New Mikado LOGO 800 Scorpion HK-4535 Motor Combo

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New Mikado LOGO 800 Scorpion HK-4535 Motor Combo

It use the tried and tested mechanical components of the LOGO 700 including:

  • Larger lower frame halves and beefed-up landing gear
  • Stronger pinned belt drive pulley on the main shaft  
  • Herring bone gear with a smaller main gear, with a steeper angle (136 T, 25°), for a sleeker silhouette, less weight and improved running noise
  • Belt step-up gear to the tail gear box in the chassis
  • Torque tube
  • Sturdy aluminum open tail gear box

The new four-part chassis made from fiber-reinforced molded plastic is lighter and torsionally more rigid than a traditional carbon-aluminum chassis.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Facilitates assembly, maintenance and repairs.
  • The upper halves take up the entire mechanics including motor, ESC and servos. Servos are mounted directly into the chassis, with optimal position and angle in relation to the swash plate.
  • The lower halves take up the new and already known and proved battery quick release system (like on LOGO 500/600). Batteries will be installed to battery plates inline, which are held by two quick release mechanisms on both sides of the chassis.
  • The clever separation of the chassis parts increases the possibility that, after a crash, only the lower parts have to be replaced.
  • The chassis sports a big locating surface for the ESC, an opening helps with the air flow around the ESC.
  • In the chassis you find a place for e.g. a CPU cooler, so you can mount a motor cooler into the model permanently.
  • Cable guides inside the chassis allow for a neat and protected wire-layout to the ESC/telemetry at the front, within the chassis.
  • The clever design of the molds even allows maintenance of the tail gear box inside the chassis, without disassembling the chassis.
  • The torque tube system makes the tail boom easily dismountable, in case you want to travel e.g. to competitions.
  • The newly designed rotor head is lighter and looks more delicate, but at the same time gives you the same good flight- and control characteristics.
  • It’s as robust as ever.

Recommended main rotor blade sizes are 750-810 mm, depending on your personal taste and style of flying.
To power the 80, you can rely on reliable components from the LOGO 800 XXtreme, with 6 mm x 50 mm motor shafts.
Motors with other shaft diameters can be adapted easily by just replacing the shaft.
Two gear ratios are available: 10.46:1 with a 13 T pinion or 9.71:1 with a 14 T pinion.
Motors with a larger bell than e.g. a Scorpion 4535-380 can also be used: just replace the stock main gear with the larger one from the LOGO 700/800 XXtreme, including the one way bearing and an appropriate pinion.
The newly designed canopy of the LOGO 800 combines the known and appealing design and visibility with improved aerodynamics: the LOGO 800 accelerates faster and reaches higher top speeds when directly compared to it’s predecessor.
This helps especially with swift transitions within or between 3D maneuvers and big air aerobatics.
With off-the-shelf components and 5,000 mAh batteries, an all-up-weight of 5,500 g / 12.13 lb is possible.


  • Rotor diameter 1800mm
  • Rotor blades Rotortech 810mm Carbon Rotorblades
  • RTF weight >5500g
  • Recommended batterie 12-14 S Lipo, 4400-5500 mAh
  • Main gear ratio 9.71 / 10.46
  • Main Gear size 136 teeth, Module 1 25° herring bone
  • Batterie slot 69 x 67 x 360 mm
  • Length 1670mm
  • Hight 445mm
  • Width 205mm


  • Motor Scorpion HK 4535-380Kv
  • Motor pinion 13 teeth pinion, modul 1 with 25° lead angle
  • Blades Rotortech 810mm Carbon Rotor Blades
  • Tail Blades Rotortech 116mm Carbon Tail Rotor Blades
  • Canopy Airbrush Glas Fiber Canopy


ESC Scorpion Tribunus 200A
VBar electronic VBar NEO/VBar NEO VLink


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