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  • Futaba HPS-HC700 S.bus 2 Brushless High Performance Servo with Brushless Motor 1520μs,optional 760μs

    Futaba HPS-HC700 S.bus 2 Brushless High Performance Servo with Brushless Motor 1520μs,optional 760μs


    • Suitable for all purpose RC helicopters.
    • Programmable/HV Brushless Servo.
    • Custom New high power Brushless Motor.
    • Programmable and compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2 systems.
    • Can be connected to a PC using the CIU-2/-3 USB adapter sold separately.
    • Upper/middle/bottom: Aluminum Case
    • 2S LiPo Suitable

    0.08 sec/60°at 6.6V
    0.075 sec/60° at 7.4V

    18.0 kgf/cm at 6.6V
    250.0 ozf/in at 6.6V
    20.0 kgf/cm at 7.4V
    277.8 ozf/in at 7.4V

    40.5 mm x 21 mm x 37.8 mm
    1.59 in x 0.83 in x 1.49 in

    73 g
    2.57 oz

    DC 6.0V-7.4V

    DC 4.8-8.4V


    SKU: HPS-HC700
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  • Futaba LBC-35D Charger with EU Plug (for Li-Fe)

    Futaba LBC-35D Charger with EU Plug (for Li-Fe)

    Futaba LBC-35D Charger with EU Plug (for Li-Fe)

    A european style plug charger for used with 2S (6.6 V) Li-Fe batteries such as P-FT2F2100B.


    • Input Voltage     230 V AC
    • Current     700 mA
    SKU: P-LBC-35D/EU
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver

    Futaba R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver


    Futaba R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver

    SKU: P-R2001SB
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  • Futaba R2006GS Receiver 2.4GHz S-FHSS (Air)

    Futaba R2006GS Receiver 2.4GHz S-FHSS (Air)

    Small, lightweight 2.4 GHz FHSS six-channel receiver incorporating Frequency Hopping technology.

    The Futaba R2006GS 6 channel SFHSS receiver is compatible with the Futaba 6J and 8J radios. This receiver will also work with the Futaba 14SG radio since the 14SG will work with FASST, FHSS, and FASSTest receivers. This receiver works with normal voltage or high voltage applications (4.8 - 7.4V) so you can use a standard ESC, BEC, SBEC, UBEC or you can power it from an external battery pack. This receiver is a frequency hopping spread spectrum design which means it it constantly changing channels looking for the most clear signal possible. Includes a dual diversity antenna.

    Not compatible with FASST transmitters. Only for FHSS systems such as T2PL, T3PL, T4YF, T4PL, T6JG)
    Not recommended for large-scale model aircraft and jets.

    Range: Full
    Modulation: FHSS / S-FHSS
    Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 8.8 mm
    Voltage: 4.8-7.4 V
    Current: 40 ma
    Dual Diversity Antenna

    SKU: R2006GS
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  • FUTABA R3004SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS Receiver (S-Bus & HV)

    FUTABA R3004SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS Receiver (S-Bus & HV)

    The Futaba R3004SB is a slim 4-channel receiver that is ideally suited to smaller models, as well as gliders/electric gliders that still require full range transmission. Futaba ditched bulky moulded cases and opted for lightweight heat shrink instead, this provides protection for almost any use but helps keep the weight down to just under 5 grams. The electronics are uncompromised, so the R3004SB has full telemetry features and full range transmission. It's slim and compact format makes it ideal for almost any application, whilst a pair of coaxial aerials provide solid stable reception with their length allowing them to be positioned at 90 degrees from each other, to give the maximum possible range.


