Upgrades Robbe

Upgrades Robbe

Upgrades can be used on Robbe helicopters , such Millenium, Quatro, Futura, Ornith...


  • Robbe Millenium Carbon Frame set

    Robbe Millenium Carbon Frame set

    100% Carbon, Suits Robbe Millenium 2 and 3 . Set including 6 pieces, Made from Glossy high quality carbon

    SKU: RCMC-016
    €79.00 €121.00
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  • Robbe One-Piece Motor Mount

    Robbe One-Piece Motor Mount

    One-Piece Motor Mount, CNC machined from a solid Aluminum block. A super rigid design, with a strategically positioned cross member, makes it best suited to handle the power of the latest big bore heli engines.
    This new ultra-light mount is one ounce lighter then the Millennium ii-III/ Nova Cuatro 3-piece mount and it even maintains a weight advantage over the Millennium II 2-piece mount. A direct replacement for the stock mounts, it is designed to fit the earlier style larger capacity tank in the Millennium.
    In the Futura Nova it requires the more recent style fuel tank. Compatible with all 60-120 motors.
    Made to fit the Millennium I, II and III, the Futura Nova and the Cuatro. Clear/Silver anodized finish.

    SKU: SKU6387
    inc. VAT

  • Servo Double arm Carbon

    Servo Double arm Carbon

    Carbon Double Arm, made from 2mm reinforced carbon.
    This arm will fit any Servo horn. Very Easy to adapt and to mount.

    This Double Arm also using Offset Holes, can be used on different helicopters where the Offest is required.
    The 2 slotted mounting holes allow for slight radial adjustment for 90 degree pushrods. The inside mounting of the carbon arms result in a more perpendicular pushrod.

    Set of 3 arms

    SKU: RCM16294
    inc. VAT

  • Skid Stoppers 10mm

    Skid Stoppers 10mm

    Fit 8mm skids, 600-900 size helis.
    Colors variable.

    SKU: RCM155971
    inc. VAT

  • Skid Stoppers 8mm

    Skid Stoppers 8mm

    Fit 8mm skids, 500-600  size helis.
    Green color, 4 pcs in a set

    SKU: HA0428
    inc. VAT

  • Skid Stoppers/Nuts 9mm

    Skid Stoppers/Nuts 9mm

    Nuts for 9mm Landing Skid (4pcs)

    Size: 9mm

    Color: YELLOW

    Qty: 4pcs/Pack

    SKU: HY0384301
    inc. VAT

  • Swashplate GuideBall Link

    Swashplate GuideBall Link

    Replacement Ball link for Eolo Metal swashplate

    SKU: QUK-REC051
    inc. VAT

  • Tail Input Gear

    Tail Input Gear

    Original JR CASE INPUT GEAR W/SHAFT , fits CNC Robbe gearbox for Millenium/Dyna-X

    SKU: JR94014
    €29.00 €38.00
    inc. VAT

  • Tail Servo Mount 24mm

    Tail Servo Mount 24mm

    Tail boom 24mm servo holders , recommended to use with Carbon pushrod for total precision, Set of 2, Available in black color

    SKU: RCUG-007
    €29.00 €42.00
    inc. VAT

  • Titanium Pushrods

    Titanium Pushrods

    Titanium is well known and a light and strong material, used in Space technology, and special medical applications.
    Made from Best Grade Titanium material, different Lengths avaliable, with M 2.5 rolling thread, will replace the metal pushrods which can break during high load, and vibrations.
    Made quality for maximum Strength.
    New price, so every one is able to experience those great products. Price is per 1 pushrod of custom length up to 185mm.

    Please specify your desired size!!

    SKU: RCUG-002
    €4.50 €5.00
    inc. VAT