Engine Starters

Engine Starters

Electic starter for your Engine.


  • 6mm Hex Starter Shaft

    6mm Hex Starter Shaft

    6mm hex starter shaft with ball ended hardened steel 150mm long shaft and anodised alloy hub. This unit can be either pressed into a regular rubber starter cone or directly mounted to the starter motor shaft.

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  • Align starter Spinner Cup (For Airplane)

    Align starter Spinner Cup (For Airplane)

    Align starter Spinner Cup (For Airplane)

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  • Align Super Starter (For Helicopter)

    Align Super Starter (For Helicopter)

    Ergonomically designed for optimal hand grip to prevent slippage, light weight, and easy to assemble/disassemble for transport ease. Suitable for fixed wing airplanes or helicopters, engine can be started with a simple one hand press on the button.

    • Suitable for up to 50cc gasoline engine or 300 class nitro engine.
    • Designed for user replaceable, common 450 heli sized 3S1P 1900~2300mAh/16c lipo batteries.
    • Fully charged battery is capable of 500 starts and beyond. Battery packs are charged with any T-REX 450 battery chargers.
    • Starting adapter includes double one way bearing design.
    • High efficiency motor providing high starting power, and low reacting force.
    • LED battery voltage indicator and over-discharge protection circuitry.
    • Battery under-voltage protection.
    • Overheating protection
    • Protection against stalling by flooded torque overloading engine.

    Colors availiable are yellow and black, May vary depends on the stock

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  • Dynatron Super Power Starter

    Dynatron Super Power Starter

    The Sullivan Dynatron is probably the most strongest started in the world. Heavy-Duty, Super High-Torque 12- 24V input Starter
    that will Start All Model Engines, Including 1/4 Scale.


    • Super High-Torque 12V or 24V
    • Starts All Model Engines, from .09 to 1/4 Scale
    • "Instant-On" Fingertip Control Switch
    • Full Protection Hand-Guard for Extra Safety
    • Standard grey rubber reversible insert
    • Aluminum pulley groove drive cone
    • Front plate guard adaptable for left handed use
    • Two year warranty
    • 46" wire lead (not coiled)


    • One Dynatron Super Power Starter w/Aluminum V-Groove Drive Cone
    • Two Alligator Clips with red and black plastic sleeves
    • Instruction sheet and warranty card


    SKU: RCM15575
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  • Prolux DC 12V Glow Start Charger

    Prolux DC 12V Glow Start Charger

    This DC12V quick glow start charger offers a quick charge time of 20 minutes for glow starters, providing it with enough energy to start the engine. Simply connect the charger to a 12v power source, the attach a glow starter onto the charger. Then, press the START button. After charging will automatically switch to a trickle charge rate of 50mA for as long as it is connected, allowing you to safely charge the battery to full capacity.


    • DC 12V equipment
    • Convinient and easy to use
    • By switch with two functions: trickle and fast charge
    • IC switching transfer
    • Fast charging current 1000 mA (max): Charging time 20 minutes.
    SKU: PX2645
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  • Prolux Easy Glow Ignitor with Led Indicator

    Prolux Easy Glow Ignitor with Led Indicator

    Prolux Easy Glow Ignitor w/ Led Indicator


    • High tecnology regulator application, output voltage: 1.5V
    • Switching transfer (low heat dissipation)
    • All kinds of 3.5-20V batteries can be used
      • NI-CD/NI-MH
      • LI-PO
      • LEAD-ACID
    • With LED indicator
    • Input reverse protection

    Operating Instructions:

    1. Connect the Easy-Glow to a DC 3.5V-20V power source.
    2. Squeeze the spring-loaded clip and place it onto the glow plug. Release clip to hold.
    3. When the LED turns red, the glow ignitor is working. If the LED is off, it means the battery connection is faulty or the glow plug is burned out.
    SKU: PX2201
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  • Prolux Li-po Glow Ignitor with Led Indicator & EU Charger

    Prolux Li-po Glow Ignitor with Led Indicator & EU Charger

    Prolux Li-po Glow Ignitor with Led Indicator & EU Charger

    Included charger will allow you to operate the Lipo Glow Ignitor from any 110V AC outlet.


    • Charge rate: 230mA
    • LED will be solid red during charging till removing the batteries
    • LED will turn off as the batteries are full charged and there will be slight charge rate 10mA
    SKU: PX2202B
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  • Prolux Power Panel Mark II Super Regulator with Ignitor Charger

    Prolux Power Panel Mark II Super Regulator with Ignitor Charger

    This new updated power panel includes a host of features, making it the best value on the market.


    • Super regulator design - the stable voltage (1.5V) output can automatically supply the current according to glow plug size to achieve lowest heat dissipation.
    • Four sets of power supplies for:
      • 12V engine starter
      • 12V electric fuel pump
      • 1.5V glow plug
      • 1.2V glow start charger - with a lead indicator
    • Switch selectable fuel direction also included a push-on/off power switch
    • Include a larger meter that allows you to monitor the current of the glow plug easily
    • Has a reverse polarity protection
    SKU: PX2670A
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  • Start adapter(For Helicopter)

    Start adapter(For Helicopter)


  • Helicopter starting wand x 1
  • Starting wand O-Ring x 1
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  • Starter Rubber replacement

    Starter Rubber replacement

    Replacement starter rubber.

    Color may vary from yellow to white( stock dependant)

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  • Super Starter Starter Rubber

    Super Starter Starter Rubber

    Super Starter Starter Rubber

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