    • 2.4GHz T-FHSS Air system
    • 4 Channels + S-BUS
    • S-BUS2 Port for telemetry
    • Diversity Dual Antenna
    • Ultra small design for smaller models
    • Heat shrink enclosure to reduce weight


    • Modulation: T-FHSS Air
    • Weight: 4.8g (0.17 oz)
    • Voltage: 4.8 - 7.4V
    • Channels: 4 + S.Bus2 Port
    • Dimensions: 18 x 41.4 x 9.9mm (0.71 x 1.63 x 0.39")
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Aerial Length: 2x 150mm
    SKU: F-R3004SB
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  • Futaba R304SB 4ch Rx with Telemetry T-FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz

    Futaba R304SB 4ch Rx with Telemetry T-FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz

    Futaba R304SB 4ch Rx with Telemetry T-FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz

    The R304SB is a compact little 4 channel receiver using T-FHSS telemetry.
    Suitable for HV applications the R304SB has an operating voltage range of 3.6 up to 8.4v.

    T-FHSS is a variation of Futaba's FHSS technology with the added bonus of telemetry.
    As standard the receiver will monitor its own voltage and transmit that back to your T-FHSS transmitter.
    There is also a S.Bus2 port included allowing you to plug in additional futaba telemetry sensors.


    • Compact size
    • T-FHSS telemetry
    • Operating voltage of 3.6 - 8.4v
    • Weighs only 6.7g!
    SKU: P-R304SB
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba R3206SBM 6-Channel T-FHSS-Air-Mono Micro Indoor Receiver

    Futaba R3206SBM 6-Channel T-FHSS-Air-Mono Micro Indoor Receiver

    Futaba R3206SBM 6-Channel T-FHSS-Air-Mono Micro Indoor Receiver

    The Futaba R3206SBM is Futaba's smallest receiver to date. It can be installed in two ways, you can use S-BUS for a direct link to drone controllers or using PWM with up to 6 channels. The R3206SBM uses T-FHSS Air-mono system without the telemetry capability. This opens Futaba users to a new world of micro RC models from indoor aircraft to micro racing drones.

    To keep the weight down this receiver does not have plugs and it requires fine soldering to install. This is done by you to match your model. Once installed in you chosen model you will need to use heatshrink to finish.


    • Approximately 1 gram in weight!
    • Ultra compact for micro models
    • Uses the T-FHSS AIR-mono system (no telemetry)
    • Wide 3.2 to 8.4V (HV) voltage range
    • Battery Failsafe Voltage (Set from transmitter)
    SKU: P-R3206SBM
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  • Futaba R6008SP 2.4 GHz RASST receiver

    Futaba R6008SP 2.4 GHz RASST receiver

    Compact, lightweight eight-channel 2.4 GHz RASST receiver with end-mounted servo sockets. With serial output, therefore ideal for controlling helicopters, quadrocopters and other models.
    With two aerials and diversity system. With extended range of more than 3000 m, making it sutable for large-scale flying machines. Where necessary, the 13 cm long aerials can be deployed outside the model if the fuselage or chassis is made of carbon fibre or metal.

    A serial output at the receiver requires special modules in the model which are capable of reading out the signal chain and processing it appropriately, e.g. the HC 3-Xtreme or Mini-V-Stabi, Mikrokopter, etc.  Conventional servos cannot be connected directly.

    No crystals, no spot frequency selection and maximum security from same-channel interference thanks to 2.4 GHz RASST technology. High-speed Frequency Hopping for effective suppression of interference signals. High Intermediate Frequency of 800 MHz for immunity to general background interference. Integrated EASY-Link button for simple binding.

    Can be used with all FASST transmitters with 8 channels or more when set to multi-channel mode.


    • Channel spacing: 8.00
    • Weight: 13 g
    • Channel spacing: 2048 kHz
    • Dimensions: 47 x 25 x14.3 mm mm
    • Voltage: 3.3-8.5

    SKU: F0993
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  • Futaba R6014HS 14CH 2.4Ghz FASST Hi Speed Receiver

    Futaba R6014HS 14CH 2.4Ghz FASST Hi Speed Receiver

    This is the Futaba R6014HS 14CH 2.4Ghz FASST Hi Speed Receiver, and is intended for use with the Futaba TM8, T8FG and T8FG Super, T10C, T10CG and TM-14 transmitters.


