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  • Futaba T6K 2.4Ghz FHSS/S-FHSS/T-FHSS 6ch S.Bus & R3006SB Receiver

    Futaba T6K 2.4Ghz FHSS/S-FHSS/T-FHSS 6ch S.Bus & R3006SB Receiver

    Futaba T6K 2.4Ghz FHSS/S-FHSS/T-FHSS 6ch S.Bus Transmitter & R3006SB Receiver Combo

    The Futaba 6K has T-FHSS AIR telemetry system. It is a high-performance radio that it has not only Airplane and Helicopter mode but also Multicopter and glider mode. The 6K has a text-to-speech function from audio output connector. So you can make sure of telemetry data safely without take your eyes off from your flying body. It is also equipped with vibrator function to inform you such as voltage drop. The 6K also supports Futaba S-FHSS system receiver. So you can also use R2006GS. *S-FHSS system does not support telemetry function.

    System Features:

    •     15-model memory
    •     Function Voice Telemetry
    •     10-character model naming
    •     Trims: with storage of digital values
    •     Functions: (ATV / EPA) by the end of servo travel adjustment
    •     Stroke Servo: 3 settings and exponential function (EXP)
    •     4 switches / potentiometer 1
    •     Failsafe: adjustable lanes 1-6
    •     Mixes planes and helicopters
    •     T-modulation FHSS / S-FHSS
    •     Stopwatch
    •     Offset neutral
    •     Trainer Mode
    •     Monitor servos
    •     Alarm Adjustable battery under multiple voltages
    •     Audible and vibrating alarms
    •     Port S-BUS
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  • Futaba T7PX Radio Case

    Futaba T7PX Radio Case

    Futaba T7PX Radio Case

    SKU: P-EBB1172
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  • Futaba Transmitter Neck Strap

    Futaba Transmitter Neck Strap

    Transmitter Neck Strap, fit all radios

    Original Futaba single-point neckstrap, orange. Width approx 30 mm.

    SKU: RobbeF1596
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  • Futaba/Hitec Round adaptor

    Futaba/Hitec Round adaptor

    Adaptor lead suitable for Futaba or Hitec Round connector

    SKU: HA080
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  • Gear Set S3152/S3010

    Gear Set S3152/S3010

    Replacement Gear Set S 3152 / S 3010

    SKU: F1391
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  • Megatech T4PL-R2104GF 2,4GHz FHSS

    Megatech T4PL-R2104GF 2,4GHz FHSS

    The new Megatech T4PL pistol-grip computer system features a sleek, modern design. The focal point of the transmitter is the backlit screen, which is located in the upper part of the transmitter, where it is clearly visible. For professional RC car and racing boat operators, exploiting 2.4 GHz FHSS technology with Frequency Hopping

    No more same-channel interference, virtual immunity to interference, and resistance to background interference - these are the main advantages of FHSS technology.

    When designing the T4PL transmitter, which is a completely new development, the various controls were arranged with ergonomic efficiency as top priority. All the controls are well positioned and easy to use. The system is also very light in weight at just 550 g.

    The central control area with LCD screen lies in the direct line of sight of the operator, making it easy to read off values even during a race. The mixer functions are virtually identical to those of the proven T4PK(S) professional system.
    An innovation in this class of systems is the expansion to four control channels. The separate fourth channel is particularly useful with 1 : 5 scale RC cars for controlling the front and rear brakes separately.

    Another new feature is the Crawler function for Trials vehicles. This term refers to a mixer function for four-wheel steering. The front and rear axles can be steered separately, together, in the same or opposite directions, depending on requirements.

    The Timer function has also been expanded by a pit-stop timer, to remind the operator to call in for pit-stops in good time.
    Switching from S-FHSS (High-Speed mode - only in conjunction with digital servos) and FHSS -mode.
    Forty models can be stored in the internal model memory, which is sufficient even for an extensive array of vehicles.


