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Earn Reward / Bonus points for every Euro you spend on our webshop!

Use Points to apply towards discounts for future purchases.

To claim points you MUST be a registered user !

You can redeem your points at a rate of 40 points equal 1 € Euro !

So if you spend 150 € in our store, you will get 300 points and you get 7.5 Euro off your next order! 

This equates to you earning 5% on each order as a discount on your next order !! (Every 40 points =1€ !!!)

This is our way to say “Thank You” to our repeat customers!

Do I have to create an account to collect points?

Yes. In order for us to track how many points you earn and spend, we need for you to have an account. 

You also need to log into your account to be able to spend your points.

How do I use my points to pay or help pay for an order? 

  • Log into your account
  • Add items to your cart
  • At the checkout, select “Pay with Points” payment method.
  • Enter the amount of points you want to apply to this order
  • Click “Submit Order”
  • If you don’t have enough points to pay for the entire order, the cart will prompt you for another payment method.
  • Note that on our store, if you cannot collect points for that product, then you also cannot pay for that product with points. 

How do I know how many points I have earned per order? 

  • Log into your account
  • Click on “Orders History”
  • Select which order you want to look up.
  • There you will see the Points Earned for this Order and any Points Applied for a discount

Please note! the Points expire after 4 months, you have to do a new order before the expiry date.

In the event of Special offers, points will not be active. if any question, please contact us.

We accept the following methods, all via Secure transactions:

Visa & Mastercard (via Ogone 3DSECURE), Bancontact.

Paypal, Direct bank transfers, and Cash.

We take your privacy seriously…

We are committed to protecting your privacy whenever you visit and use our website.
All the pages displaying the padlock symbol are protected by a 1024bit certificate from Comodo Class 3 Security Services CA for your safety and privacy!

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are small amounts of data sent to your web browser by a web server. Our cookies keep track of the items in your shopping basket and act as place markers when you move around the site.

We may also be able to use a cookie to tell when you last visited and who you are if you are visiting from the same computer and have an account with us – (it is the use of cookies that allows our website to greet you by name when you visit).

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or above, you can disable cookies by clicking Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and then changing the level to block all cookies – doing so however, may prevent you from keeping items in your shopping cart and completing your order.

We do not allow advertiser or third party to place pop-ups, pop-unders or anything else that will enable them to use cookies on your computer.

Use of your Information

We do not exchange, sell or otherwise give away your personal information to any other companies or individual – ever!

Who Else Will See Your Information?

No one!

What If I Have Questions About My Information?

If you have any further questions with regards to your privacy, when using our website, please contact us.

We have a lot of customers call us and ask about price matching… It is impossible to say we will 100% price match any vendor on the market due to grey market, blowout pricing on overstocked inventory, bulk items, “End of year” type sales, etc. We will, however, attempt to match any legitimate, brick and mortar, EU dealer’s regular prices. If you find something that is priced lower than we are advertising or a combo that we may not have as a combo option but that we could make up for you, contact us

A store that has no contact info, no return policy, and bad reviews, is not an official store. Shop without a Showroom, all ” Garage shops are not official shops.

Selling a radio, and in case of trouble to avoid the customer its not our way of life. Our support is more important then the product itself.

To receive a price match, please read the conditions and make sure you qualify for a price match and then submit a request.


Price Matches are honored on identical items only. The product we are matching needs to be the same brand, includingsame Warranty conditions.
The item must be brand new and in stock.

We only price match with Official stores within the EU and the products have to come from official Importer/Producer in Europe.

Example: Robbe is Official distributor for Futaba, and any Futaba item which is not Originated from Robbe, doesnt count, it will not be covered with warranty. (This is just because Robbe provide 2 years of full warranty, and they have official Futaba Lab).

We don’t match ebay. Main distributors are not in favour selling their products on ebay, so why…

If you happen to find a lower price anywhere on an identical item, just show us the price and we will match it!

We are working hard to bring you low prices. If you have found a better price for this item, at another authorized dealer, we will match it guranteed.
We will provide you with an individual response. This is not an automated process, but we will respond as quickly as possible. If you need a more immediate response, please call +32 486 808080 or use Online Live support.

As stated before, there are some times that a company may have a spectacular price on blowout items that they are just trying to liquidate and we will probably urge you to take advantage of those prices! If you contacting about another company’s price, please have the price, company name and shipping price so that we can check it out! As it is, we strive to provide the lowest prices as well as SERVICE, which is something that many of the “too good to be true price” stores do not offer. We are here for YOU and want to provide the perfect balance of excellent pricing AND customer service.

