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The company ERCMarket BVBA is the official distributor of Scorpion Power System. In addition ERCmarket is now the official service partner of Scorpion and has set up a special licensed service and support center for this purpose. Center is opened for everyone. Read more BELOW



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Newest Products

  • RADIOLINK AT9 2,4Ghz 9ch Telemetric + R9D 9ch telemetric receiver

    The AT9 IS A new radio which can be compatible to RC copter, fixed-wing airplane and so on. Meanwhile, the new remote controller makes the first progress towards its outer structure, and everyone will be obsessed with AT9 for the first sight. Namely, there are three three-way switches, four two-way switches, one return switch and four adjustable potentiometers, all of which are in neat arrangement providing both power and elegance sense. The most important thing is, RadioLink AT9 is completely designed in line with human ergonomics, effectively making enthusiasts more comfortable while using it.

    In addition, the mini receiver is another progress of AT9. It is said that the receiver is of super mini size, very convenient to install and suitable for playing mini models. What’s more, the receiver is compatible to S-BUS, which can perfectly support multi-rotor aircraft. Due to its small size and light weight, the receiver really reduce much burden for a certain aircraft.it is widely recognized that some remote controller support online upgrade As for AT9, you can reach upgrade just via the mobile phone USB data wire.

    Last but not least, RadioLink AT9 owns wonderful vibration alarm. If you are experienced enthusiasts, you must know that traditional alarm can’t be head in relatively noisy environment. Only vibration alarm can make a distinctive warming to protect your aircraft

    Both helicopter model and airplane model are available.
    2.Function and performance updated with better safety.
    3.Faster response.
    4.All seven Channels have trim setting function and none interference between one another from channel 1 to channel 6 under CCPM mode.
    5. Transmitter hops spectrum while powering on
    6.Transmitter will detect whether the current spectrum channel was occupied when its power on, and it will hop to the next one until which it’s not occupied. The receiver will search and match with the transmitter which shares the same identity code.
    7.6. Code matches wirelessly
    8.Each transmitter has a unique identity code of its own, the receiver will search and bind with the nearest transmitter while pressing the code matching button on it. There is no need to match again in future use once its matching successfully.
    9.7. High anti-interference capability
    10. Adoption of FHSS technology makes our products have excellent anti-interference capability, and helps the models always be in control easily.
    11. 8.High suppression ratio of Adjacent Channels
    12. 9 .Fully comply with FCC&CE standards
    13. 10.Stable RF range
    14. With FHSS technology, its control range reaches 350 meters on ground and 700 meters in air.
    15. 11. Throttle on right/left-hand interchangeable.
    16. 12. LCD screen, manual programming is available. (Model type ACRO: model select/ data reset/ model type select/ model name, reversing, dual rates/ exponentials, end point adjustments, trim, normal throttle curve,programmable mix 1,programmable mix 2, flaperon mixing, flap trim, v-tail mixing, elevon mixing and auxiliary function. Model type HELI: model select/ data reset/ model type select/ model name, reversing, dual rates/ exponentials, end point adjustments, trim, normal throttle curve, normal pitch curve, idle-up throttle curve, idle-up pitch curve, throttle hold, revolution mixing, gyro sensitivity, swash-throttle mixing/ swashplate types and auxiliary function.)
    17. 13. Low-battery warning function
    18. The low battery alarm continuously beeps and LED flashes when voltage drops to 8.6V. 14.Trainer cable,power charging jack.

    Technical Parameters

    • Size:17cm*8.5cm*20cm
    • Weight:560g (battery not included)
    • Transmitting on 2.4G band
    • Modulation:FHSS
    • Operating system: 2-stick, 7-channel system
    • Power supply: 12V battery (8 pieces 5# batteries)
    • Current drain: 87mA(Energy Saving)

  • Higher and Wider Landing Gear Skids upgrade (DJI Phantom 1 and 2) Black

    Higher and Wider Landing Gear Skids upgrade (DJI Phantom 1 and 2) Black

    ALLOWS more clearance to the ground to protect camera in case of hard or not straight ground landing.

    SKU: M1003BLK

  • RJX Digital HV Micro Servo FS0435 (12WX23LX27.3H)

    The RJX FS0435 SERVO provides the ultimate in performance for micro size servos. The massive torque and lightning fast speed makes this servo ideal for use in 450-480 size  3D helicopters as a cyclic or tail servo, giant scale airplanes and even large cars/trucks. The entire gear train is metal, making stripped gears virtually impossible. The case is machined from aluminum alloy providing the ultimate in durability and offering excellent heat dissipation.

