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The company ERCMarket BVBA is the official distributor of Scorpion Power System. In addition ERCmarket is now the official service partner of Scorpion and has set up a special licensed service and support center for this purpose. Center is opened for everyone. Read more BELOW


Phantom Vision +V3 Special price

Single units @ This price


Newest Products

  • DJI PHANTOM 2 Quadcopter Upgrade V3.0 RTF with H4-3D 3-Axis Gimbal

    DJI PHANTOM 2 Quadcopter Upgrade V3.0 RTF with H4-3D 3-Axis Gimbal .

    This is the improved version of the famous DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter which comes with a brand-new radio, new specificities for a better overall performance! This item is ready to fly out of the box, Simply securely attach the propellers and charge the battery and its ready to go.

    The Phantom 2 is unbelievably easy to fly. Combined with smooth, stabilized footage from the H3-2D or H3-3D gimbal, aerial cinematography and videography has never been easier. It’s light, rugged and perfect for travel.

    Latest V3.0 Phantom 2 Improvements:

    • Improved Remote Control

    The new remote has a gimbal control dial rather than the tilt lever, offering better control. It also has a built-in rechargeable LiPo and battery level LED indicators. The new controller also has a trainer port that can be optimised for use with the lightbridge

    • New Motors

    The new 2312 motors are more reliable, durable and efficient than ever before. Output power has been increased by 25% without adding any weight.

    • Upgraded Propellers

    New 9450 low-vibration propellers offer more thrust and will allow you to add extra weight to the Phantom without sacrificing flight time.

    • New Compass

    The compass is now shielded with a protective shell and is anti-static. This will help prevent interference.


    • Ready to Fly Technology
    • GPS Position Hold technology Built In
    • Auto Return to Home Capability
    • IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control
    • Self Tightening / No Tools Needed Props
    • 2.4GHz Transmitter w/ Simple Layout
    • High Capacity 5200mah 3S 11.1V LiPo Battery
    • Zenmuse H4-3D 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stability
    • FPV Ready
    • Precision Flight / Stable Hovering Capable
    • Can-Bus Expansion Module for Function Expansion


    • 1x DJI Phantom 2 Quad Copter
    • 2x Sets of Self Tightening Props
    • 1x 2.4GHz Mode 2 Transmitter
    • 1x x 5200mah 3S 11.1V LiPo Battery
    • 1x LiPo Battery Charger
    • 1x DJI USB Programming Cable
    • 1x Zenmuse H4-3D 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal System
    • 1x Tool Kit w/ Hardware for Zenmuse System


  • Spektrum DX7 7-Channel DSMX Transmitter Only

    Spektrum DX7 7-Channel DSMX Transmitter Only

    Perfect for all pilots who want a full-featured transmitter, but don’t want to pay for extra channels they’ll never use. Pilots don’t have to give up pro-class features just because they only need seven channels. The new Spektrum DX7 system gives modellers programming for three model types, 250-model memory, voice alerts, a wireless trainer link and more. The built-in telemetry feature gives you real-time information on things like model battery voltage, signal quality, engine or motor temperature, airspeed, altitude with other options being added all the time. Using the voice alert system, you can program the DX7 to tell you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define so pilots don’t have to rely on luck for critical aircraft information.

    Key Features

    •   Ergonomically designed case with comfortable rubber grips
    •   250 model internal memory
    •   Direct access to system setup from function menu – no need to power off
    •   Voice alerts
    •   Wireless trainer function
    •   Large, backlit LCD screen
    •   Airplane, helicopter and sailplane software
    •   4 sailplane wing types and 3 tail types
    •   Up to 5 sailplane flight modes
    •   9 aircraft wing types and 6 tail types
    •   7 swashplate types
    •   3 airplane and heli flight modes
    •   8 programmable mixes – normal or 7-point curve
    •   Dual aileron, elevon, and V-tail differential
    •   7-point throttle curves for airplanes and helicopters
    •   7-point pitch and tail curves for helicopters
    •   Includes AR8000 receiver and 12V global power supply
    •   EN328 compatible


    • DX7 Transmitter
    • 2S 2000mAh Lithium Ion Transmitter Battery
    • Spektrum Neck Strap
    • Decal Sheet
    • Instruction Manual
    SKU: SPM7000TX
    IN STOCK 48H

  • Sky-Hero Spyder 700mm Mutirotor X4/X8 Black Limited Edition

    New Innovative design Drones, Produced in Belgium. this machine is Custom limited Black Edition

    Delivered with 700 size Rear booms and 850 size front boom, all Black color parts.

    Pancake Motor mounts, Lightened main frame

    We are offering also Combos, depends on your Flying weight demand. mail us for Offer

    • 2 mm carbon fiber main frame plates # stronger
    • 30 mm carbon fiber booms # ESC inside
    • Injected motor mounts # reliable
    • Flight controller between the frame plates # protected
    • Pre-drilled for 45*45 flight controller patterns # easy

    Frame not including any of electronics

    SKU: SKH00-404
    IN STOCK 48H

  • Drone Theory Info-session

    IF YOU think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an AMATEUR

    Sounds familiar?

