Multi function combi plier extracting jaws engineer PZ-58 neji-saurus Made In Japan

Multi function combi plier extracting jaws engineer PZ-58 neji-saurus Made In Japan

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Multi function combi plier extracting jaws engineer PZ-58 neji-saurus Made In Japan


Multi-purpose Extraction Tool for Stubborn Fasteners... Bite it !!, This combi plier *with* 'stripped' screw extracting jaws (watch the VIDEOs), engineer pz-58 gt neji-saurus Japan Made.

Once you hold the perfect Moulded Silicon/Rubber grips, you will understand the quality of this tool. its not another Plier, it is THE one you were waiting for it. Perfect to use in Hobby, Home and almost every possible industry. It works where others failed.

Unique jaws with both vertical and horizontal serrations grip a screw head securely without slipping, helpful in confined area

Just Grip and Turn !! -- Much faster than fluted screw extractor and simpler than vise grip pliers ..... Must in your tool box as a workshop, repair or DIY tool !!

Screw Adapted

  • Dome(Truss) Head
  • Round or Pan Head
  •  3~dia. 9.5mm
  • Beyond pliers! (these innovative pliers are presently taking Japan by storm
  • Have you ever been faced with a rusty, stripped, damaged or jammed screw and couldn't remove it? The PZ-58 Neji-saurus can do the job with remarkable ease.
  • These pliers will even remove screws that have special, unique or tamper-proof slots.
  • These pliers have a patented design of vertical and horizontal serrated inside jaws which bite/grip into screw heads of various shapes without slipping.
  • These jaw serrations are what differentiate screw-removal pliers from ordinary common pliers.
  • They are much easier to use than screw extractors or locking pliers precisely because of the way it grips around truss, round or pan head screws.
  • The specially shaped vertically-serrated jaws are designed to work in confined spaces.
  • The elaborate angle of jaw serrations, even allows the jaws to bite and turn truss screws (low-profile dome heads!). Custom protective cap also available as Option.

Be sure to see videos to understand the wonders of this product.

  • Elaborate angle of serrations also enables you to bite a dome head
  • Slender design of jaws ideal for work in confined areas
  • Comfortable grips made of Elastomer (TPR), also good for global environment
  • Spring for repeated work of gripping, turning and releasing
  • Wire cutter equipped

Optional- Silicone plier cover


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