)
  • Three-color LED status display
  • USB-C Charging port.
  • USB-C Simulator and PC connection port
  • External UART ports to expand the capabilities of your radio.
  • Internal Multi-protocol RF System
  • Cypress Semiconductor CYRF6936: DSM/DSMX, Walkera Devo
  • Texas Instruments CC2500: FrSky, Futabas SFHSS
  • Amiccom A7105: FlySky, FlySky AFHDS2A, Hubsan
  • Nordic Semiconductor NRF24L01: HiSky, Syma, ASSAN and most other Chinese models

RF Chip Data

The TX16S internal RF system features the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF Chip modules all integrated on one board. This module most of today’s prominent RF protocols (See RF Chip data below). The RadioMaster internal RF module will support firmware updates directly from the radios Operating system. No complicated update procedures.

Package included:

  • 1 x TX16S/TX16S with TBS Crossfire MicroTX
  • 1 x  TBS nano RX
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x 18650 Tray
  • 1 x Throttle Return Springs


Inc. VAT
Scorpion Tribunus II 14-300A ESC SBEC speed controller for Airplanes and helicopters

Scorpion Tribunus II 14-300A ESC SBEC speed controller for Airplanes and helicopters

Airplane and Heli mode,

Stored and unstored Governor, external governor.

Data Logging, Data output port for external data logging device, such as Mikado V control / Vbar combinations. Jeti Telemetry , JLog 3.

ESC setup can be set by Mikado V control Radio.

PC connectivity, Android connectivity ( OTG cable needed) , V link II Cable(optional) plus Diode adapter(included) cable needed.

Supported HvLi battery 14S total 61V **.

Size: 90.7mm x 50mm x 31.9mm

Weight: 238 Grams.

**Using up to16s HV Lipo will not void the warranty.


  • Max Continuous Current 300 Amps
  • Peak Current 400Amps
  • Operating Voltage Range 14-61 Volts **
  • BEC Output voltage: 5.1V to 8.3V adjustable.
  • Max Continuous BEC Output 10 Amps @ 8.3 V
  • Peak BEC Output 30 Amps/1s @ 8.3 V
  • On Resistance 0.65 mOhms *2
  • Size 90.7mm x 50mm x 31.9mm (3.57 x 1.97 x 1.26 in)
  • Weight (Without Connectors) 244g (8.61 oz)
  • Drive frequency 8kHz - 32kHz


Inc. VAT
Hubsan H123D X4 JET 5.8G FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter (no TX)

Hubsan H123D X4 JET 5.8G FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter (no TX)

Hubsan H123D X4 JET 5.8G FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter (no TX)

Main Features:

  • Mini size allows you to fly indoors or within limited space.

Brushless Motor:

  • Equipped with 4 micro brushless motors, make your flight more powerful.
  • 5.8G FPV Real Time Transmission
  • 5.8G high frequency images transmission gives you every perfect moment of the captured pictures at time.

720P HD Camera

  • Built in 720P HD camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky.


  • 360 Degree Fills and Rolls
  • Aerobatic flight of continuous 360-degree rotation towards various directions.

Low Battery Protection

  • When it's running out of power, the drone will automatically return and fall in take-off point.

980mAh High Capacity Battery

  • 7.6V 980mAh high capacity battery support maximum flying times 10 minutes, which saturates all your desires about flying postures of an aerial drone.

LED Indicators

  • With LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.


  • Size:(L x W x H): 12.90 x 10.80 x 5.60 cm / 5.08 x 4.25 x 2.2 inches
  • Battery:7.6V 980mAh Li-Po
  • Charging Time:130min
  • Distance:100 meters
  • Built in HD Camera 720P
  • Flying Weight - 145g
  • FPV:Real Time Photo/Video Transmission
  • Max Flight Time 10 Minutes
  • The adjustable parameter firmware for the H123D will release soon.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Drone
  • 1 x Battery
  • 4 x Propeller
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Manual


Inc. VAT
Jeti DS-16 White edition 2.4Ghz Duplex Multimode

Jeti DS-16 White edition 2.4Ghz Duplex Multimode

Jeti DS-16 Transmitter Carbonline White edition 2.4Ghz Duplex Multimode, metal Case, Charger, Accessories

This is a brand new radio, in a box, but used to show to customers , total of 20-30 min work

This revolutionary, digital, 16 Channel, 2.4GHz, frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech republic. This is one of the most advanced radio systems on today's market. With their solid CNC aluminum case with a fully integrated antenna, a mini USB port, built-in speaker, headset jack, metal transmitter gimbals with Hall sensors (4096 step resolution) and 9 ball bearings for precision movement, a large 320x240 backlight display and many other features the Jeti DC/DS-16s are sure to become the new standard in transmitter performance.

One of the attractive features of the Duplex 2.4GHz line of products is it's full integration with all Duplex telemetry sensors. You can easily observe up to 40 different parameters in real-time directly on the transmitter. Or, by using the JetiBox Profi (sold separately) you can see your data in parallel mode giving you and your copilot valuable real-time information (see video).

One of the most important features of Jeti's transmitters is the gimbal and switch function assignment flexibility. With the DC/DS-16 you are free to fully customize your radio. You can swap switches or sticks (Mode 1-4) and the on-board computer will recognize your changes and assign functions anywhere you like. Other important functions are programmable Sounds/Alarms and even user-recordable sounds. This audible alarm feature was specifically designed to keep you informed while also keeping distractions to a minimum. We think this is the best way enhance both your enjoyment and your model safety. You can simply set a receiver battery capacity alarm for the desired capacity used and once that number is reached the system acoustically and visually gives you warnings

Specifications and Features

State-of-the-art, up gradable firmware which gives you full freedom and complete control.

