Model Avionics

Model Avionics
ModelAvionics producing Best Governers and Electronics for Helicopters


  • Magnets for governer set (2pcs)

    Magnets for governer set (2pcs)

    Replacement magnets suitable for most types of  Helicopter engine governors such as Futaba GV-1, Throttle Jockey, Align and CSM.

    Specification:  Material - Neodymium N42

    Set of  2 Magnets, for use with all governors.

    SKU: RCTJ-005
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  • Remote Tachometer

    Remote Tachometer

    The Remote Tach can be used to remotely measure the rotor speed of a RC helicopter in flight.Taching is accomplished by viewing the helicopter though the viewing shutter and adjusting the speed of the shutter until the main blades of the Helicopter appear to stop.

    The shutter speed can be increased or decreased using the buttons at the back of the tach.
    The shutter speed range corresponds to 1000 to 3190 rpm of the helicopter head speed.The tach automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. It will remember the last set RPM. After wakeup, allow 3 seconds for the shutter RPM to stabilize.

    RPM Range1000 – 3190 rpm
    Accuracy +/- 2.5rpm
    Operating Battery Drain 29mA @ 9V
    Sleep Battery Drain 70uA @ 9
    VSleep Time 30 Seconds
    Battery 6LR61 Alkaline 9V

    SKU: RCTA-001
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