Custom building Services

Please check our custom services we offer.All services are provided  by professionals.


  • !Multicopter Building service

    !Multicopter Building service

    Build your Multi rotor in a NASA way, by experts.

    Building a Drone is not a straight forward. Proper installation is a  hassle, especially cheap motors and electronics are very simplified, and require a lot of "Know how".

    Non experienced people can take up to hundred hours to build one model and still suffer from bad Vibrations, programming complexes, Tuning, and much more.

    We are offering "One stop" service for all your needs.

    All the service explained HERE

    Using our own components, we have tested over 200 machines, and over 2000 Flying hours, we will deliver :

    1-Complete building of the frame, mechanically and electronic wise.

    2- All motors and props are Fully Dynamic balanced

    3- Controllers (ESC) and Flight controller are fully programmed per your needs

    4- With your radio we will set up and make the machine ready to fly

    5- Live flight ( Basic setup) demonstration on delivery

    Optional: if you need other components such camera, GPS , we can also program all for your custom needs.

    Finished machine is ready to fly, without any vibrations, so you can enjoy your Drone flying  and start Working with it for professional or Hobby use.

    Customers who located abroad of  Belgium can send us their own radios and we will return all together after proper packaging and flight tests.
    Video will be provided to demonstrate the machine in flight

    Delivery time is vary.

    Extra components Such gimbal, FPV, Telemetry and all extrras over the Drone installation installation can be done on demand, not included in the price. Fees are vary, please contact us for more detailed Quote.
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  • Drone consulting Services- Case study

    Drone consulting Services- Case study

    Drone consulting service- bureau d'etude

    Buying a drone becames more difficult task. Buying a wrong machine will just destroy your business.

    The selection and custom fit have a critical impact about your project, impression for client and much more.

    The right drone is similar to right tool towards the worker, without the right tool you are just lost in space.

    What we offer and why we are better than others?

    • 20 years of experience in aviation
    • Team of Diplomate engineers who understand the needs
    • 5 years Drone Experience with previous customers, delivering them successfully the right drones.
    • Expertise in Photography, Mapping, Military and Army use

    Case study made by a team who consulting and providing results based on customer needs. Customer will be followed by proper interview/questionnaire to draw the best requirements.the fee will be decided based on complex of project.we will advise it in advance.

    Detailed report will be provided, based on it you will be able to know exactly what kind of machine, and accessories to get.

    In case  you decide to proceed with us as your provider of the drone, the fees of the case study will be reimbursed.


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  • Drone Theory Info-session

    Drone Theory Info-session

    IF YOU think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an AMATEUR

    Sounds familiar?

    Considering doing photos with Drone? Need to be informed about the rules? What machine is the right one for me? Can I fly it?  How to assemble?

    If one of those questions passed throw your mind, we can help.

    35 years of experience with RC, Engineering background, MBA knowledge- is all we need to make the right choice with you. Combining your needs with our experience, and you get the right product.

    Together with this we offer a session of introduction to Drones, basic Theory info, which will be given as Information Session of 2-3 Hours.

    *Session cost can be refunded,  Contact for more info
     Sessions will be scheduled on demand.


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  • Flying Lessons

    Flying Lessons

    We are happy to offer you Heli or Mutlrotor flying lessons with professional helicopter pilots.

    The lesson can be done with your own helicopter or with Pilot machine.

    Should I use my machine er or Pilot’s?

    If you use your own Helicopter / Drone ,you get familiar with the feeling and sometimes its easier and better,

    But if you want to try flying before buy, its also good to take lessons with Pilots machine

    Flying lesson is done by appointment with the pilot.

    The time is 1 hour and usually it will be started by Theory explanation And followed by Flying.

    Please contact us for more details.

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  • Large Scale ready to fly Surveilance-Mapping Drone multicopter 6/12 motors

    Large Scale ready to fly Surveilance-Mapping Drone multicopter 6/12 motors

    Custom made Multicopter based on Sky hero Spyder 6 large scale drone with 6 or 12 motors option. These machines are used to pick up heavy weights. The motors can handle extreme redundancy.
    This machine is designed to fly in extreme weather conditions. It is originally made to carry gimbal, however it is very easily converted to carry other objects.
    With 12 motors this machine able to pick up extra weight of around 10-12 KG. If this is not necessary, 6 motors is an option.
    Machine is delivered fully assembled and test flown.

    General specifications

    • 6 Arms Multicopter with 6 or 12 motors configured. Diameter of the machine is 1 meter.
    • Motor type 4014 T-motor or Avizar, with metal motor arms.
    • 6/ 12 esc 50 amps 6s with special software for multicopter use.
    • Propellers 15-16", depends on configuration.
    • Flight controller: DJI Wookong or A2.
    • Gimbal- 3 axes brushless, able to accomodate 99% of Midi SLR- Full SLR  cameras, with autonomous controller(can be used separate as cameraman).
    • Video transmitter - On demand
    • Lipo battery 6s 12000-30000mah
    • FPV camera installed together with the main camera to allow full visibility of live stream on the ground.
    • Radio control- Futaba SG14(as option)

    See the options availaible. The product can be further customised based on your wants and needs.

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  • RC car building and repair services

    RC car building and repair services

    Broke your car, need replacement of parts, maintenance? assembly?

    We can help, now we offering building and repair service for Cars, made by experts.

    Our team will be happy to assist you with any need.

    Price is based on Hourly work. Estimation of service possible in certain cases in advance

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  • Soldering & Wiring Work shop

    Soldering & Wiring Work shop

    Many users can often get more out of their machines but may not always know how to.. one of the main failures is electronics, and often caused by …  Bad soldering.

    Soldering and wiring is one of the most fundamental skills needed in the world of electronics.  And, although it is possible to learn about and build electronics without needing to pick up a soldering iron, you’ll soon discover that a whole new world is opened with this one simple skill.

    We believe that soldering should be a skill in everyone’s arsenal. It is a real value  In a world of increasing technological surroundings, we believe it is important that people everywhere be able to not only understand the technologies they use every day but also be able to build, alter, and fix them as well. Soldering is one of those skills that will empower you to do that.

    Soldering and Wire installation workshop. Duration- 6 hours.

    - Goals- We should learn what “Soldering” is, and why is it so important.
    To  do that we need  to dig into the basics and learn from scratch what and how.. at the end of the session, you will know how to solder, and more than that- how to trust your soldering.

    - Proper installation of Electronics, from Gluing to Attaching..

    Theoretic phase will be followed by a practical exercise in order to experience the soldering and wiring, and let you feel confident with yourself at the end of the course

    For scheduling the workshop, please contact us, Possible to do a private or Group session: Price is per 1-4 people.

    Price is per course, which last up to 6 hours, theory and Practice will be made at the course.

    All materials and tools provided.


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  • Soldering Work

    Soldering Work

    This is a service based on 1H of Professional soldering work,This is the minimum time to solder set of lipo/etc