    HV -Digital Micro size Servo made in Taiwan.
    Special Narrow Band version for Cyclic or Tail servo used in Helicopters.
    Full Metal Gears
    Full Aluminum Alloy Case


    Recommended  Voltage :  5V- 7.4V

    Weight: 20g
    Torque:  2.2kg/cm@5V

    Speed :  0.06 sec/60°@5V
      0.05 sec/60°@6V

    Dimension: 12WX23LX27.3H mm
    Frequency: 1520µs/333hz

    Gear Type: Metal Gear
    Motor Type: Coreless Motor

    Package Info:
    1x FS0435HV Servo
    2x Servo Arms
    SKU: FS0435HV

  • Synchronous belt Agile 7.2 , Wide version- Upgrade

    Synchronous belt Agile 7.2 , Wide version- Upgrade, to be used with Wider pinions/gears

    For Agile7.2

    SKU: KA-72-021-W

  • Motor Pulley 19T, Wider version, Agile 7.2 upgrade

    Motor Pulley 19T, Wider version,  Agile 7.2 upgrade

    New  upgrade, to be used with Wider belt and wider gears.

    Motor gear x1
    Set screws x2 M4X4
    For Agile7.2

    SKU: KA-72-025-W

  • Motor Pulley 20T, Wider version, Agile 7.2 upgrade

    Motor Pulley 20T, Wider version,  Agile 7.2 upgrade

    New  upgrade, to be used with Wider belt and wider gears.

    Motor gear x1
    Set screws x2 M4X4
    For Agile7.2

    SKU: KA-72-023-W

  • First Stage gear 54T Agille7.2- Upgrade

    Wider First Stage gear 54T Agille7.2- Upgrade, to be used with New wider Belt.
    Cup head socket head screw x1 M4X25
    lock nut  x1 M4
    For Agile7.2

    SKU: KA-72-026-W

  • Universal Flight Simulator

    Universal simulator is a standard USB interface  between remote control and computer equipment.
    Support Standard simulator software, also supports all use standard game controllers (such as gourmet coaster, Microsoft flight simulator 10, etc.). This simulator provides types of simulation software switch function, keeping both the hardware switch function.
    Perfect to be use with NexRC simulators.

    Cables Included:

    • 3.5MM audio-plug cable x 1pcs
    • JR small round connector cable x 1pcs
    • Futaba big round connector cable x 1pcs
    • ​​​​​​Futaba square connector cable x 1pcs

  • Scorpion RC Travel Pit Bag carry case

    • Compact size 540mm x 300mm x 525mm for 1/10th vehicle, but also for other machines, great to keep tools and parts in.
    • Extra tough fabric, handle and straps, heavy-duty stitching throughout
    • 3 x Composite inner drawers 470mm x 215mm x 140mm (inner size) with handles
    • Full-length composite inner liner
    • Removable tool organizer can stow drivers snug inside elastic loops and easily go from the bag to your workbench or pit space at the track
    • External pockets for extra storage
    • Net weight : 4.1kgs (shipping volume weight: 10kgs)
    SKU: RC_Travel_Pit_Bag

  • GENS ACE 4500mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack

    GENS ACE 4500mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack

    Gens ace lipo 4500mah 6s1p 25C/50C battery Suited to the following models: 600 size helicopter.
    Such as Align Trex .600, Gaui, Align Trex 550E.


    • Product Type:lipo battery pack
    • Capacity: 4500mAh
    • Voltage: 22.2V
    • Max Continuous Discharge: 25C (112.5A)
    • Max Burst Discharge: 50C (225A)
    • Weight:713 g
    • Dimensions: 138*44  * 56mm (L * W * H)
    • Balance Plug: JST-XH
    • Discharge Plug: T-plug
    • Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max
    • Net Weight (g)    713
    • Discharge Rate (C)    25
    • Max Cont Current (A)    112.5
    • Max Burst Current (A)    225
    • Max Burst discharge Rate (C)    50
    • Parallel (P)    1
    • Voltage    6S (22.2V)
    • Length (mm)    138
    • Width (mm)    44
    • Thickness(mm)    56
    • Wire Gauge    10#
    • Wire Length (C/D)    50mm / 100mm
    • Connector Type    DEAN-T
    SKU: B-25C-4500-6S1P

  • SAVÖX SH-0255 MG Micro Metal Gear Digital Servo

    This is the Savox SC-0255MG Micro Metal Gear Digital Servo.


