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  • Free setup with Helicopter

    Free setup with Helicopter

    We are happy to inform you that with any new helicopter purchased ( from 450 size and up) we offering the first setup for FREE.
    The setup will be done by professional Engineer and pilot, Once the helicopter will be fully assembled.
    Please note- setup service is not a building service, and the completion of building must be done in order to perform a final setup.



    Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer qu’à l’achat d’un hélicoptère (taille de 450 et plus) nous OFFRONS le premier  réglage.
    Il sera exécuté par des ingénieurs et pilotes confirmés après que l’hélicoptère ait été totalement assemblé par vos soins y incluant le branchement des servos.
    Nous attirons votre attention sur le fait que le service de réglage n’est pas un assemblage et que par conséquent l’assemblage doit être totalement terminé.
    Pour l’assemblage nous avons un service spécifique.

    La configuration se fera par un pilote professionnel après que l'hélicoptère soit complètement assemblé par l’acheteur.
    Merci de prendre en compte que ces configurations (tout comme les courts de vols n'est pas un service de notre magasin).
    Votre hélicoptère doit être complètement monté en termes de montage par vos soins

    SKU: FreeSetup

  • Fuel blocking caps

    Fuel blocking caps

    Set of 20, blocking the fuel tank where necessary

    Small but important accessory for combustion engines. Protects carburettor and engine from dirt. Soft plastic

    SKU: Robbe6014
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel filter (2pcs)

    Fuel filter (2pcs)

    Made from Aluminium, small, lightweight, for all applications

    Pack of 2

    SKU: RCFL-006
    €4.00 €6.00
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Filter Transparent Rebuildable

    Fuel Filter Transparent Rebuildable

    Transparent fuel filter, Perfect for all Nitro engines, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain. comes with fuel line holder, and Filter holder.

    Easy to attach to any model

    1 filter SET in pack

    SKU: RCM15556
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel line end cap (set of 2)

    Fuel line end cap (set of 2)

    Fuel line end cap( set of 2)

    SKU: KRW112
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Line Orings (8 pcs)

    Fuel Line Orings (8 pcs)

    Pack of 8, Used to secure the fuel line to the fuel Nipple.Made from special Fuel-proof material.

    SKU: SKU6373
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Line set

    Fuel Line set


    SKU: KRW129
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Pipe Y-Junction (1 PC)

    Fuel Pipe Y-Junction (1 PC)

    Fuel Pipe Y-Junction (1 PC)
    Color: blue / silver

    SKU: AV005-01204A
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Shutoff Clamp

    Fuel Shutoff Clamp

    Fuel stopper with lock, stop the fuel without fail. Release the lock just by pushing the pump.
    Extremely easy to use. For all R/C models.

    SKU: KSJ975
    €6.00 €7.00
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Stopper set

    Fuel Stopper set

    Fuel Stopper set

    SKU: HT-T013
    inc. VAT

  • Fuel Tank

    Fuel Tank

    Fuel Tank for Dyna-X

    SKU: DYX-0039
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba Anodized TX Sticks Short

    Futaba Anodized TX Sticks Short

    Give your radio a bling look.
    CNC sticks for Futaba transmitters

    Set of 2.

    SKU: KRW137
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba FF7 Screen Protector

    Futaba FF7 Screen Protector

    • Totally Invisible
    • Totally scratch resistant
    • Patented material
    • Military technology

    Your new device is beautiful and shiny - but it won't stay that way unless you protect it. You need a clear FF7 protector to keep it that way. You can shop for flashy skins and bulky covers, but they'll make your device bigger - and they'll detract from the sleek design of your gadget. When you're looking for the ultimate FF7 cover, this product has a reputation for being the best and most durable in the market. Guaranteed , it's a higher quality than all other transparent FF7 skins because it was originally a military technology developed to protect helicopter blades from dirt and debris. It's the toughest material of it's kind, and it will keep your device in pristine condition for life. In fact, it's so tough that if anything ever happens to your invisishield, just send it back to us and we'll send you a brand new one for free!

    The shield is only .2mm thick - so it's a virtually undetectable on your device. And if you ever want to remove it, simply peel off your FF 7 Invisible Shield. What you will find is that your transparent FF7 cover has perfectly protected your gadget and it still looks brand new. Not to mention, this state of the art clear FF7 skin won't leave any sticky residue.