    Simple one-touch linking - no plugs to mess with or lose
    A full range system for all aircraft from giant scale to Park Flyer applications-no need to buy separate receiver for specific aircraft
    Two operation modes; Normal, frame rate of 14ms accepts any type of servos and High Speed with a frame rate of 7ms for digital servos including the Futaba BLS servos
    High Speed on channels 1 through 6
    Dual Antenna Diversity allows 2.4GHz FASST Futaba transmitter
    selects the best reception between the two receiver antennas with no signal loss
    Rubber grommets installed where antennas exit eliminates stress and fraying of the two antenna wires

    Power Requirement: 4.8 - 6V
    Dimensions: 37.6x52x15.9mm
    Weight: 21.5g

    SKU: R6014HS
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  • Futaba R7006SB Receiver 6/18ch 2.5 GHz FASST/FASSTest

    Futaba R7006SB Receiver 6/18ch 2.5 GHz FASST/FASSTest

    Futaba’s new full range R7006SB receiver is capable of operating with either FASST or FASSTest transmission modes, and offers 6 conventional and 18 S-Bus channel outputs yet is exceptionally compact and light.


    • Range: Full
    • Modulation: FASSTest & FASST
    • S.BUS / S.Bus: S.Bus & S.Bus2
    • Weight / Gewicht: 8.5g
    • Dimensions: 22.5 x 38.1 x 12.2mm
    • Voltage: 3.7 - 7.4V
    • Channels: 7 PWM or 18 S-Bus
    SKU: F-R7006SB
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  • Futaba R7014SB FASST/FASSTest Receiver 2.4GHz

    Futaba R7014SB FASST/FASSTest Receiver 2.4GHz

    Futaba R7014SB FASST/FASSTest Receiver 2.4GHz

    The R7014SB is Futaba's new receiver for high end models. Featuring S.Bus technology, 14 PWM channels and it is also capable of operating with FASST or FASSTest systems.


    • Modulation: FASST, FASSTest
    • S.BUS: S.BUS2
    • Weight: 20.8g (0.7oz.)
    • Dimensions: 37 x 50.2 x 15.9mm (1.5 x 2.0 x 0.6")
    • Power Output: 3.7V to 7.4V
    • Voltage Range: 3.5V to 8.4V



    SKU: FUT-R7014SB
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba R7018SB S.Bus/2 18Ch FASSTest Telemetry Receiver

    Futaba R7018SB S.Bus/2 18Ch FASSTest Telemetry Receiver

    This is the Futaba 2.4GHz (18ch/12ch mode) R7018SB 2.4GHz FASSTest
    Bidirectional Communication Receiver.

    FEATURES: Full range up to 18-channels PWM or SBus/SBus-2 set up for all types and sizes of aircraft models including airplanes, gliders and multi-rotor aircraft that are gasoline, electric or glow powered.
    Dual antenna diversity
    SBus/SBus-2 compatible ports
    Battery failsafe
    One year limiterd warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase

    INCLUDES: R7018SB Receiver
    On/Off Switch Harness
    Two Female Ultra T-Plugs
    Heat Shrink Tubing

    SPECS:    Power Requirements: 6.0V to 7.4V (Voltage Range: 4.8 to 8.4V)
    Extra Voltage Port: 0~70V DC
    Resolution: 2,048steps
    Size: 2.15x1.59x0.64in (54.6x40.4x16.3mm)
    Weight: 1.48oz (42g)
    Speed (Frame Rate): 6.3ms / 15ms FASSTest (12ch/18ch)
    7ms / 14ms FASST (High Speed/Normal)


    SKU: R7018SB
    inc. VAT

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  • Futaba RECEIVER Antenna 2.4 (2pcs)

    Futaba RECEIVER Antenna 2.4 (2pcs)

    Original Futaba receiver antenna, for 2.4 GHz FASST receivers.

