Clutch Liner Material - 180x12mm (4pcs)

Clutch Liner Material - 180x12mm (4pcs)

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Clutch Liner Material - 180x12mm (4pcs)


Made from Aftermarket High Density material , fits All clutch systems in thickness of 1 or 1.5mm
4 pieces of 180x12mm

Why do i need aftermarket material?

The material used in today systems as Align, and others is very thin, around 0.8-1mm.

After seen a lot of clutches broken in the air, we came with aftermarket material.
The main reason for those breaking clutches is the distance between the clutch and the material.
Example, the diameter of clutch( metal ) is 53mm, and the liner installed is 54. 1mm is free space allow the clutch to expand.
Every technical person knows that the material which clutch made from is spring metal which expand  with turning, but it is very limited, and can expand to 0.3-0.5mm  if more space exist, the clutch risk to break.

So if you need to change the liner, use thicker material and do the following:

Measure the clutch and the clutch bell, lets assume the clutch is 53mm, and the bell is 56.
If you put 1mm, it will be 54mm, so 1mm too much space- risk to break.
If you use 1.5mm, its better, however the clutch will be tight to insert,
In this case prepare the liner, and put manually into the clutch bell, if the clutch doesn’t go inside, please take it out and with the help of sandpaper 80-120, sand little for all the length and do the fit again.
You need to come to the point when the clutch will enter with a little force, and will show like it turns not easy.. but still turns. At this stage, glue all and make the fit test, if needed, sand the material inside the bell .

The result- after you start the heli first time, the clutch will show difficulty to turn, but after 2-3 flight it will “find it way” and it will have perfect fit. And it will last for very long time.

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