Li-Ion cell 1800 mah

Li-Ion cell 1800 mah

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This Li-Ion Cell has a great rate Discharge current of up to 10c and Max DisCharge current of 18- 20C for up to 5 sec.

Charge current is up to 1C. We always recommend for long life to use low discharge up to 5c.
A cell weights a bit more than foil-packed LiPo cells of same capacity, but the excessed weight is well explained - the robustness of the cell is based on it.
The special protective functions are: our Cells have a cylindrical metal housing that protect them against mechanical damage .

Therefore they are much better protected , as well the model, and your investment into those cells.
Those one have a temperature safety device, which cut off the current flow during faulty operation or short cut but the cell will not explode, as can happen with other brands.
The Li-Ion Cells offers new possibilities for R/C pilots:

Achievement for longer running times with fewer weights!
This leads unbelievable 3D aerobatics in Helis to 20min long flights or.
Our cells are to be used in Electric applications, RX/TX packs, and more.
Avaliable in 1800 mah.
ALL cells comes with factory attached Soldering tags for easy self packs assembly.


  • 3.7V 1800 Mah
  • Size : 18mm diameter x 65mm long
  • Weight approx : 59 grams


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