    Length of 150mm for receivers FUTABA 2.4G R606FS, R617FS, R608FS, R6014 etc ...
    Also fits other brand receivers.

    Allows the receiver aerial to be deployed outside the fuselage in models with all-carbon canopies or fuselages
    The aerial can be replaced by any experienced user. Set of 2 antennas

    SKU: F1431
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba receiver R617FS 2,4 GHz FASST

    Futaba receiver R617FS 2,4 GHz FASST

    Ultra-small, lightweight seven-channel 2.4 GHz FASST receiver with full range.

    Diversity system constantly checks the signal level of both aerial inputs, and instantly switches to the stronger signal, with no interruption.

    "Pre-Vision": FASST receivers constantly scan the input signal, while special software technology automatically corrects any data errors which occur.
    Easy Link - simple "binding"
    The transmitter sends an identification code with more than 130 million possible combinations; this is stored in the receiver. The receiver only accepts signals from this one transmitter, regardless of other transmitters which log onto the 2.4 GHz band.

    Voltage: 4,8-6 Volts
    Channel spacing: 2048 kHz
    Weight: 9 g


    SKU: R617FS
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba Robbe 14SG+R7008SB Radio set

    Futaba Robbe 14SG+R7008SB Radio set

    Futaba proudly introduces the 14SG, the only 14-channel system with revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest technology.

    It's also compatible with FutabaFASST and S-FHSS protocols, so you can fly with virtually any 2.4GHz air receiver Futaba produces.

    The 14SG can transmit and receive telemetry data. Install Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately) to monitor flight data, receive alerts while in flight and more.
    Heli pilots will prefer the 14SG's 3-axis gyro support — which makes the 14SG the perfect system for flybarless flight!

    The innovations don't stop there. Turn the 14SG over, and you'll see the construction is as rock-solid as any other Futaba system.
    It's also very comfortable to use, thanks to rubber grips that help minimize flyer fatigue — an added bonus that pilots will appreciate.

    About the 14SG:

    • Channels: 12 proportional, 2 switched
    • Compatible with FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS protocols
    • FASSTest telemetry – compatible with Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately)
    • Free user-updatable software
    • 30-model memory
    • 10-character user naming
    • 10-character model naming
    • Airplane, helicopter and glider programming
    • Large, 1.75” x 3” backlit LCD screen with 128 x 64 resolution
    • SensorTouch™ programming
    • SD Card compatibility for external model memory and software updates (SD: 32MB-2GB; SDHC 4GB-32GB)
    • Left and right assignable slider switches
    • Two assignable rotary knobs
    • Six assignable three-position switches
    • One assignable momentary two-position switch
    • One assignable two-position switch
    • Comfortable rubber grips on the sides and back
    • Wide top switch spacing
    • Adjustable stick tension
    • Dual ball bearing gimbals
    • 4 vibration warning types
    • Home/Exit; User Menu/Servo Monitor buttons
    • Audio earphone jack (for telemetry alarms)
    • User stick calibration
    • Trainer system
    • Servo speed adjust
    • 5 programmable mixes
    • V-tail, Alivator, winglet, motor mixing
    • Trim mix
    • Logic switch (condition switch only)
    • Internal programmer for S.Bus servos
    • User menu
    • Servo monitor (neutral and moving tests)
    • 2 count up/countdown timers
    • Integral timer
    • Model timer
    • Quick model select
    SKU: RBF8075
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba RX R6106HF 2.4 GHz

    Futaba RX R6106HF 2.4 GHz

    6 Channel FASST-receiver 2.4 GHz with High Speed output for digital servos.

    A small, lightweight six-channel FASST receiver with end-mounted servo sockets. Switchable for analogue or digital servos, although the signal sent for digital servos is faster, giving a shorter reaction time. With just a 3 cm antenna, can be used for any type of model where there is no hull or chassis made from fibreglass reinforced plastic or metal to affect reception conditions.


