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  • Infrared Remote Shutter Controller for Cameras

    Infrared Remote Shutter Controller for Cameras

    Control your on-board camera with your aircraft transmitter.
    This device allows you to easily control your camera's shutter via IR signal (your camera must support IR control function). This controller connects to an available channel on your model's receiver, so it can be setup on a switch, stick or knob. Great for aerial photography!

    Different camera brands utilize different IR signal so be sure to pick the appropriate controller for your camera (Canon, Sony or Nikon).

    * It requires your camera supports the IR control function (with IR receiver), also different brands cameras using different IR controllers, make sure you choose the correct type when ordering.


    • Dimensions: 20x12x8mm
    • Weight: 0.9g
    • Camera Brand: Canon, Sony or Nikon
    SKU: 48360NK
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