    Considering doing photos with Drone? Need to be informed about the rules? What machine is the right one for me? Can I fly it?  How to assemble?

    If one of those questions passed throw your mind, we can help.

    35 years of experience with RC, Engineering background, MBA knowledge- is all we need to make the right choice with you. Combining your needs with our experience, and you get the right product.

    Together with this we offer a session of introduction to Drones, basic Theory info, which will be given as Information Session of 2-3 Hours.

    *Session cost can be refunded,  Contact for more info
     Sessions will be scheduled on demand.

    IN STOCK 48H

  • Soldering & Wiring Work shop

     Many users can often get more out of their machines but may not always know how to.. one of the main failures is electronics, and often caused by …  Bad soldering.

    Soldering and wiring is one of the most fundamental skills needed in the world of electronics.  And, although it is possible to learn about and build electronics without needing to pick up a soldering iron, you’ll soon discover that a whole new world is opened with this one simple skill.

    We believe that soldering should be a skill in everyone’s arsenal. It is a real value  In a world of increasing technological surroundings, we believe it is important that people everywhere be able to not only understand the technologies they use every day but also be able to build, alter, and fix them as well. Soldering is one of those skills that will empower you to do that.

    Soldering and Wire installation workshop. Duration- 6 hours.

    - Goals- We should learn what “Soldering” is, and why is it so important.
    To  do that we need  to dig into the basics and learn from scratch what and how.. at the end of the session, you will know how to solder, and more than that- how to trust your soldering.

    - Proper installation of Electronics, from Gluing to Attaching..

    Theoretic phase will be followed by a practical exercise in order to experience the soldering and wiring, and let you feel confident with yourself at the end of the course

    For scheduling the workshop, please contact us, Possible to do a private or Group session

    All materials and tools provided.

    IN STOCK 48H

  • Dromida Red propeller set

    FEATURES: Molded one-piece plastic construction

    INCLUDES: Two Red and two Black Props, key #2 Four Screws

    SKU: DIDE1111

  • Dromida Green propeller set

    FEATURES: Molded one-piece plastic construction

    INCLUDES: Two Green and two Black Props, key #2 Four Screws

    SKU: DIDE1110

  • Align G2 3 Axis Gimbal

    Align G2 gimbal is specially designed for GoPro and Align action camera (Camera not included). G2 gimbal features advanced control system with superior computational power and the high precision brushless motors provide excellent agility and stability as well as powerful functionality. Support the use of satellite receivers and S.BUS/X.BUS receivers and supports programmability through PC interface, or connectivity to iOS/Android smartphones through Bluetooth. Enable you to enjoy aerial photography.

    1. Comprehensive and high precision 3-axis brushless gimbal.
    2. Multi-function 3-axis gimbal modes.
    3. Support PC and iOS and Android system with Bluetooth interface.
    4. Accurate fixation, high resolution brushless motor.
    5. Standalone system can be operated independently.
    6. Support the use of JR /Spektrum satellite receivers and S.BUS/X.BUS receivers.

    G2 Gimbal Specification
    Input Voltage: DC 12V(3S)
    Current Draw: <500mA

    Maximum Control Range:

    • PAN 340°
    • ROLL +/-20°
    • TILT 120°

    Maximum Control Rotation Rate:

    • PAN 60°/s
    • ROLL 60°/s
    • TILT 60°/s

    Temperature Range: -20~80°C
    Voltage Output:5V / 0.3A
    Dimension: 100.4x74x111.5mm
    Weight: Approx. 200g

    Box Content:

    • G2 Gimbal
    • G2 Gimbal Mount x 1
    • M470 Frame Mounting Bolt(M2.5x28mm) x 4
    • Socket Screw(M2.5x6mm) x 4
    • M2.5 Screw(M2.5x10mm) x 4


    SKU: RGG201XT
    IN STOCK 48H

  • Sky hero T6 Aluminium Motor wedges set

    Sky hero Motor wedges set, Made from Aluminium T6, allow motors to be angles 10-20 Degrees.

    Set of 4.

    Instructions can be found at THIS LINK , please note  as well, that if you install the Naza/Wkm, you need to install it on same angle as the motors for proper operation. Most of other controlers doesnt need to be installed under angle.
    SKU: SKH08-45
    IN STOCK 48H

  • T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo

    T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo
    ALIGN new multifunctional Gpro flybarless system with active CPU, processing 20 times faster than previous generation.
    The freshly new software structure improves system compensation, bring GPro up with precise and agile response, and also keep up-to-date flying performance than ever.
    The most important is that utilizes with latest iOS and Android APP can be easily and directly adjusted through mobile phone while at the field.
    New customer oriented interface allows convenient and rapid setup and installation.
    Features (GPro System)
    Brand new CPU, processing 20 times faster than previous generation, bring GPro up with precise and agile response.
    Freshly new software process structure improves system compensation and keep up-to-date flying performance.
    Utilizes with latest iOS and Android APP that GPro can be easily and directly adjusted through mobile phone while flying outdoors.
    New customer oriented interface allows convenient and rapid setup and installation.
    Superior flying characteristic remain the same flying control among T-REX 250~800 helicopters.
    Full support receivers and satellites currently on the market, including S.BUS/X.BUS and DSM2/DSMX/DSMJ/DMSS
    Specifications (GPro System):

