Beginners & RTF

Beginners & RTF

Helicopters Sets for Beginners,or just for Indoor or Fun flying, without hassling and building process.
Large choice of Ready to fly(RTF) or Almost ready to fly (ARF) helicopters, with complete availability of spare parts


  • Revell Control Big One Next RTF / 3CH / GHz

    Revell Control Big One Next RTF / 3CH / GHz

    Coaxial helicopter for beginners and fun pilots.
    great for indoor and out door with decent wind( <20km./h)

    Battery capacity :1500 mAh
    number of cells :1
    voltage :3,7 V

    RC product specifications

    charging system :Battery Carger
    height :105 mm
    length :630 mm
    rotor diameter :530 mm
    tail rotor diameter :112 mm
    weight :650 g
    width :270 mm
    with LED equipped

    SKU: REV-23981
    inc. VAT