    In the end, the ultimate FF7 screen protector is the true original.When it comes to finding the best clear screen protectors, the other protective cases won't do the job. If you're looking the highest quality FF7 skin, This is the only solution .

    SKU: EA-049-F7
    inc. VAT

  • G10 FRP fiber sheet 1.0mm

    G10 FRP fiber sheet 1.0mm

    G10 FRP fiber sheet , size 400x500 mm,
    Thickness 1.0mm

    SKU: RJ073
    inc. VAT

  • G5 Standard Glowplug, Cold

    G5 Standard Glowplug, Cold

    G5 Standard Glowplug, Cold

    GM-Racing glowplugs for model aircraft, boats and cars
    GM-Racing standard and turbo glow plugs offer outstanding quality, easy starting characteristics, reliable running and long useful life, combined with reasonable price.
    The standard glow plugs are compatible with all conventional combustion motors with standard thread. They are equally suitable for use with model aircraft, model boats and model cars.
    The turbo glow plugs are only compatible with motors featuring what is known as a turbo insert. They are used exclusively in high-performance RC car motors.

    These standard glowplugs fit all conventional glow-ignition model motors with standard plug threads. Equally suitable for model aircraft, boats and cars.


    SKU: SKU92642
    inc. VAT

  • Gas Muffler 23-29cc (RJX01-90G)

    Gas Muffler 23-29cc (RJX01-90G)

    Gas Muffler 23-29cc (RJX01-90G)

    inc. VAT

  • Gasoline engine ignition Kill switch

    Gasoline engine ignition Kill switch

    With This ignition switch you can turn safely OFF the gas engine with your remote control,It concerns with the switch to a fiber-optic decoupling to the ignition of the remote control isolate - therefore there can be no interferences

    Product Features

    • Bright LED indicates when the ignition is switched on
    • Fiber optocouplers for input / output
    • Microprocessor control
    • Suitable for LiPo, Li-Ion, A123, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd
    • Input voltage to 20 volts, 16 amperes, MosFet output
    • Low voltage to 3 volts 3 amps output
    • Low voltage drop - Less than 150mV
    • Weight: 8g
    • Dimensions: 35 x 17 x 7mm

    This device is inserted into a free slot (channel) on the receiver. Please note that the ignition switch is not a voltage regulator, ie it is the full battery voltage to the ignition.

    SKU: C5207
    inc. VAT

  • GEAR  shaft set B

    GEAR shaft set B

    GEAR & shaft set B for co-axial Esky and others

    SKU: EK1-0316
    inc. VAT

  • Gear box

    Gear box

    Gear box-ratio 3.75:1 / 5.43

    SKU: KRF922
    inc. VAT

  • Gearbox motor  mount

    Gearbox motor mount

    Gearbox motor mount
    SKU: KRF913
    inc. VAT

  • Glow plug adaptor- pull type

    Glow plug adaptor- pull type

    Made from High heat resistant silicone, this Pull-on-Plug set is a must for every modeler, fits all glow plugs.This is a professional set, for all models

    SKU: SKU11204
    €5.00 €11.00
    inc. VAT

  • Goblin 500 Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Yellow Special Edition

    Goblin 500 Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Yellow Special Edition

    Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Yellow Special Edition for Goblin 500

    Included items:

    • Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Yellow Special Edition x 1pc
    • Nylon Screw M8x14 x 2pcs
    • M8 H6.5 Nylon Hex Nuts x 2pcs
    • Locking element Tail x 2pcs
    • Metric Hex NYLON Nuts M3 H4 x 4pcs
    • Double Side Tape x 2pcs
    SKU: H0389-S
    inc. VAT

  • Gold connectors 3 mm (2 pairs)

    Gold connectors 3 mm (2 pairs)

    3mm 24K gilt terminal pin contact x 2pcs
    3mm 24K gilt terminal socket contact x 2pcs

    Works well up to 60 amps
    very low resistance
    Set including 2 pairs

    SKU: SKU143891
    inc. VAT

  • Gold connectors 3.5mm (2 pairs)

    Gold connectors 3.5mm (2 pairs)

    3.5 mm Gold Bullet Connector Plug 3.5mm banana  connector rc helicopter
    Golden plated , 13mm long, 3.5mm diameter. This is the Lowest resistance connector that used on Large controllers and Motors.


    • Contains: 2 x male + 2x female
    • Diameter: 3.5mm
    • RC Connector for battery
    • weight:1.5g/pair
    SKU: SKU14389
    inc. VAT