Erc latest News

01-04-2017: New Whoop frames arrived, upgrade your inductix, also WBX frames from Ragg-e in stock now!

29-07-2016: Check out the new MSH Protos 380, it just came in! We have its spare-parts defined HERE.

20-07-2016: Want to race crash proof with your Graupner Racing Gate? You can now, because our graupner tape is back in stock!

16-07-2016: Want to cruise through the city in style? Check out our new added electric scooters!

15-07-2016: Are you ready for the FPV racing season? Purchase our custom designed Flag, Archer Gate and Ring Gate and make an awesome circuit!

13-07-2016: Problems with fitting a camera on your FPV racer? Too big? Check out the new Runcam Swift now!