    Over-spec refined design out performs ordinary micro size servo.
    The aluminum case design looks awesome and allows for cooler operating temperatures.
    Precision metal gears form a strong and solid framework.
    Strict production and quality control of plastic components ensures long life and reliability.
    Our servos are totally green – from materials to production, these servos are environmentally friendly.
    Ideal for CCPM applications in 450 size heli's and park flier planes.

    • Dimensions(mm): 22.8X12.0X29.4
    • Weight(g): 15.8
    • Speed(@4.8V sec/60): .16
    • Torque(@4.8V oz-in): 43.1
    • Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .13
    • Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 54.2
    • Gear: Metal
    • Bearing: 1BB
    • Case: Aluminum
    • 21 Tooth Spline
    • Frequency: 200-250hz
    • Pulse Width Frequency: 1520
    SKU: SH-0255MG

  • Goblin 380 Carbon Fiber Battery Tray

    Goblin 380 Carbon Fiber Battery Tray


    • Carbon Fiber Battery Tray x 1pc
    • Double Side Tape x 1pc
    • Battery Strap x 1pc

    Use for:

    Goblin 380
    SKU: H0536-S

  • Goblin 380 Aluminum Motor Pulley 23T

    Goblin 380 Aluminum Motor Pulley 23T


    Aluminum Motor Pulley 23T x 1pc

    Cup Point Set Screw M3 x 6 x 1pc

    Use for:

    Goblin 380

    SKU: H0501-23-S

  • SAB Goblin 380 Servo Arm Set Goblin 380

    SAB Goblin 380 Servo Arm Set Goblin 380


    HA052 SAB HELIDIVISION Servo Arm Set Goblin 380
    Strong-arms with very little flex for better servo control.


    • Futuba Gear Type Micro Cyclic Servo Arm x 3pcs
    • Futuba Gear Type Midi Tail Servo Arm x 1pc
    Use for:

    • Goblin 380
    • Micro Servos Using Futaba Gear Type
    • Mini Tail Servos Using Futaba Gear Type

    SKU: HM056-S

  • SAB Goblin 380 Carry Bag - Red

    SAB Goblin 380 Carry Bag - Red

    Allows for safe transport and protects from minor bumps and scratches.


    • Use for Sab Goblin 380

    This carry bag is specifically designed to hold and protect Goblin 380 helicopters, utilizing superior grade water resistant canvas.
    The protection foams inside hold the helicopter securely in an upright position.
    Extra thick padding ensures an excellent protection for your Sab Goblin helicopters.


    • Length: 80 cm
    • Width: 20 cm
    • Height: 25 cm

    Important notice:
    Please turn off your helicopter and radio before storing in bag to ensure safety during transport.

    SKU: HM056

  • Goblin 380 Helicopter Kit Yellow/Blue- The Lowest Part count ever

    The lowest part count helicopter ever made! The Goblin 380 provides incredible performance, reliability
    and simplicity with the unique and innovative Goblin look you are accustomed to!

    General Specifications:

    • Main rotor diameter: 856 mm
    • Main blade length: 380mm
    • Tail rotor diameter: 196 mm
    • Tail blade length: 70 mm
    • Main shaft diameter: 8 mm
    • Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm
    • Weight including electronics: 1075 g (excluding batteries).

    Electronic Specifications:

    • Cyclic Servos: Micrsize 23mm
    • General and 3D flight: MKS DS92A+, Savox SH-0255MG
    • General and Extreme flight: BK 3001HV, SAVOX SV-1232MG, MKS HV93, MKS DS95
    • Tail Servo: Mini size 35 mm
    • General and 3D flight: Savox SH-1257MG, Futaba S9257
    • General and Extreme flight: BK 5005HV, MKS HV9780

    Typical speed controller:

    • General and 3D flight: Kontronik Koby 70, YGE 60 LV, CC Lite 75
    • General and Extreme flight: Kontronik Koby 90 - Jive 80LV , YGE 90 LV, CC Lite 100
    • Maximum motor size: 41 mm diameter, 41 mm height
      General and 3D flight: Scorpion HK 3014-900, Quantum 2820-880
      General and Extreme flight: Kontronik Pyro 380-9,Scorpion HK 3020-1000
      Battery compartment: 44x44x130mm
      6S 1500/2600 mAh. For perfect 3D flight 6S-1800 mAh

    • Goblin 380 Helicopter kit
    • Main and tail Carbon blades

    SKU: SG381


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