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Sab Goblin

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  • SAB Goblin Mini Comet Carbon Yellow/Red w/Motor ESC and Blades

    SAB Goblin Mini Comet Carbon Yellow/Red w/Motor ESC and Blades

    SAB Goblin Mini Comet Speed Competition Helicopter Yellow Red

    The SAB Goblin Mini Comet Electric Helicopter is an extremely innovative and unique helicopter within the sub 300mm class of rotor blades
    Mini Comet will include a completely enclosed speed style fuselage, derived from its larger brother, the Comet
    The Mini Comet size makes it become one of the fastest speed helicopters in its class

    Featuring a patented Direct Drive motor system which connects to the main shaft, the Mini Comet does not use a typical main gear & pinion gear transmission system
    The Tail Rotor Belt is additional connected to the Brushless Motor, allowing for an incredibly low parts count and an extremely simple tail drive solution

    Most of the parts can be shared between the Mini Comet and the Fireball, which allows incredible performance within its class
    SAB designed and extensively tested several plastic components throughout the helicopter which help shed weight and lower product costs

    Product Features:

    • Direct Drive Motor Layout
    • Extremely Low Parts Count
    • Uses Micro Size Servos
    • Converts to SAB Fireball in Minutes w/required parts
    • DFC Rotor Head System
    • Fully Enclosed Speed Style Canopy & Boom


    • Main Rotor Diameter: 626mm w/280mm Main Blades
    • Approximate RTF Weight: 890g
    • Cyclic Servos: Micro Size 23mm
    • Tail Servo: Micro Size 23mm
    • Motor: Standard SAB Motor
    • ESC: 50A-60A
    • Batteries: 6s 22.2V 900-1300mAh LiPo

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Goblin Fireball Kit
    • 1x SAB Goblin Fireball Brushless Motor
    • 1x 280mm High Strength Carbon Fiber Main Blades
    • 1x 50mm High Strength Plastic Tail Blades

    Also Required (NOT INCLUDED):

    • 3x Micro Cyclic Servos
    • 1x Micro Tail Servo
    • 1x 6s 22.2V 900-1300mAh LiPo Battery
    • 1x Flybarless Gyro System
    • 1x 6+ Channel Receiver
    • 1x 6+ Channel Transmitter
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  • SAB GOBLIN SPEED UPGRATED YELLOW/CARBON (With main and tail blades)

    SAB GOBLIN SPEED UPGRATED YELLOW/CARBON (With main and tail blades)

    This kit includes the following upgrades:
    • New tail slider H0108-S
    • New swashplate H0420-S

    Kit Goblin 700 Speed with 720mm SPEED BLADES and tail rotor blades 104mm lenght /rounded tip.

    General Specifications:

    •  Main rotor diameter: 1626 mm
    •  Main blades: 720 mm
    •  Main blades optimized to be extremely stable at high speeds
    •  Tail rotor diameter: 283 mm
    •  Tail blades: 104 mm rounded trip optimized for high speed
    •  Weight including all electronics excluding batteries: 4010 g
    •  Ratio 11.9 / 8.5 :1 (22T pulley included in kit for 9.8:1 ratio)
    Electronic Specifications

    •  Cyclic Servos: Standard size 40 mm
    •  Tail Servo: Standard size 40 mm
    •  Typical Speed controller: Kontronik Kosmik 160/200, YGE 160-320
    •  Typical Motor: Pyro 800-850, Scorpion 4535/40 - Max. 65 mm diameter x 80 mm height
    •  Battery compartment: 75 x 58 x 350mm

    Kit Includes:

    •  22T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
    •  2 battery tray
    •  720 mm main Speed blades
    •  104 mm rounded tip tail blades
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