Cellpro 10XP, 15A Multi Chemistry Charger

Cellpro 10XP, 15A Multi Chemistry Charger

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Cellpro 10XP, 15A Multi Chemistry Charger


Built on the original Cellpro 10s charger technology and feature set, the ALL NEW Cellpro 10XP is designed to provide a whopping 15A max current output, and 600W of power (rated at 30V DC input when charging a 10s Li battery) - all without increasing the size from the original product, and available at an extremely competitive price, you will be hard-pressed to find a safer, faster, more-complete solution to meet your charging needs in the 600W class. Supporting manual charge currents up to 15A or AUTO Charge rates (1.0C, 2.0C, and 3.0C), the CP10XP is capable of safely charging one or two lithium battery packs. Add to this new features like Multi-Chemistry support (the CP10XP can charge Li, A123 (LiFePO4), NiCd, NiMH, and Pb battery types), Auto charge or discharge to storage levels (Li only), 10 user-configurable presets, free Charge Control Software (CCS).

As a lithium battery charger, the CP10XP still maintains the key aspects of the original 10s in that it is literally a plug and play device. After connecting the batteries to the charger, charging commences with the press of a button. The charger will always remember the last-used preset. But leave it up to FMA Direct to come up with clever, intuitive ways to support multiple chemistries. Out-of-the-box, the Cellpro 10XP is ready to handle virtually any type of battery available. Chemistries are assigned to user presets. Just select a preset, connect the battery, and press the START button. Chemistries, cell count, and current can also be changed at the charger on the fly. If using the free CCS (requires FUIM2 or FUIM3 PC USB interface), full access to available preset parameters are easily adjustable including preset names, selection for multiple canned fuel tables (to improve the accuracy of AUTO charge mode for your battery types), an more!

The Cellpro 10XP charger supports the direct connection of all Cellpro Revolectrix battery packs. Certain Cellpro battery packs may require the use of the Cellpro 6 pin-to-5 pin adapter (sold separately). In addition, FMA currently sells 4s adapters separately to interface with various manufacturer's battery packs up to 4s configurations. If you own a Cellpro 4s, Cellpro GOLD, or Cellpro Multi4 charger, you may have the adapters you need already. These adapters may be used with the new CP10XP charger for packs up to 4s by connecting through the Cellpro 6 pin-to-5 pin adapters. FMA also offers Cellpro 10s adapters for other manufacturer's 2s to 6s packs for use with the Cellpro 10XP directly. Two adapters are required to charge two packs using the Cellpro 10XP charger. If you already own Cellpro 10s adapters, these work directly with the Cellpro 10XP as well. It is recommended that you download and read the available User's Guide to determine your precise requirements. A customer may also adapt to his larger battery packs (over 6s) by installing the 6 pin Cellpro balancing connectors (CPBP6P-10) or a combination of the 5 pin Cellpro balancing connector (CPBP7) and the CPBP6P-10 to his battery packs directly. All current and future Cellpro Revolectrix branded battery packs will adhere to the following conventions for the above connectors. We recommend that customers adhere to the standards we have defined when re-wiring battery packs using the Cellpro battery pigtails.

●Charges Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, A123, NiCd, NiMH, and Pb packs. Charges any brand of pack.
●Supports high-power balance charging of Li or A123 battery packs. Balance charges one 1s to 10s pack, or two 1s to 5s LiPo packs simultaneously. When two packs are connected, the balance connections and pack main discharge wires are wired in series by the charger.
●Equipped with Cellpro brand (JST PA series times two, 6 position) balance connectors which enable the charger to monitor and independently charge each cell to its optimum level (balance charge operation).
●Accepts Cellpro 10s Adapters for plug-and-play compatibility. Cellpro 10s Adapters support from 2s to 6s battery packs (all brands). For more information on REVO adapters.
●Backward-compatibility with older Cellpro 4s adapters is assured using the available 6-pin to 5-pin adapter(s) (REVO PN CP10S-5S 4S-ADP-US) for charging 2s to 4s Cellpro packs having 5-pin balance connectors.
●Also supports customer-selectable, XH MODE. JST XH/EH balance connectors and wiring are growing to be the dominant scheme in the industry. Switching to XH mode, the CP10XP can support existing XH/EH style adapters you may already own. Splice in REVO PN CPBP6P-10-US battery pigtails to the balance wires on existing adapters and you are good to go!
●Supports non-balanced charge of Li (up to 2s), Ni (up to 28 cells), Pb (up to 24V), A123 (up to 12s).
●Accepts 10-32 VDC input.
●Up to 15A max charge current.
●Maximum 25A input current
●720W max continuous input and 605W max continuous output at 30V DC input. Charger will achieve rated output to a 10s LiPo using 30V DC input. Increasing input voltage beyond 30V does increase power output, but only if the charger's output voltage exceeds 42V e.g, when charging 12s non-balanced A123 packs. However, 32V DC input is a maximum rating. It is recommended to utilize input voltage slightly below the absolute maximum.
●Supports AUTO rate charging (1.0C, 2.0C, and 3.0C charge rate) using Advanced Fuel Gauging technology, or manual set currents of 0.10A - 15A in 0.10A increments.
●Industry's largest 1A proportional integrated balancers
●Power-balance-charge packs through balance connectors in tandem with the main discharge wires of the battery pack(s). Unit does not support balance-connector only charging.
●Compensates for balance wire lengths up to six feet with 1mV accuracy.
●Displays individual cell internal resistance to 0.1milliohm, for estimating pack quality, health, and performance.
●Storage Preset available to charge or discharge Li batteries to appropriate per-cell storage levels; 3.8v (LiPo), 3.0v (A123).
●During discharge to storage, the CP10XP incorporates 1A-per-cell (nominal) discharge rate using the charger's integrated balancing circuitry to provide up to 42W (at 10s) discharge power.
●Supports Bi-directional, optional PC interface (REVO PN FUIM2-US or FUIM3-US) which enables extensive charger setup using the CCS. Configure up to 10 custom presets, adjust speaker volume, set LCD contrast and control many other settings.
●CCS automatically checks for software and charger firmware updates in the background. Update charger firmware reliably with the click of your mouse button, and without sending the charger back to the factory. Keep up-to-date with the latest enhancements and bug fixes.
●6 different, available Fuel Gauge lookup tables (fuel tables) may be assigned to independent presets to match the characteristics of different Li battery chemistries. This feature only available using the CCS.

Charger delivered with balancer adaptor cable. boards can be delivered at extra cost


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