Kontronik PYRO 700-45 Long shaft Brushless motor

Kontronik PYRO 700-45 Long shaft Brushless motor

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Kontronik PYRO 700-45 Long shaft Brushless motor


 In 3D helicopter flight a motor is heavily used. And it is exactly for this reason that a PYRO is well - equipped.
It's special design and construction make it handle a continuous power of 3,000 W and a maximum of 5,000 Watt for 1 second.

To achieve this a high-quality Neodym material was used for the magnets heat resistible up to 150 °C.

The winding is made of an extremely heat resistant copper, normally used by the aerospace industry.

The rotating can additionally gets a precise balancing. So the thin section bearing is rendered unnecessary.

A continuous power of 3 kW produces a lot of heat even in such an efficient motor as the PYRO. A new designed cooling stream enables the PYRO to release the heat absolutely reliably.

The PYRO in short:

  •   Neodym magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degree C
  •   Specialized wire, heat resistant up to 300 degree C
  •   Perfectly balanced
  •   Optimized metal sheets
  •   Optimized ventilation


  • 450 U/min/V
  • max. 25.000 U/min
  • rI 0,032 Ohm
  • 375 gr

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