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We are happy to stock the Cellpro Chargers from Revolectrics.
Those chargers are knows to be very powerful and offering excellent charging options for Beginners as well as for Experts.
up to 2680 Watts of charging, get the charger which best suit you.

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Goblin 500 Combo-849 eur

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Newest Products

  • GF Electro Prop 12x6 set (4pcs)

    GF Electro Prop 12x6 set (4pcs)

    GF propellers for Multicopters, especially balanced per specs to have ZERO vibration.

    This is a perfect replacement for Graupner E electro props

    Although being more flexible, GF performs identically to Graupner.


    Propeller is pure polymer.
    Bore: 6mm
    Balance: 0.01g (0.1%)

    Set of 4 props with adaptors : 2 CW and 2 CCW.

    SKU: GMFN1260

  • Multicopter APC MR type 10X4.5 Carbon/Nylon Props

    These are all new props on the market. They are built to a higher standard than the normal prop manufactures and will require little to no balancing.

    Set of 4 props 10X4.5, 2cw+2ccw

    2 sets of Adaptor Rings.

    SKU: HQ1045SET

  • CARBON Props 15x5.5 T-motor style L/R

    Multicopter T-motor style (flat center) Pair of  15X5.5 Carbon Fiber Propellers CW/CCW


    • Material: Carbon fiber
    • Epoxy resin cover
    • Size: 15X5.5 cw, 15X5.5ccw
    • High gloss 3K finish
    • Very strong and light weight
    • Included : Pair: 1 CW, 1 CCW

    SKU: TMPROP1555V2

  • Quadcopter Carbon nylon 9 x 4.3" propellers

    Set of 4 Carbon nylon 9 x 4.3" propellers ( 2 x cw, 2 x ccw).

    These multi-rotor specific propellers are based on the design excellent DJI phantom 2 propellers but have been redesigned to fit regular multi-rotor motors and produced in stiff but ultra light weight Carbon Nylon. They combine the lift properties of slowflyers with the efficiency and smoothness of electro-props. The propellers have a 6mm mounting hole with adaptors to fit 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm motor shafts. These propellers are very stiff and light and have amazing balance. They are ideal for F.P.V, aerial photography and acrobatic flying.

  • Multicopter APC MR type 9x4.5 Carbon/Nylon Props

    These are all new props on the market. They are built to a higher standard than the normal prop manufactures and will require little to no balancing.

    Set of 4 props 9x4.5, 2cw+2ccw

    2 sets of Adaptor Rings.

    SKU: HQ945SET

  • CNC Metal Prop Hub Reducer 8mm to 6mm

    These Metal cnc bore size reducers are designed for all 8mm hub propellers, allowing them to be fitted to various shaft sizes whilst maintaining accurate centering. They are also suitable for Graupner Elektro propellers and many other propellers with 8mm bore.

    Packet contents: -

      4 × 8mm to 6mm propeller CNC metal hub inserts


    •  Outside Diameter: 8mm
    •  Inside Diameter: 6mm

  • AeroSIM RC Training Simulator

    AeroSIM RC Training Simulator

    This high quality RC flight simulator includes a CD with software and user manual in electronic format, and a USB interface with an adapter to fit the transmitter of your choice.

    The USB interface is fitted with a 3.5 mono jack that can be directly used with JR/Spektrum/HitecAurora/Turnigy/GraupnerMX. An adapter is required for other transmiters (sold separately), consisting on a short cable with a female 3.5 mono jack on on one end, and the right type of connector for the particular transmitter on the other end. Available connectors include: Futaba Square Plug, DIN6 for Futaba Round Plug and Hitec, Multiplex (DIN5, compatible with DIN7 and DIN8), Graupner with Trainer Socket (jack 3.5mm stereo), and ESky/WFly/Storm (minDIN4).

    Upgrade policy:

    The latest full version of the software can be freely downloaded from the download page at www.aerosimrc.com. Try it out before you buy it!!!

    Without the original USB cable, the flying time is limited to two minutes after which the model stops flying and a message inviting to purchase the simulator is displayed.

    The upgrade policy is that all future software updates, including new functions, models and scenarios will be free to download.

    FPV features:

    The simulator is quite popular among FPV enthusiasts for its unique FPV features. The on-board FPV Camera in all models can be controlled from the transmitter (or even from a Head Tracker), and several types of OSD present the GPS and flight data in a realistic way. There are also customers interested in practicing FPV over their actual flying site, and the simulator includes a Scenario Generator to build new scenarios from satellite imagery, captured, for instance, from Google Earth.

    Multicopter Models:

    It also includes several MikroKopter models that have been tested by the creator Holger Buss, and MK users are finding very attractive the simulator in order to protect their investment by learning to fly them first in the simulator. Also the GAUI 330X-S is included.



    • Training Programs
    • There are two Training Programs: (1) Airplane, and (2) Helicopter/Multicopter.
    • The Training Programs are designed for those with no experience at all on RC, and we are getting very good feedback from the users who try them.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Pentium III or compatible at 1GHz
    • Graphic Card with at least 32MB RAM with OpenGL driver.
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 200MB hard disk space
    • CD-ROM Player
    • Sound card compatible with DirectX
    • Free USB port to connect the transmitter
    • Compatible Radio Transmitter Futaba/Sanwa/Hitec/Multiplex/JR/Spektrum with trainer connector.
    • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000

    Recommended Requirements:

    • Pentium 4 or compatible at 2GHz
    • Graphic card ATI or NVIDIA with 128MB and with OpenGL driver
    IN STOCK 48H

  • Revolectrix PowerLab Safe Parallel Balance Adapter (JST-XH/EH)

    Cellpro (JST PA) PowerLab-to-Great Planes (JST XH) or Kokam (JST EH/HR) Std Adapter

    This is the Revolectrix PL Safe Parallel Balance Adapter, and is intended for use with the Revolectrix Power Lab chargers. This adapter supports one battery pack at a time and may be daisy-chained with other Safe Parallel Adapters. Designed to support multiple parallel pack, node-plus-discharge (high current) charging applications. Interconnects any 2S to 6S XH/EH balance tap equipped battery pack to the Power Lab 8. Multiple, on-board SMT polyfuses (automatic resetting fuses) protect the adapter and charging circuitry from damage from wrong interconnections, reverse polarity, etc


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