SAB GOBLIN 570 DRAKE EDITION (with main and tail blades)

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SAB GOBLIN 570 DRAKE EDITION (with main and tail blades)

After successful Havok line, SAB decided to launch new Drake line on Goblin 700 and 570. Following Drake jet design, we realised an extremely attractive model.
Havok is a 3-blade rotor head, Drake is a 2-blades rotor head, based on Goblin Sport version.
Some details as white landing gears and tail fin will create a perfect color match!
Our marketing would emphasize “the clash” between Havok and Drake, between 3-blades and 2-blades.

The Goblin 570 Sport is an evolution from the original Goblin 570.
The new Goblin 570 Sport features an “F3C style” landing gear, similar to the landing gear that comes with the Goblin Thunder Sport 700, as well as a more affordable canopy and boom in a great new scheme.
Using a Drake matt graphic scheme from SABAVIO jets, the Goblin 570 Drake get an awesome look.


  • Drake matt graphic scheme
  • Stronger Main Gear
  • Tail Bel Tensioning System
  • Stylish Fiberglass Canopy
  • Carbon Tail Boom
  • Stable wide landing gear, for safer landings and stable take offs. ( in the kits you can find black and white colors )
  • SAB TBS Main and tail blades are included
  • G10 mainframe delivers performance on a budget.
  • Compatible with the standard carbon frame to allow simple upgrading.

Technical Specs:

  • Main rotor diameter: 1278 mm (with 570 mm blades)
  • Main blade length: 550 to 575mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm
  • Tail blade length: 95 mm
  • Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
  • Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm

Kit Includes:

  • 21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
  • 1 battery tray with straps
  • 570 mm main blades
  • 95 mm tail blades

About the kit:

  • SAB Goblin comes as a kit, the system must be built completely from individual parts.
  • No electrical / electronic components included in the kit.
  • The kit is recommended for advanced pilots.



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