Drone consulting Services- Case study

Drone consulting Services- Case study

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Drone consulting Services- Case study


Drone consulting service- bureau d'etude

Buying a drone becames more difficult task. Buying a wrong machine will just destroy your business.

The selection and custom fit have a critical impact about your project, impression for client and much more.

The right drone is similar to right tool towards the worker, without the right tool you are just lost in space.

What we offer and why we are better than others?

  • 20 years of experience in aviation
  • Team of Diplomate engineers who understand the needs
  • 5 years Drone Experience with previous customers, delivering them successfully the right drones.
  • Expertise in Photography, Mapping, Military and Army use

Case study made by a team who consulting and providing results based on customer needs. Customer will be followed by proper interview/questionnaire to draw the best requirements.the fee will be decided based on complex of project.we will advise it in advance.

Detailed report will be provided, based on it you will be able to know exactly what kind of machine, and accessories to get.

In case  you decide to proceed with us as your provider of the drone, the fees of the case study will be reimbursed.


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