    • Operating voltage range: DC 3.5V ~ 8.4V
    • Operating current consumption: <80mA @ 4.8V
    • X and Y axis Operating Angle Range: -300° ~ +300°
    • Z axis Operating Angle Range: -600° ~ +600°
    • Sensor resolution: 12bit
    • Supports 90/120/135/140 CCPM swashplates
    • Spektrum and JR Satellite receivers support (Replaces original factory receiver)
    • Futaba S.BUS/JR X.BUS system support
    • Supports Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Digital and brushless servos
    • Compatible with 2 to 5 blades rotor heads
    • Built in governor function
    • Maximum working voltage: 8.5V
    • Compatible with 1024/2048 resolution Spektrum receivers
    • Field setup without the use of a PC
    • Support up to 6 servos
    • Automatic servo type recognization
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
    • Operating Humidity: 0%~95%
    • Size: 36.5x25.2x15.6mm
    • Weight:11g

    Specifications (T-REX 500L)

    • Length: 863mm
    • Height: 285mm
    • Width: 161mm
    • Main Blade Length: 425mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 978mm
    • Tail Rotor Diameter: 206mm
    • Motor Drive Gear: 12T
    • Main Drive Gear: 134T
    • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 145T
    • Tail Drive Gear: 36T
    • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.17:4.03
    • Weight (w/o power system): 1500g


    • 1x T-REX 500L DOMINATOR Kit
    • 2x 425 Carbon Fiber Blade
    • 2x Carbon Fiber Tail Blade
    • 1x 500MX Brushless Motor (1600KV)
    • 3x DS515M Specialized Servo
    • 1x DS525M Specialized Servo
    • 1x RCE-BL70G 70A Brushless ESC
    • 1x GPro Flybarless System

    Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly

    • 1x Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
    • 1x Receiver (7-channel or more, suitable to Transmitter)
    • 1x Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge
    • 1x 6S Li-Po 2600 ~ 4600mAh (3300mAh suggestion)
    • 1x LiPo Battery Charger
    SKU: RH50E07X
    Deposit €200.00

  • Revell WiFi-Quadrocopter X-Spy RTF

    WiFi-Quadrocopter X-Spy RTF- 2,4 GHz-Controller, with 4 Channel. WiFi connection stream live video to your smartphone.

    The WiFi-Quadrocopter X-Spy  is equipped with a camera which can stream live video from the air directly to your smart phone via WiFi connection. These can be recorded and played back anytime. The app required for this is available free of charge for Android or iOS devices. The small quadrocopter can be controlled using the movement sensors of your smart phone or with the accompanying remote control.


    • Capacity: 700 mAh
    • Voltage: 3,7 V

    Technique of R:

    • Radio system: GHz
    • Range: 50 m


    • Charging system: USB Carger
    • Height: 150 mm
    • Length: 150 mm
    • Weight: 72 g
    • Width: 45 mm

    SKU: REV-23954

  • Sky-Hero Little Spyder Carbon Optional lower frame for big Lipo

    Sky-Hero Little Spyder Carbon Optional lower frame for big Lipo, up to 4s 5000mah

    SKU: SKH08-008

  • Align G3 Mini HDMI Signal Wire

    Align G3 Mini HDMI Signal Wire

    G3 Mini HDMI signal wire(around 250mm)
    Wire Strap x2

    Suitable for G3-GH / G3-5D Gimbal

    SKU: HEPG3002

  • KK260 FPV Racer Quadcopter combo

    260mm KK260 FPV Racer Quadcopter combo set


    • KK260 Multicopter Frame Kit, Made from Nylon and fiber
    • 4x Motor 2204-2300KV,(2 CW, 2 CCW)
    • 4x ESC 12a
    • 4x props
    • 1x Power Distribution Board
    • Wheelbase: 260mm
    • Weight: 101g
    • High strength, light weight

    Required (package not include):
    Flight controller
    Battery: 800 - 1800mAh 3s 4s

    SKU: KK260ARF

  • HVSK-12A Multicopter Brushless ESC 12A

    Avizar 12Amps ESC for 250-290 size Quads

    SimonK Firmware pre-loaded

    • Continuous current: 12A
    • Voltage: 2S-3S LiPo
    • Max Current : 15A
    • Bec : 1A/5V
    • Dimensions : 25x20x7mm
    • Weight : 9g

    SKU: HVSK12A

  • Multi-Rotor Motor MC2204M-2300KV

     MC2204 is a Small size motor especially developed for the Multi-rotors platforms

    Choice of CW or CCW

    • Motor diameter: 28mm
    • Configuration : 12N14P
    • Length: 17mm
    • Stator:22mm
    • Shaft : m5
    • Weight: 24gr
    • Input voltage: 2-3s lipos, 7.4-11V
    • No load current: 0.4A
    • Max load current: 10A
    • Internal resistance: 0.5 Ohm
    • Bottom mounting: 16/19mm, M3
    • Recommended esc: 12Amp

    SKU: MC2204M-2300KV


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