Price matching is subject to providing proof of the manufacturer’s part number and availability of the product. (i.e., current dated advertisement, register receipt, copy of webpage or catalog page) of a lower price. The terms of this guarantee are subject to change without notice.

Photos, Info. Prices?
We are official reseller/distributor of many brands. Products info and prices is delivered to us by the Producer. Mistakes, description, Prices can be occured in the process. We keep the right to refuse delivery of product or price if its not matching the latest condition from the supplier.

Typo errors
We keep the right to refuse delivery of product or price if its found to be a Typing error. In case of shipping occured, we can not claim extra costs from the customer.

Why register?
When you register with us, you will enjoy many enhanced features that include:

Express Checkout
When you register you will be able to save your billing and shipping address in your profile. This will let you enjoy a quick, one-step checkout.

Wish List
Save your favorite items here for yourself, or send them to a friend to let them know what you like.

Discounts and Promotions
From time to time we run special promotions just for our registered customers. With your permission we will send you email notification of these promotions and other special events.

Shopping Cart
As a registered customer, your items will be saved in your own personal shopping cart as long as you are signed in.
If you need to step away, your shopping cart will be waiting for you when you return and sign in again.

Please keep your login details in a secure place.
To Login, please use your username (or email) and password.

Forgot the password?
Simply click the forgot password link and you can reset your password.

I have sent a mail, but no reply, Why?
Unless we are On holidays or else (see our news announcements) We will reply to all mails we receive within Max of 24 Hours (usually in 2-3h)
If you didnt receive within 48Hours any reply from us, probably the address you supplied is not correct. Resend your mail, or call.
Please make sure the email adress you supply to us is correct, otherwise we can not respond.

We can help. In our range there are over 10,000 products and we do work and represent companies which are listing over 500,000 products.

Obviously it is very hard to list them all, and we are adding products on Daily basis, But if there is a product you interested in, Just let us know.

If the product is In Stock at our supplier, by pre-order we will have it within very short time (Usually 24-48 Hours).

We do ship Worldwide *

*except certain countries with high Fraud reportage.

Important ! Shipping Rates are live, and we try to adjust them as properly as possible.

However we working around the clock to optimize, speed up deliveries and more.

Shipping calculated per Weight, and you have the choice of couriers per destination

Customers who arriving to shop to pick the orders, can choose “Store Pickup” (no shipping costs).

You can specify the date you intend to collect your item(s) at the checkout stage.

In case of any question, please contact us

Since 8 years we will deliver Better quality bearings instead of Original ones ordered, Why?

Lets face it- most of bearings today are made in China and even other remote locations.This means most bearings delivered today in kits and replacements, are far from been good ones. We were really bothered by this.
Since some years we decided to do a change with the bearings. Instead of supply original replacement bearings, we are delivering good quality Japanese bearings.
We have found excellent Japanese producer who is willing to sell us, with bulk condition-No logo. But the quality is awesome. This allow us to give you correct bearing without increasing the price.

Indeed, you don’t get the Brand sticker,  but you get better product without paying extra .


New to RC Helicopters and Drones - Read this first !

If you’re looking for a hobby that offers a challenge, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.
You will need some mechanical skills. If you can’t change a light bulb, this hobby definitely isn’t for you. There is also a social aspect that is very rewarding.

All over the country, there are “Heli clubs and Meetings”, where beginners and experts come together to fly their models, show off their skill and help others.
We encourage you to attend Heli Meetings before taking the plunge.
If you’d rather do it on your own, it is certainly possible, however, your learning curve will be much steeper with some help.
We have the possibility to advise the most professional advise we can, we are modelers ourselves, and we provide only ethical advises to our customers

Is this hobby Safe?

The Simple answer is – YES!!!

If used in a wrong way, this hobby can cause severe injury or death. but as every thing in life, you have to do it with passion, or just don’t do it.

If you use common sense, follow a few simple rules, and respect the model, there shouldn’t be any problem. Also, the bigger the model is, Bigger the risk if you don’t know what to do.

We always recommend to start properly. if you need advise, just ask.


A bare bone new setup will cost about 300- 1000 Eur. You should consider this amount to start with, don’t compromise on cheap setups from different sources like Ebay or second hand forums.

Spending 1000 euros on certain set and getting disappointment later on, is last thing we want. Do some research, then make an appointment with our people. We are all modelers, so we would sell only what we would fly.

If your budget doesn’t go even that high, or if someone is trying to sell you a setup for less than that, consider a “Second Hand” setup.

We would rather not get too involved in selling used equipment unless it’s our own. There are some forums & websites offering to buy second hand.