  • 40 internal model memories
  • Model name, reset and copy.
  • FHSS / S-FHSS modulation
  • Fail-safe
  • 1 programmable mixer with Offset
  • Free assignment of transmitter controls and mixer functions
  • Pre-selectable function levels for beginner and pro-standard
  • Graphic servo travel display
  • Basic settings such as contrast, beep and Home menu display
  • Timer / Counter
  • Steering: servo centre offset, servo reverse, end-point adjustment, servo speed in both directions, Exponential
  • Throttle / brake
  • Brake: braking power, time, cycle, delay and speed (A.B.S). Brake point adjustment, brake mixer to channel 3 and 4
  • Channel 3: trim, servo centre offset, servo reverse, end-point adjustment, Expo.
  • Channel 4: trim, servo centre offset, servo reverse, end-point adjustment
  • 30 channels at 1.5 MHz spacing. 2404 ... 2447.5 MHz frequency band.
    28 simultaneous users.


    Weight: 550 g

    Frequency band: 2404.00

    Current drain: ca 220 mA

    Transmission system: FHSS / S-FHSS

    Functions: 8/4 Servos

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  • PSS S-BUS Clamp

    PSS S-BUS Clamp

    S-BUS-Terminal block for PSS-battery backer.

    Core element of the S-BUS system is the cable terminal block.
    An S_BUS servo can be installed at any convenient point along the length of the cable.
    Simply feed the cable between the upper and lower halves of the terminal block, press the two halves together to close the housing and lock the cable in position.
    The clamped terminal creates a reliable power and signal connection to the PSS- battery backer and receiver.
    Allocate the servo its relevant channel address, and the servo connection is done!

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  • PSS S-BUS Clamp with PWM adaptor

    PSS S-BUS Clamp with PWM adaptor

    S-BUS-Terminal block with PWM-converter for PSS-battery backer.

    This S-BUS terminal block serves to connect normal analogue- and also digital servos with PWM control. The terminal block has an additional printed circuit board which converts the S-BUS signal to a PWM one.
    Hence a standard servo can be connected at any required point along the BUS cable. The PWM adapter neds to be configured with the channel address with this connection and the servo connection is done.
    The channel allocation is made with the handy S-BUS programmer SBC-1.

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  • R-6004 FF 2,4 GHz

    R-6004 FF 2,4 GHz

    Ultra-light and small 4-channel 2.4 GHz FASST receiver for indoor and Park Flyers.
    Weight only 3,9 g, without housing only 3.3 g. No crystals, no frequency channel selection and the highest security against Immediately channel interference from 2.4 GHz FASST technology.
    Best suppression of interference by fast frequency hopping. High intermediate frequency of 800 MHz, resistant to electromagnetic signals .
    Simple connectivity through integrated EASY-link button. Suitable for all Futaba transmitters from 6-channels ,compatible to work in 7 channel - modulation

    Tech specs
    operating voltage : 4,8-7,4 Volt
    Current: 40 mA
    channels: 4
    resolution :2048 KHz
    Weight: 3,9 g (3.3 gr without case)
    size: 35 x 20 x 7 mm

    SKU: F0962
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  • R2104GF 2.4 GHz S-FHSS

    R2104GF 2.4 GHz S-FHSS

    Small, lightweight 2.4 GHz FHSS four-channel receiver incorporating Frequency Hopping technology.

    No crystals, no spot frequency selection, and maximum protection from same-channel interference thanks to high-speed 2.4 GHz FHSS technology. High-speed Frequency Hopping for effective suppression of interference signals.
    Automatic switching between S-FHSS (High-Speed mode - only in conjunction with digital servos) and FHSS mode.

    Frequency Hopping system with thirty channels at 1.5 MHz spacing in the 2404 - 2447.5 MHz range. Maximum 28 simultaneous users.
    Not compatible with FASST transmitters. Only for FHSS systems such as T2PL, T3PL, T4YF, T4PL, T6JG)
    Not recommended for large-scale model aircraft and jets.
    Range: approx. 1000 m

    Specification: Channel spacing: 4.00 Weight: 8 g Dimensions: 39 x 26 x 12.5 mm mm Voltage: 4.8-7.4V Volts

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  • RECEIVER Antenna 2.4 40CM

    RECEIVER Antenna 2.4 40CM

    Original Futaba receiver antenna, for 2.4 GHz FASST receivers.

    Allows the receiver aerial to be deployed outside the fuselage in models with all-carbon canopies or fuselages
    The aerial can be replaced by any experienced user. Set of 2

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  • Ripmax 2S1P 7.4V 2800mAh TX Li-Po

    Ripmax 2S1P 7.4V 2800mAh TX Li-Po

    Futaba Ripmax 2S1P 7.4V 2800mAh TX Li-Po, suitable for charging in T-14SG/16/18SZ transmitter with P-FBC100 or P-FBC100/EUR.


