FUSUNO Masky Blade 180 CFX Goblin Fuselage Combo

FUSUNO Masky Blade 180 CFX Goblin Fuselage Combo

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FUSUNO Masky Blade 180 CFX Goblin Fuselage Combo


FUSUNO Masky Blade 180 CFX Goblin Fuselage Combo


  • 1x FUSUNO Masky Airbrush fiberglass Blade 180 CFX Goblin Fuselage       
  • 1x Fusuno CF Landing Gear Blade 180 CFX Goblin style (Neon Orange)   
  • 1x Fusuno CF Tail Fin Blade 180 CFX (Neon Orange)   
  • 1x Zeal Carbon fiber Energy main blades 155mm (Neon Orange) for Blade 180CFX and Stretched Blade 130X
  • 1x Fusuno Extreme Stiff XS Engineering Plastic Tail Blade 34mm - 180 CFX (Black)


  • Remove the tail gear box, tail boom clamp, and tail pushrodguide set.
  • Remove the plastic ball link from the tail pushrod. Put this aside for re-installation later. We suggest you count the number of turns to remove, so it can be later re-installed in the same position.
  • Install the Fusuno tail boom by sliding it forward over the stock boom. Be sure the metal tail rod goes through the two carbon tail pushrod guides on the Fusuno tail boom.
  • Remove two button head screws on both sides of the frame.
  • Push the frame out to create a slot between the frame and the front boom mount so you are able to slide the tail boom inside the slot.
  • Secure the Fusuno tail boom by tighten up the two button head screws.
  • Re-install the plastic ball linkon to the tail pushrod. Return the rod to its original length by twisting the ball link in and counting the same number of turns as when you removed it. Recheck your tail servo endpoints as necessary.
  • Re-install the tail gear box and secure using the Fusuno CF vertical fin.


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