    Not recommended for large-scale models and jets. Range: approx. 1000 m


    SKU: RobbeF0999
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  • Futaba RX R6106HFC 2.4 GHz

    Futaba RX R6106HFC 2.4 GHz

    6 Channel FASST-receiver 2.4 GHz with High Speed output for digital servos.

    A small, lightweight six-channel FASST receiver with end-mounted servo sockets. Switchable for analogue or digital servos, although the signal sent for digital servos is faster, giving a shorter reaction time. Usable in all sectors of modelling, the 14 cm antenna for this antenna can be positioned on the outside of hulls or chassis made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic or metal. Not recommended for large-scale models and jets. Range: approx. 1000 m

    SKU: RobbeF1000
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  • Futaba S-Bus Receiver HV R6208SB

    Futaba S-Bus Receiver HV R6208SB

    The R6208SB for aircraft models is a new version 2.4Ghz S.Bus 8-channel Receiver from Futaba.


    • Utilizes digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between the receiver and servos using S.Bus hubs and cables (available separately)
    • Easy programming with the SBC-1 Channel Setting Tool (FUTM4190), S-Bus receivers or PCLink software
    • SBD-1 decoder cables (not included) allow the use of existing analog and digital servos
    • Handles eight channels without S.Bus usage or as many as the available number of channels on transmitter with S.Bus use
    • Prevents mismatched servo/channel connections Full-range receiver with DAD (Dual Antenna Diversity) that can be used in any flight application


    • Power Requirement: 3.7V or 7.4V battery or regulated output from ESC (output capacity must meet usage condition)
    • Voltage Range: 3.5 8.4V
    • Dimensions: 0.98 x 1.86 x 0.56" (24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3mm)
    • Weight: 0.49oz (13.8g)

    Suitable for:

    • Futaba Transmitter with FASST Protocol, e.g. 8FG, 10CG, 12Z, 14MZ, 14SG, 18MZ
    SKU: F-R6208SB
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba Skysport T4YF 2,4 GHz FHSS

    Futaba Skysport T4YF 2,4 GHz FHSS

    4-channel-manual-transmitter on 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Technology (FHSS), for controlling model aircraft, boats and cars.
    No crystals, no frequency selection, and highest protection against same-channel interference. With Spread Spectrum-Modulation, Frequency-Hopping as well as Tx to Rx binding, it is practically interference free.

    Handy 4-Channel transmitter for controlling models with up to 4 channels. For flying delta-wing or wing-only models (Sportwing, Miniwing, etc.) this transmitter has a built-in mixer.
    • Integrated teacher-pupil-system, ideal as pupil transmitter.

    • The L/S connector can be used to attach all standard flight simulators.

    • External servo-reverse switch
    • The power supply is from 4 Mignon cells, with built-in recharger,
    • through which it is eary to recharge the transmitter battery.
    • Range: approx. 1000 m

    Delivered with RX R2004G

    Dimensions: 180 x 160 x 50 mm
    Weight: 595 g
    Frequency band: 2400.00
    Channel spacing: 1500 kHz
    Spotfrequencies: 30.00
    Current drain: 77 mA
    Power Supply: 4,8 Volt (4NC/NiMH)
    Transmission system: FHSS
    Functions: 4
    SKU: F4074
    inc. VAT

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  • Futaba T-14MZ transmitter only

    Futaba T-14MZ transmitter only

    Transmitter MZ-14, without RF module and Tx antenna


    1 Fut 14MZ transmitter, fully expanded to fourteen channels
    1 Lithium Tx battery, 7.4 V / 2200 mAh.
    1 230 V Lithium battery charger (1,5 A)
    1 Aluminium transport case
    1 4,8V, 1400 mAh NiMH Rx pack
    1 Neckstrap
    1 DSC lead
    1 DP card, 128 MB
    1 Combination tool / writing stylus
    1 Cleaning cloth
    1 switch harness with charge socket
    2 Servo extension leads (20 cm)

