MSH Protos Max V2 Kit Classic including Brain Flybarless Unit Black & Yellow

MSH Protos Max V2 Kit Classic including Brain Flybarless Unit Black & Yellow

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MSH Protos Max V2 Kit Classic including Brain Flybarless Unit Black & Yellow


MSH Protos Max V2 Kit Classic including Brain Flybarless Unit Black & Yellow

The Max V2 was born from a passionate group of engineers and pilots trying to make a machine that's really something special.  They wanted something that could easily fly several hundred hard flights with nearly zero maintenance.  Something that looked stunning, but had a focused purpose for every element in the design. They wanted to create something that you can't wait for to fly everyday. Without inhibition. The Protos Max V2 is a stunning feat of engineering at an incredible value.


  • Frame Support:
    • frame made in carbon fiber 2.5mm and aluminium.
    • Bottom frame made in one-piece high quality thermoplastic material
  • System trasmission (motor - main rotor): 15mm Belt
  • Usable main blades:
    • 716mm (with short boom)
    • fino a 800mm (with long boom) optional
  • Battery: usable LiPo from 10s to 14s 4000/5500mAh
  • Battery compartment dimensions: 70mmx60mmx360mm
  • Suggested battery Lipo: 12s 5000mAh
  • Main rotor diameter:
    • 1577mm: (with 700mm blades)
    • 1777mm: (with 800mm blades) Tail rotor diameter
    • 286mm: (with 105mm tail blades)
    • Total lenght without blades: 1371mm
  • Total lenght with blades:
    • 1757mm (with 700mm blades)
    • 1857mm (with 800mm blades)
  • Main shaft diameter: 12mm totally hollow
  • Tail shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Fully height: 365mm
  • Swashplate servos: 3x standard servos (to use the servo horn present inside the kit is necessary that servo shaft is like Futaba, MKS or Savox) It's available as upgrade also JR horn
  • Tail servo: 1x standard servo
  • Maximum dimension of main blade root: 14mm M5 screw
  • Maximum dimension of tail blade root: 5mm M3 screw
  • Teeth pinion: 20T included. 18T  22T (upgrade)
  • Main pulley teeth: 190T
  • Autorotation pulley teeth: 143T
  • Tail pulley teeth: 30T Tail boom diameter 27mm
  • Spindle diameter: 10mm
  • Main head and tail box construction material: Al 7075 (Ergal)
  • Main shaft construction material: Steel     

Included in the kit:

  • Pinion: 20T  
  • Tail boom: Made in aluminium for 700mm main blades  
  • Main blades and tail blades: Not included
  • Flybarless unit: Brain

Needed for assembly:

  • 3 full size swash servos, 1 full size tail servo
  • Main rotor blades (690 - 716mm)
  • Tail blades (105 - 115mm.  115mm preferred for aggressive flight or low headspeeds)
  • Transmitter/Receiver
  • 700 class Motor (480-540kV 12s), 14s optional. Supports both 6mm and 8mm shaft diameter
  • 12s LiPo (5000mah typical). 14s LiPo (4400mah typical)
  • BEC (preferred). Or RX LiPo.
  • ESC (120A - 200A, 12s to 14s.  Depending on the power system chosen and flight style)
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