Solid aluminum, CNC cut transmitter case with fully integrated antenna and oversized LCD display.

Mini USB port for firmware upgrades and PC download of telemetry data.

Integrated speaker and 3.5mm headset jack. You can play back music and create custom voice alarms. Options are virtually unlimited.

Built-in, logical switches that lets you program a complex string of control events with the simple flip of a switch.

9-point, programmable curve mixes for all 16 digital proportional channels.

You can set up not just dual, but triple rates.

Pre-programmed servo setups for nearly every type of wing, tail and swash plate imaginable.

Unlimited use of the on-board 2GB SD card memory.

Fully integrated logical switch functions. If you need to drop bombs only if your throttle is at 50% and bay doors are open, with this system you can. Your programming/mixing options are virtually unlimited.

Fully integrated digital telemetry. View, process and store all your telemetry data and even wirelessly program any of the Duplex EX sensors.

Create, manage and program all alarms. Enhance safety for both yourself and your model. Monitor your temperature, speed, battery voltage, receiver battery capacity and much more.

All switches and channels are completely moveable and assignable. Want to move throttle to the right slider or switch several functions to just one stick? With the Jeti radio system, yes you can. Basically, you can program any stick, dial, switch or slider to generate any output you choose.

Unlimited number of programmable timers. You can easily set a timer for your overall flight time, a model memory timer for the motor run of a specific model, and any number of count down/stopwatch timers that can be activated any number of ways.


  • Jeti Duplex DS-16 Transmitter
  • Jeti Transmitter Neck Strap
  • Jeti Transmitter Aluminum Case
  • 110-230V Wall Power charger
  • Tx Battery Jeti
  • Receiver 
  • Mini USB to USB PC Cable
  • Instruction book


Inc. VAT
Scorpion Tribunus II 12-130A ESC SBEC 2020 model

Scorpion Tribunus II 12-130A ESC SBEC 2020 model

The 2020 generation of Tribunus 12-130 ESC SBEC is a significantly improved design for our 130A sized ESC.

To name a few extraordinary new features:

  • Newly added USB port for PC connection with/ without a main power source
  • Improved BEC Protection
  • Futaba telemetry support without additional adaptor
  • Android apps supported to allow you to configure or update the ESC via USB port without main power source

Other equally exceptional new features are :

  • Improved BEC current and voltage drop for high amps servos. 0.8v drop on 30a
  • Added gear ratio and motor poles settings for Jeti and Futaba telemetry
  • Increased log size to 64kB
  • Optimized current protection
  • More PC motor control function

Max Continuous Current | 130 Amps
Peak Current | 200 Amps
Operating Voltage Range | 14-52 Volts
BEC Output voltage: | 5.1V to 8.1V adjustable.
Max Continuous BEC Output | 10 Amps @ 8.1 V
Peak BEC Output | 30 Amps/1s @ 8.1 V
On Resistance | 0.7  mOhms *2
Size | 75.3 x 44.3 x 25.8 mm (2.96 x 1.74 x 1.01 in)
Weight (Without Connectors) | 195 g (6.87 oz)
Drive frequency | 8kHz - 32kHz


Inc. VAT
Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan (40mm)

Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan (40mm)

Since our Tribunus 14-200A ESC released, a lot of pilots asked where to get the 40mm cooling fan for it. We heard that voice so we produce a very powerful cooling fan for the ESC Tribunus I/II 14-200A/14-300A. Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan (40mm) is built by Aluminum alloy and it can deliver excellent cooling power for your ESC. It increases air flow to help extend the lifespan of your ESC. It is suitable for Tribunus14-200A, II 14-200A & 14-300A ESC.


  • Length : 40mm (1.57")
  • Width : 40mm (1.57")
  • Thickness : 10.6mm (0.42")
  • Weight : 22g
  • Fan Speed 8.4V : 15000 RPM


Inc. VAT
Sky hero Anakin Club FPV racer 215-5’’ ARF combo

Sky hero Anakin Club FPV racer 215-5’’ ARF combo

Sky hero Anakin Club FPV racer 215mm -5"’’ ARF combo, Our combo delivered with Best components we beleive are on the market today. We beleive that quality assembly can be done by customer, there are a lot of advantages to do so.
See the specs below.

  • Anakin club racer Frame kit Xnova 2204-2300Kv motors, esc, props- factory preinstalled
  • CC3D controller included
  • PDB-Bec
  • FPV Camera included
  • VTX - optional
  • RADIO link AT9 with receiver Sky hero version (white edition )

Not included:

  • Lipo charger
  • Battery 3s 1300-1500 mah

Sky hero did it again, with the latest drone technology, you have the possibility to fly the savourthe freedom of birds.
With competition racing and performance within the DNA of SKY HERO, this machine was created as serious racer for those who want the best.
Club-racer- inherits the amazing design of the original sky hero Anakin, with new evolved concept.
Strenghtened with flat arms.
this was developed with the vision that FPV racers deserve a newar-indestructable machine, agile racer they can trust.
Locked in trajectories and customizable.

General specs of Club racer versions.

  • Full carbon frame- Crash resistant.
  • Innovative abutted A frame design.
  • Minimised vibrations distribitution, Optimised shock absoption
  • 3K 4mm Carbon
  • Sandwitched frame plates
  • Fully protected electronics
  • Optimised Shape, size and frame thickness, delivering outstanding strength-to weight ratio
  • Responsiveness- so rigid, that you feeel "At one" with your frame.


  •     Entirely designed for racing
  •     Flat arms conception for highest impact resistance
  •     Simplified option for easy components replacement
  •     Low drag, for higher speeds
  •     Electronics fully protected


  •     Premium choice for FPV
  •     High wind resistance
  •     Super fast


Inc. VAT

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