Governers- protect your engine, dont overheat, overspeed, use governer


  • CarbSmart


    CSM Carb Smart Adjusts the fuel mixture to maintain a steady cylinder head temperature Simplifies Mixture adjustment

    Helps to protect engine
    How It Works?
    Using a temperature sensor on the cylinder head CarbSmart leans or richens the fuel mixture in flight by means of a servo connected to the main needle of the carburettor.
    No Rx channel is required. The target temperature and the amount of adjustment are set by the user.


    CarbSmart Unit
    Temp Sensor
    Power Lead
    Throttle Arm
    Mounting Foams and Full Instructions

    SKU: CSM0050
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  • Magnets for governer set (2pcs)

    Magnets for governer set (2pcs)

    Replacement magnets suitable for most types of  Helicopter engine governors such as Futaba GV-1, Throttle Jockey, Align and CSM.

    Specification:  Material - Neodymium N42

    Set of  2 Magnets, for use with all governors.

    SKU: RCTJ-005
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  • Sensor for Carb Smart

    Sensor for Carb Smart

    This is a spare sensor for the Carb Smart mixture control system.

    SKU: CSM0051
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  • Sensor for RevLock

    Sensor for RevLock

    Replacement sensor for the CSM RevLock . Fit Revlock 10 and 20

    SKU: CSMRL12
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     72HR STOCK
  • Spare sensor CarbSmart

    Spare sensor CarbSmart

    Spare sensor to be used with CARBsmart

    SKU: CSM0077
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  • Throttle Safe

    Throttle Safe

    Improving safety for IC powered models
    Regulated LiPo supplies provide a constant voltage supply to your RC system at low weight. However, they do run the risk of sudden regulator failure leaving you with no control and, with no servo power, defeating the receiver's fail-safe system. With IC models this means you can have the throttle stuck wherever it was when the regulator failed! Throttle Safe protects against this eventuality by shutting the throttle servo using its on-board reserve battery should the regulator supply drop too low or fail completely.

    •   Throttle fail-safe even for total RC system power failure (e.g. regulator open circuit failure)
    •   In-flight low voltage warning by throttling back to idle for 1
    •   second every 30 seconds.*
    •   LED voltage indicator*
    •   Fail-safe in case of throttle signal loss with timed hold-at-idle
    •   followed by engine cut for persistent signal loss *
    •   Latched supply fault and signal loss indicators.
    •   Shuts throttle on normal radio turn off - inhibits engine starting with radio off.
      * (these features can be adjusted via optional PC interface)

    Supplied with leads and mounting foams
    SKU: CSM0060
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