About Us

Located in Belgium, Europe, Alex started eRCMarket in 1999. As a hobby modeler  with 35 years of experience in Helicopters, Cars and Airplanes, Alex would evaluate products offered to consumers on the Internet. After realizing the quality that customers were getting, and after-sales service, he decided to develop and open eRCMarket. This company is focused on quality, service and personal advice.
Products we stock are not a simple toy which sold on ebay, without "mother and father ", and not those who controlled by BT or Wifi..this is just 5meters away before crashing..

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The eRCMarket golden rule is: By us, you get a product of value at the best price with correct after sales services. We never leave our customers!

Our rule: By Us You Get  a Value product, at correct price, and with correct after-sales service( warranty). We never leave our customers.!

Why Purchase Products from Us?

- Guaranteed Low Prices

Our purchasing department is always monitoring the prices and availability of products so that we can offer them to you at the best prices around.

- Products You Can Trust

Our purchasing department is constantly watching and monitoring the latest technology so we can bring you the best deals and products for your money. Our engineers always make sure to test the products before we decide to offer them in our product line. This ensures that you always get a top of the line product that actually works.

- Easy and Secure Ordering

We offer convenient online ordering and all of your transactions are guaranteed to be safe and also secure. In addition to online ordering, we accept orders via phone, wire transfers, or at a service location.

- We Use What We Sell

We fly what we sell! All of our staff uses our products and this gives you the peace of mind knowing that our products are perfect for you. Our Slogan is: “What is Good for Us is Good for You.”

- Great Customer Service

We offer quality customer service; something you can’t find anymore. All of our products come covered with a warranty and we always help our customers no matter what. You can always buy a cheaper product but you won’t get the same great quality or service anywhere else.

- In-Stock Products

We have over 8,000 products in stock which means you can always find what you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you locate something that will suit your budget and needs.

- Ethics and Professionalism

We always act within strict professional and ethical guidelines. We will never steer you in the wrong direction and if we feel you are making a wrong purchase, we will let you know. It is our responsibility to sell you products that are high quality and offer you with the best advice.

- Always Available

We offer a direct customer service line which is always available during business hours. If you need to reach us outside of business hours, you can send us an email. We respond to all email inquiries within a timely manner. Our sales department is available every night until 9:00pm EST, including weekends.

- Customer Appreciation

We know you can choose to go to any company to buy your products. We show you how much we appreciate your business by offering you loyalty points and an in-store loyalty card for you to use towards future purchases.