O.S. Max 105HZ Helicopter Engine

O.S. Max 105HZ Helicopter Engine

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O.S. Max 105HZ Helicopter Engine


This is the O.S. Max 105 HZ Helicopter Engine. This is the engine precision aerobatic and 3D heli pilots have been waiting for! In order for 90-sized machines to nail huge maneuvers and hardcore, smackdown-style 3D it's all about power, and the 105HZ has it in abundance. Displacement has been increased by 15%, while a huge venturi rams air into the carburetor, producing massive power. Plus, they fit in a .90-sized mounting pattern.


  •   Featuring the displacement of a 1.05 in the mounting space of a .90.
  •   More displacement means more power, and these engines boost displacement by 15%!
  •   A huge venturi boosts output even further.
  •   The machined, blue anodized heatsink head is light in weight, and cools the engine efficiently.


  • Displacement: 1.048 cu in (17.17cc)
  • Bore: 1.442 in (29mm)
  • Stroke: 1.024 in (26mm)
  • Practical RPM: 2,000-16,500
  • Output: 3.75 hp @ 15,000 rpm
  • 105HZ Weight: 21.03 oz (596g)
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