KST X20-1035 HV Tail Brushless Servo - 12Kg.cm 0.03s 70g 20mm

KST X20-1035 HV Tail Brushless Servo - 12Kg.cm 0.03s 70g 20mm

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KST X20-1035 HV Tail Brushless Servo - 12Kg.cm 0.03s 70g 20mm


KST X20-1035 HV Brushless Servo - 12Kg.cm 0.03s 70g 20mm

The developers at KST ensured nothing but the best components were utilized during construction of this servo, components as large as motors and gears, materials for the servo case,and small components such as the PCB board driving the motor. EMF currents in common DC voltage applications can generate large EMF spikes under operation, which can wreak havoc on other connected electronics. X20 servos feature a PCB board which minimizes EMF spikes, protecting other electronics from having to filter out the noise.  


Standard size aluminum case
Low EMF design
Full metal gears
Dual ball bearings
HV compatible

It is an amazingly fast yet powerful and precise metal cased high voltage servo designed to be run directly from a 2S LiPo without needing a regulator.

KST also advise unlike any other servo, the X20 generates no counter EMF in any working conditions. It has an all-new design of circuit board, so your heli flybarless system and receiver will not be interfered with and will not display any weird behavior as a result.

The KST X20-1035 HV is approx standard size and has an output spline the same as similar Futaba servos, so many compatible output arms are available. Wirh an incredible 0.030 sec/60° speed and impressive 12 kg.cm torque the KST X20-1035 is appropriate for all fast large gliders, jets and helicopters on surfaces requiring very high speed response. This servo is also perfect for the tail rotor on 550 - 700 class helicopters.

In addition to the four heavy duty plasic output arms, which are similar to futaba 25T splines, the servo is supplied with two attractive red annodised aluminium arms with M2 threaded holes.

The extreme reliability and performance of these servos also makes them very suitable for use in film and motion picture industry special effect departments. They are also used in robotic, drone, UAV, UAS, academic research, military, and other highly demanding applications.


  • Body dimensions: 40.5 x 20.2 x 36.3 mm
  • Stall torque (6V): 8.5 kg.cm     118 oz.in
  • Stall torque (7.4V): 10.3 kg.cm     143 oz.in
  • Stall torque (8.4V): 12 kg.cm     167 oz.in
  • Weight:    70 g     2.47 oz
  • Lead length: 31 cm     12.3 in
  • Operating speed (6V):    0.040 sec/60°
  • Operating speed (7.4V):    0.035 sec/60°
  • Operating speed (8.4V):    0.030 sec/60°
  • Operating voltage: 6.0V to 8.4V
  • Bearings: 2 ball bearing
  • Gear material:    Metal
  • Case material:     Metal
  • Motor type: Brushless
  • Working frequency: 560 Hz
  • Pulse width:  900 - 2100 µs
  • Digital: Yes
  • Programmable: No


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