    SKU: RobbeF8063
    inc. VAT

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  • Futaba T10J with receiver R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS radio

    Futaba T10J with receiver R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS radio

    Fully Equipped 10 - channel handheld transmitter with integrated telemetry function in 2.4GHz FHSS - T  frequency - hopping technology .
    The ideal plant for advanced control of the airplane , helicopter and Multicopter - models , place value on a precise feeling of control .
    The T10J allows with your extremely rich features also demanding applications and leaves nothing in terms program-ability almost nothing to be desired. The ergonomically designed transmitter case with known Futaba build quality feels good in the hand and is characterized by conveniently arranged controls .
    A 128 x 64 pixels large, back-lit LCD display , with large pixels for better legibility in all light conditions .
    The graphically -driven user interface , with the known simple Futaba menu structure makes for easy operation - the menu system can be chosen in 7 languages. The intuitive 3D hot-key allows quick and easy navigation through the menu structure and easy adjustment of all parameters.


    • T- FHSS 2.4GHz technology
    • High interference by rapid frequency hopping modulation (100 times per second . )
    • Future-proof (equivalent already the new EU standard of 2015)
    • Integrated 32- channel telemetry system with high range
    • Telemetry real-time display on a large screen
    • Voice output through optional headphones with 3.5 mm jack
    • Melody and sound output ( either via internal beeper or optional headphones)
    • Vibration Alarm system
    • 65 x 34 mm large, back-lit display (128 x 64 dot)
    • S- BUS technology for full digital integration of S.BUS servos , S.BUS controllers and sensors S.BUS
    • By S.BUS support ideal for helicopter with flybarless systems S.BUS
    • Integrated patch antenna for always optimal antenna radiation
    • Fully equipped 10 - channel transmitter with 19 controls
    • Precision , backlash-free stick with open- stick mechanism
    • The stick units for universal mode (Mode 1 and 2) can be user- Changed .
    • Supplied with heavy NiMH battery for 10 hours of operation , and charger.


    1 transmitter T10J 2.4 GHz T / S-FHSS
    1 receiver R3008SB 2.4GHz FHSS-T
    1 Transmitter battery 2000 mAh 5NiMH
    1 socket charger Tx-Rx 150 mA
    1 Switch harness with charge socket
    1 User Manual

    Other Features:

    1. 10 (8 +2) channels
    2. Switching from T- FHSS (10 channels ) to S- FHSS (8 Kan) - modulation.
    3. T- FHSS Frequency Hopping technology with integrated telemetry
    4. A broad channel spread results in high noise immunity and ultra-fast response times for precise , direct control feel .
    5. FEC technique that T- FHSS  receiver scan the input signal continuously and apply an intelligent error correction method to
    6. 100mW transmit power
    7. No reaction speed loss even with heavily occupied frequency band
    8. Real - time response - real-time control
    9. Excellent range
    10. Ultra-fast , direct, continuous digital modulation for the shortest response times
    11. EasyLink - extremely simple , fast binding process between sender and receiver
    12. Fast and reliable automatic re- binding , even under difficult conditions
    13. Intelligent Servo Timing for uniform servo control and prevention of servo delay differences
    14. Dual Antenna Diversity - extremely fast switching between two receiving antennas for optimal reception signal quality (depending on receiver)
    15. Integrated range check function to check the reach before the start
    SKU: F4109
    inc. VAT

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  • Futaba T12K 2.4 GHz + R3008SB Mode 2

    Futaba T12K 2.4 GHz + R3008SB Mode 2

    Futaba T12K 2.4 GHz + R3008SB Mode 2

    In addition to the 12 proportional channels and 2 switching channels, the T12K system has extensive telemetry functions with T-FHSS transmission system. Alternatively, the modulation type S-FHSS (without telemetry) is available.

