Zimmermann is german based company producing since 50 years Stainless steel muffler and products.


  • 30-50 Size Pipe

    30-50 Size Pipe

    Zimmermann State of art pipe, for 30-50 size , Nothing Looks and works better then this pipe on the Heli.

    SKU: RCZM-2724
    €75.00 €83.00
    inc. VAT

  • Bended Tube 55mm

    Bended Tube 55mm

    Stainless Steel, 0.2mm thick, Special tube for Turbine exhaust , very Lightweight - 37 gramms. This item to fit different Turbines and Scale fuselages.


    Diameter: 55mm : Radius 100mm/90° Material: 0,2mm Stainless steel , Weight :: 37 Gr

    SKU: SKU144B7
    inc. VAT

  • Diverter suits for 50-90 size (1pc)

    Diverter suits for 50-90 size (1pc)

    Silicone made, suits for 50-90 size, 1 pcs

    SKU: RCZM-2801
    €6.00 €7.00
    inc. VAT

  • Flex Coupler

    Flex Coupler

    Stainless steel flexible coupler, 20mm diameter, mostly used in aplications where the muffler/pipe needed to be mounted with la ittle flexibility.can be mounted between the header and pipe, or muffler.
    SKU: RCZM-1518
    €9.00 €10.00
    inc. VAT

  • Pipe Clamp

    Pipe Clamp

    Laser Cut stainless steel clamp is a necessary when it comes to the point to mount the pipe or muffler to the Frame / Wing / Fuselage,

    Avaliable in diameter of 40 or 50mm

    SKU: RCZM-2301
    €6.00 €7.00
    inc. VAT

  • Round Header

    Round Header

    Half Round Header, Fits different helicopters.
    Fit OS or Gas motors, can be in Left hand or Right hand side.

    SKU: RCZM-1508
    €22.00 €37.00
    inc. VAT

  • Spring Clamps 25mm (2 pcs)

    Spring Clamps 25mm (2 pcs)

    Using spring metal clamps for Quick mount/demount FOR Teflon/silicone adaptor between Header and Pipe or Muffler.
    Set of 2, Diameter :25mm

    SKU: RCZM-1515
    €4.00 €6.00
    inc. VAT

  • Steel Extension

    Steel Extension

    Made from stainless steel, Straight or 45 / 90 / 180 Degrees extention, will fit most pipes and mufflers

    SKU: RCZM-2800
    €13.00 €14.00
    inc. VAT

  • Z1312 Standard Header

    Z1312 Standard Header

    Most popular Header, produced for 30-50 and 60-90.
    Left or Right hand side option

    SKU: RCZM-1312
    €22.00 €37.00
    inc. VAT

  • Z1320 Short header YS

    Z1320 Short header YS

    Special Short Header for scale and sport applications, used on Airplanes, Helicopters and Boats.

    1 pcs in set. Fits YS engines

    SKU: RCZM-1320
    €16.00 €24.00
    inc. VAT

  • Z2691 91 size Muffler Helicopters

    Z2691 91 size Muffler Helicopters

    Stainless-Steel Silencer 2691L left
    For model helicopter motors of the .91 (15 cc) size.

    for engines: OS 0.91, Yamada, Webra P5, Irvine , Magnum, SC, TT

    This compact silencer is designed for use even with low nitro fuel.

    These tuned pipes are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.
    This is a high-performance silencer with simple handling, designed for everyday use, and with a very broad speed range.
    Overheating engines are a common problem, but the silencer’s careful matching to the .91 motor size makes this a thing of the past - provided that the carburetor is set correctly.

    All this comes with excellent power output.

    The silencer is attached directly to the engine’s exhaust stub, without modification.

    Engine size: 0.91cu. in. (15 cc)
    Weight: Approx. 225 g
    Engine exhaust flange: OS, Yamada, Webra P5, Magnum, Irvine, SC, TT
    Diameter: 40 mm
    Application: Helicopter

    SKU: RCZM-2691L
    €99.00 €119.00
    inc. VAT

     72HR STOCK
  • Zimmermann Header for Gas engine Z1312GAS

    Zimmermann Header for Gas engine Z1312GAS

    Made with flange for Zenoah 23-26cc, Left  side, for Gas helis


    SKU: RCZM-1312GAS
    €22.00 €43.00
    inc. VAT

  • Zimmermann Header for Gas engine Z1314

    Zimmermann Header for Gas engine Z1314

    Made with flange for Zenoah 23-26cc, Left  side, for Gas helis

    SKU: RCZM-1314
    €39.00 €43.00
    inc. VAT