Buying second hand

Know the seller. If you see something for sale that you are interested in, you should ask a lot of questions. Get references. If they use us for a reference, be sure to call me.

Just because someone says I’ll vouch for them doesn’t mean I will. Anyone can say that. And remember, even if they use me, and you call me, all I can do is tell you what I know.

It’s your responsibility to make sure what you are buying is a good deal. I can only tell you if the guy has been honest with me.

  • Ask for pictures… good pictures. A picture of a helicopter sitting on the ground 10 feet away doesn’t tell you much.
  • Ask for close up pictures and lots of them. Email them to me if you don’t know what to look for.
  • Ask how long it’s been since the engine was run. I know I have some machines hanging around that need the engine overhauled because they’ve been sitting around for years.
  • Ask if the model was built from a kit or upgraded from another model. If someone is selling, Usually upgrades do not have everything the real model would.
  • Find out everything that’s included in the price, like servos, receiver, gyro, engine, muffler, blades.

Don’t expect much out of a used equipment. Plan on spending some money on it, regardless.

It’s way too often that someone buys a setup on Ebay and finds out that it’s a model that’s been out of production for many years and parts aren’t available.

Use your head… be informed… before you buy. If you get hung with one of these models, give us a call. We might be able to help. At least you’ll know where you stand.

Remember “buy cheap, buy twice”. Its very rare that someone selling good things for cheap.

Always ask yourself, would you sell new car for 50% of it cost? why should someone do that?

Learn to fly first… then shop for a scale model. Scale helicopters are usually very expensive, and takes many hours to make it ready.

Unless you flying confident, don’t rush with scale.. most helicopters can be converted into scale as well at any stage.

We offering a nice range of scale canopies and fuselages.

Alright, you’ve built your model, you’ve programmed your radio, and tomorrow is the big day. You’re going to fly your heli for the first time. It’s normal to be a bit nervous, you’ve spent a lot of money on your new heli, and a lot of time building it. OR perhaps you bought a ready to fly model, no matter it’s new, and you spent your hard earned money on it! Here’s some tips to have success with your first flight!

1: Charge your batteries!

That includes your receiver pack, and your transmitter. Whether your model is electric or nitro, it is really important to have your batteries fully charged. Nothing’s worse than watching the day pass you by when you sit and charge! It’s a great idea to charge your batteries the night before, that way you don’t have to spend a bunch of time waiting at the field for them to charge, plus most transmitter and receiver batteries do much better with a slow overnight charge.

2: Pack up and don’t forget stuff!

While at the field you’ll want a tool box with the tools you used to build your helicopter. Ideally, if you built your model perfectly you wouldn’t need any tools, but you’ll want them there just in case. Don’t forget your Transmitter, Your glow igniter, your fuel, your fuel pump, your starter, and of course your Heli! It’s also a good idea to bring the manual for your Heli, Transmitter, and gyro! Chances are you’ll be doing some fine tuning and the manual may help.

3: Setup all your gear!

Pick a spot at the field where you can set all your gear, we recommending flying at a certified AAM/VML site, so be sure you follow the clubs procedures regarding your frequency, some clubs still require you to pull a pin even if you’re operating on 2.4GhZ. If there are any knowledgeable heli guys at the field already, see if any of them would be willing to help you out with your first flights. Most people are happy to help a beginner, as long as you don’t request that they fix a bunch of stuff on your heli. WIth their help, check the basics, a range check should be performed each day before flying. Check that your servos are all operating correctly, and that the batteries are still charged.

4: Perform a pre-flight inspection!

Perform a Pre-Flight inspection of your model before you start it. Check your ball links, screws, nuts, blades, and all moving parts on your Heli. The more careful you perform the pre-flight inspection, the better chance you have of catching a problem before it causes a crash!

5: Turn on your equipment!

Turn on your transmitter, then the model, and start your heli, or if it’s electric plug in the battery. Carry out your helicopter to the line watching to be careful that you’re not getting in the way of any other modelers. Spool it up, and do your thing, fly circuits, or hover. Remember to be safe, and follow the established club rules. In most clubs safety is a BIG deal, and it should be a big deal to you too. When your helicopter is nearly out of fuel, or battery becomes low, land safely. Stop the engine, and when it is safe, meaning no other models are buzzing around your landed model, quickly walk out and retrieve your model.

6: Post flight inspection!

Return to the bench where you started your model, turn off the receiver, and then turn off the transmitter. If you grabbed a frequency pin, put it back so anyone waiting to use your frequency has a chance to fly. Now is a great time to perform a post-flight inspection. Similar to the pre-flight inspection, check for worn or loose parts. It’s a good idea to perform a pre-flight check, before every flight, and a post-flight inspection, after every flight. Nothing’s worse than crashing the model because of a loose or worn out part!