    The backlit LC display (128 x 64 dot) provides all important information at a glance.

    The newly designed menu navigation can be operated intuitively and easily with the mouse-key, in conjunction with the 2 editing buttons.

    On the back there is a S.Bus port, the headphone jack and the trainer jack.

    The practical carrying handle is used to store the transmitter, as well as for transport.

    The new, ergonomically designed transmitter housing impresses with its processing quality, paired with 6 switches, 2 trimmers and rear-mounted, easy-to-reach encoders.

    All in all, the T12K gives you a high-quality, sophisticated 12 + 2-channel remote control system at a very good price-performance ratio.

    With the small 8/18-channel receiver R3008SB (T-FHSS) with full range, antenna diversity, S.Bus connection and operation with up to 2S Lipo batteries (HV), it is possible to receive telemetry data in the transmitter and in the transmitter.

    Alternative recipients:

    • T-FHSS: R3001SB or R3006SB (or R3106GF without telemetry)
    • S-FHSS: R2001SB, R2008SB, R2006GS or R2106GF

    Optional transmitter battery: FT2F2100B LiFe (use only with LiFe charger)

    Usable telemetry sensors:

    • Temperature: SBS-01T / TE
    • Height: SBS-01A / 02A
    • Speed: SBS-01RM / RO
    • GPS: SBS-01G / 02G
    • Voltage: SBS-01V
    • Servo: SBS-01S
    • Electricity: SBS-01C
    • robbe temperature sensor 125 ° C F1713
    • robbe Variosensor F1712
    • robbe Variosensor TEK F1672
    • robbe current sensor 150A F1678
    • robbe GPS sensor F1675 (002)
    • robbe True Airspeed Sensor F1677
    • Castle-TL0
    • Kontronik Cosmic
    • PowerBox current sensor


    • 12 + 2 channel remote control system with T-FHSS / S-FHSS 2.4GHz transmission system
    • 30 internal model memories, expandable with Micro SD card
    • Telemetry output via display or voice (via headphones)
    • S.Bus2 port
    • vibration alarm
    • Model name / user up to 10 characters
    • 5 flight states (Heli)
    • S.Bus data editor (sensors / servos)
    • Servo monitor
    • Engine models: 5 blade types, 3 control types
    • Extensive mixers like: Cross Differentiation, SnapRoll, Gyro Mix, Butterfly (Glider)
    • Extensive heli menu with 6 swashplates
    • 5 point turns pitch / throttle
    • Swash plate mix / gas mix
    • Swashplate AFR / swashplate ring
    • Extensive glider menu: 4 wing types, 2 tail units
    • Multicopter Menu: Center Alarm, Gyro Sensitivity, Gas Curve, Gas Speed
    • R3008SB 2.4GHz 8/18 channel T-FHSS receiver, bidirectional, antenna diversity


    • Transmitter T12K Mode-1 2.4 GHz
    • Receiver R3008SB 2.4 GHz T-FHSS
    • Transmitter battery HT 5F1800B NiMH
    • 230V plug-in charger NiMH
    • multilingual user manual
    SKU: P-CB12K-LEU
    inc. VAT

  • FUTABA T16SZ 2.4GHz Radio Multimode + R7008SB Receiver

    FUTABA T16SZ 2.4GHz Radio Multimode + R7008SB Receiver

    Professional 16-channel 2.4 GHz remote control system with telemetry and 4.3 inch large color touch screen.
    The T16SZ is a fully-featured 16-channel transmitter that omits nothing in terms of transmission reliability, quality, function and usability.

    The transmitter has all known modulations such as T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS.
    The menu control of the transmitter software is clearly structured and can be operated intuitively via the large colored touch screen.
    Besides the special multicopter menu, the T16SZ has a 9-language menu navigation.
    The integrated SD card slot is there for storing the model data and software updates, new applications makes this remote control system future-proof.

