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  • Servo S3107

    Servo S3107

    Small, low-cost, high-speed servo of the "Nano" class, for indoor HELIS, park-fly and slow-fly models, hand-launch gliders and other small model aircraft where minimum servo size is a must. Nevertheless powerful and robust enough for applications in medium-sized model aircraft and electric micro-helicopters. Set includes a 20 mm servo output disc and cruciform lever, plus fittings.
    Dimensions: 21.8 x 11 x 19.8 mm
    Mass/weight: 9.50 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4,8 Volts
    Torque: 12.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.09 Sec/45°

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  • Servo S3151

    Servo S3151

    An affordable digital all-purpose servo of standard size.This servo has been developed for use in fixed-wing model aircraft and model helicopters (swashplate control) with electric or IC power (up to about .40 motor size; e.g. robbe Ornith). Also suitable as a beginner`s tail rotor servo in the Ornith and similar models. The output shaft features multiple bearings: one ballrace and a special double plain bush. Although designed for 4-cell operation this servo is suitable for use with a BEC system, or with converters and battery backers supplying up to 6 Volts.Supplied complete with servo accessory pack.
    Dimensions: 40,5 x 20 x 36,1 mm
    Mass/weight: 42.00 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4,8-6 Volts
    Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts Nominal voltage: 6.00 Volts
    Torque: 31.00 Ncm Torque: 39.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.16 Sec/45° Transit speed: 0.13 Sec/45°
    Holding power: 77.00 Ncm Holding power: 97.00 Ncm

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  • Servo S9202

    Servo S9202

    Professional helicopter servo
    Quite simply THE helicopter servo. Popular for many years due to its high vibration resistance, long life and reliability. Can be used wherever high torque and good holding power are required.

    • Dimensions: 40.5 x 20.0 x 35.5 mm
    • Mass/weight: 50.00 pond/g
    • Operating voltage: 4.8 // 6.0 Volts
    • Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts //  Nominal voltage: 6.00 Volts
    • Torque: 40.00 Ncm //  Torque: 50.00 Ncm
    • Transit speed: 0.21 Sec/45°  // Transit speed: 0.17 Sec/45°
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  • Transmitter Aerial T-14 MZ /40fx

    Transmitter Aerial T-14 MZ /40fx

    Transmitter Aerial T-14 MZ /40fx

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  • Transmitter tray T-10C CFRP

    Transmitter tray T-10C CFRP

    Light and elegant Tx tray for T10C, made from 2,5 mm Carbon-fibre sheet.

    Quick and simple assembly with quick connectors/knurled fixings.
    All controls, as well as charge socket and Buddy-Box sockets etc., are freely accessible.
    Removing the neck strap brackets (with bayonet connectors), the Tx and tray can be stored in its alloy case.


  • Neck strap with padded neck piece
  • Stainless steel bracket
  • Base unit with carbon fibre hand-rests
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