    • Capacity:2800mAh
    • Max Continuous Discharge:1.8A
    • Max Charge Rate:1.8A
    • Voltage:7.4v
    • Type:2S1P
    SKU: O-FTB2S2800
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  • Robbe Futaba gear set S3114/S3154

    Robbe Futaba gear set S3114/S3154

    Robbe Futaba gear set S3114/S3154

    SKU: F1389
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  • Robbe Futaba gear set S9203

    Robbe Futaba gear set S9203

    Robbe Futaba gear set S9203

    SKU: F1367
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  • Robbe Futaba gear set S9450

    Robbe Futaba gear set S9450

    Robbe Futaba gear set S9450

    SKU: F1371
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  • S-BUS - Futaba adapter plug

    S-BUS - Futaba adapter plug

    Adapter lead from USB-Adapter CIU2 to S-BUS wing plug connection.

    To address and program the wing-mounted S-BUS servos.

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  • S-BUS - Futaba adapter socket

    S-BUS - Futaba adapter socket

    Adapter lead from USB-Adapter CIU2 to S-BUS wing plug connection.

    To address and program the wing-mounted S-BUS servos.

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  • Servo case 92xx 9xx

    Servo case 92xx 9xx

    Servo case for 9201/9202/9401/131S/S9202/9304/9403

    SKU: RobbeF1351
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  • Servo Gear Set futaba 9251/9256

    Servo Gear Set futaba 9251/9256

    Servo Gear Set for Futaba 9251/9256

    SKU: S9251
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  • SERVO S 3152

    SERVO S 3152

    A powerful, low-cost digital servo for demanding applications.This servo was developed for use primarily in fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters. The output shaft is supported in one ballrace and a special double bush.Wireless construction for excellent vibration resistance.

    Dimensions: 40x20x38.1 mm
    Mass/weight: 42.50 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4.8-6 Volts
    Torque: 52.00 Ncm
    Torque: 65.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.17 Sec/45°
    Transit speed: 0.13 Sec/45°
    Holding power: 130.00 Ncm
    Holding power: 163.00 Ncm

    SKU: F1322
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  • SERVO S 9257

    SERVO S 9257

    Ultra-fast 15 mm digital servo, ideal as the tail rotor servo for small and medium-sized electric helicopters.
    The perfect complement to the GY-401 gyro.

    -Dimensions: 35.5x15x28.6 mm
    -Mass/weight: 26.00 pond/g
    -Operating voltage: 4.8 Volts
    -Torque: 20.00 Ncm
    -Transit speed: 0.06 Sec/45°
    -Holding power: 50.00 Ncm

    SKU: F1399
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  • Servo S3001

    Servo S3001

    An economical ballraced servo for all applications. This servo has an exceptionally long service life. Ideal for use with power boats, yachts, cars, aircraft and helicopters

    • Height:   36mm
    • Length:   40.4mm
    • Torque:   4.1 kg/cm (6.0v)
    • Width:   19.8mm

    SKU: F1117
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  • SERVO S3102

    SERVO S3102

    Metal-geared micro-servo for professional use. Even at 4.8 Volts nominal voltage it produces the enormous torque of 26 Ncm. Ideal for installation in wings or tail panels. The robust, precision-machined metal gearbox is capable of surviving hard landings in rough terrain.

    Dimensions: 28.0 x 13.0 x 29.7 mm
    Mass/weight: 21.00 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4.8 Volts
    Torque: 37.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.20 Sec/45°

    SKU: F1268
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  • Servo S3107

    Servo S3107

    Small, low-cost, high-speed servo of the "Nano" class, for indoor HELIS, park-fly and slow-fly models, hand-launch gliders and other small model aircraft where minimum servo size is a must. Nevertheless powerful and robust enough for applications in medium-sized model aircraft and electric micro-helicopters. Set includes a 20 mm servo output disc and cruciform lever, plus fittings.
    Dimensions: 21.8 x 11 x 19.8 mm
    Mass/weight: 9.50 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4,8 Volts
    Torque: 12.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.09 Sec/45°

    SKU: RSVO-019
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