    Product Features:

    • Professional 16-channel remote control system with FASSTest & T-FHSS 2.4 GHz technology
    • Model selection, internal memory for 30 models, expandable via SD card
    • Model / User Name up to 15 characters
    • Modulation selectable FAST, FASSTEST, S-FHSS, T-FHSS
    • Stickmode 1-4 can be changed by user, you can choose Mode 1 or 2
    • 9-language navigation menu
    • Color touch screen 4.3 inches 480x272 pixels
    • Telemetry with voice output via loudspeaker, optionally headphone
    • 16 control elements: 6 trimmers, 8 switches, 2 rotary encoders, all freely assignable
    • Graphical servomonitor for displaying all servo travels with servo test function
    • Future-proof by updating via SD card
    • Comprehensive timers and calendar functions
    • Vibration alarm
    • S.Bus port with PowerSupport, for programming and logging S.Bus products
    • 8 flight conditions per model memory can be combined with Logic function
    • 10 free programmers
    • AFR 3 modes, up to 17 points
    • 13 wing types, 3 control units, 8 wobble disc types available
    • Fully equipped helicopter menu with swash ring, governor, servo travel and speed compensation, gas limiter
    • 3 curve modes for gas / pitch, up to 17 points possible
    • Fully equipped sailplane with 13 wing types, 3 tailpipes
    • Comprehensive mixer selection for sailors and engine models
    • Freely configurable teacher / student channel assignment, single or mixed operation


    • Channels: 16
    • Transmission system: FASSTest, FASST, T-FHSS, S-FHSS
    • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
    • RF Power Output: 100mW EIRP
    • Voltage range: 7.4 V
    • Dimensions: 190x203x72 mm
    • Weight approx.: 1130 g

    Package Includes:

    • Transmitter T16SZ
    • Receiver R7008SB FASSTest
    • Multilingual user manual
    inc. VAT

  • Futaba T32MZ Fasstest Dual display potless radio 2.4GHz -Pre Order Now

    Futaba T32MZ Fasstest Dual display potless radio 2.4GHz -Pre Order Now

    Futaba’s new Potless flagship radio, the T32MZ, is another leap forward in performance, precision and control.

    ** NOTE - Pre-Production Information - subject to change without notice. **

    With 18 channels as standard - 16 proportional and 2 switched channels - the T32MZ can be used with up to two MPDX-1 Multiprop Decoders (sold separately) to give up to a maximum of 32 channels. When expanded this way, there are 14 proportional channels (as two are used by the Multiprop Decoders), 2 switched channels and a further 16 multiprop channels. Note that multiprop channels have lower resolution to normal proportional channels and they can’t be used in mixed functions. They are perfect for ancilliary and auxiliary functions such as lights, retracts and scale, non-flying functions.

    Main Display

    The T32MZ has a huge HVGA (640x240 pixel) full colour backlit LCD touch screen. Its anti-reflective construction means it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

    Sub Display

    A first for Futaba, the T32MZ has a colour sub-display at the top of the transmitter for timers and telemetry information.

    High Capacity 6600mAh LiPo battery

    A high capacity transmitter battery gives extended operation times.

    Quad Ballraced Hall Effect Stick Units

    Each stick axis is supported by dual ball bearings and uses non-contact Hall-effect sensors rather than potentiometers. The throttle stick ratchet can be adjusted to sprung self-neutral without removing the back of the transmitter, thus mode changing is simple.

    Replaceable Switches

    The 4 toggle switches can be exchanged for optional two, three or momentary switches to suit the pilot’s preference.

    Operating protocols

    Can be used on FASSTest/FASST/S-FHSS and T-FHSS protocols.

    Supplied complete with 8/18ch R7108SB receiver, 6000mAh transmitter LiPo and charger, switch harness, tool box, neck strap and transmitter case.

    SKU: P-CB32MZ-EU
    inc. VAT

     72HR STOCK