7: About the batteries!

Make sure you keep an eye on the condition of your receiver and transmitter battery. Get yourself a volt Monitor, which will alert you in case you are limited in power. You will probably get two to five flights off of your receiver battery depending on the capacity. If you have a field/fast charger, you can charge and continue to fly.

Otherwise, you’re done for the day!

Unlike Ni-Cd batteries, lithium-polymer batteries are environmentally friendly. For safety reasons, it’s best that LiPo cells be fully discharged before disposal (however, if physically damaged it is NOT recommended to discharge LiPo cells before disposal – see below for details).

The batteries must also be cool before proceeding with disposal instructions.

To dispose of LiPo cells and packs:

  1. If any LiPo cell in the pack has been physically damaged, resulting in a swollen cell or a split or tear in a cell’s foil covering, do NOT discharge the battery. Jump to step 5.
  2. Place the LiPo battery in a fireproof container or bucket of sand.
  3. Connect the battery to a LiPo discharger. Set the discharge cutoff voltage to the lowest possible value. Set the discharge current to a C/10 value, with “C” being the capacity rating of the pack. For example, the “1C” rating for a 1200mAh battery is 1.2A, and that battery’s C/10 current value is (1.2A / 10) can be used, such as a power resistor or set of light bulbs as long as the discharge current doesn’t exceed the C/10 value and cause an overheating condition. For LiPo packs rated at 7.4V and 11.1V , connect a 150 ohm resistor with a power rating of 2 watts (commonly found at Radio Shack)to the pack’s positive and negative terminals to safely discharge connecting it to an ESC/ motor system and allowing the motor to run indefinitely until no power remains to further cause the system to function.
  4. Discharge the battery until its voltage reaches 1.0V per cell or lower. For resistive load type discharges, discharge the battery for up to 24 hours.
  5. Submerse the battery into bucket or tub of salt water. This container should have a lid, but it should not need to be air-tight. Prepare a plastic container (do not use metal) of cold water. And mix in 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of water. Drop the battery into the salt water. Allow the battery to remain in the tub of salt water for at least 2 weeks.
  6. Remove the LiPo battery from the salt water, wrap it in newspaper or paper towels and place it in the normal trash. They are landfill safe.

About eRCMarket

Every one claims : “we are the best” (or cheapest)

– Based on 40 years experience in R/C and 20+ years experience in Real UAV systems, We know what we are talking about! You want to know what heli to start? what drone is the best for you? what connector should i use?  just ask.

– Give us a try? email, call, and see how FAST* we will reply to you

– We honestly pricing our products , but our value stands in Knowledge, Service (Before and after) and mainly- experience.

– We know each and each component from +11K products, because simply we choose whats qualify, if its good for us, its good for you.

* Respect after work hours and holidays (Belgium based)

Most of our products are produced in Europe and by the law, there is a real 2 years warranty on those.

We doing the best to provide best after-sales service, and make worry free for our customers.


Bienvenue sur notre nouveau site web. Jeter un oeil à nos nouveaux produits : nous avons plus de 8000 articles et d’autres sont encore à venir. Prenez la peine de vous enregistrer, de cette façon nous pourrons vous informer à propos de nos nouveaux produits et de nos offres spéciales et de nos prix. Comme nous respecter votre vie privée, toutes vos données personelles seront stockée sur un serveur sécurisé et ne seront pas transmises. Si vous avez une question, utilisez le formulaire “Contacter nous” ou passez nous un coup de fil. Notre équipe est occupée à mettre le site à jour donc si un article manquait ou qu’une erreur s’était produite, veuillez nous en informer. Nous espérons que vous aprécierez notre nouveau magasin en ligne.

– L’équipe d’RCMarket


Gelieve te kijken naar onze producten : we hebben meer dan 8000 producten, en meer zullen er nog bijkomen. Neem uw tijd om te registreren, zo kunnen we u op de hoogte houden van nieuwe producten, en ook voor speciale prijzen. Omdat we uw privacy respecteren zal alle data bewaard worden op secure server en alleen gebruikt worden voor meldingen. In geval u een vraag hebt, gelieve te mailen via ‘contact us’ formulier, of geeft u ons een telefoontje. Ons team is dag en nacht bezig om de site te updaten, in geval van een product die u niet vindt of een fout, gelieve ons te informeren. We hopen dat u geniet van onze nieuwe Web shop.

– Team RCMarket

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