Camera Gimbals

Camera Gimbals

 Gimbals for Mikrokopter,  Droidworx, ArduPilot : ERCmarket radio controlled aircrafts: aerial photography video


  • Tarot Gopro T-3D IV Metal Gimbal  For HERO 4 SESSION

    Tarot Gopro T-3D IV Metal Gimbal For HERO 4 SESSION

    Tarot GOPRO 3D IV metal three-axis head designed for GOPRO HERO SESSION camera customized, integrated TAROT series PTZ all high-end technology, with full CNC processed, bringing lightweight and high stability, helping to output nice image. Tarot GOPRO 3DIV metal 3-axis gimbal is with built-in TAROT servo driven module, supports AL/PF/FPV mode.

    Mechanical / electronic specifications :

    • Applicable Camera Type: GOPRO HERO SESSION
    • Input Power: 3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
    • Operating Current: 30mA ( 25V) / 50mA ( 12V)
    • Stall Current: 350mA ( 25V) / 700mA ( 12V)
    • Attitude control accuracy: ± 0.02 degrees
    • Maximum controllable speed :
    • The direction of rotation (PAN): ± 200 ° / s
    • Pitch direction (TILT): ± 200 ° / s
    • Roll direction (ROLL): ± 200 ° / s
    • The controllable range of rotation
    • The direction of rotation (PAN): ± 120°
    • Pitch direction (TILT): -120 ° to + 80 °
    • Roll direction (ROLL): ± 50 °
    • S-Bus / PPM / DSM receiver supports
    • Working temperature: -20J + 50J
    • Maximum dimensions (LWH): 80 mm * 90 mm * 120mm
    • Assistant Software Installation Requirements
    • Windows XP; Windows VISTA; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)


    • 3-axis metal gimbal 153 g x1
    • PTZ control module (36x25x11MM) x1
    • 8P main controller-gimbal cable x1
    • 5V output, the receiver  x1
    • USB module (27x21x7MM) x1
    • Flight control cable x1
    • Sponge x1
    • Box x1
    • Gopro not included
    SKU: TL3T02
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  • Tarot Peeper HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

    Tarot Peeper HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

    TAROT PEEPER T10X is a great 3-axis gimbal for model aircraft enthusiasts,it provides a 10X optical zoom. The F2.0 uses 1/3 colour CMOS4 image sensor which supports approx. 4 million effective pixels(2688 x 1520). With unique internal wiring design,built-in IMU gimbal control module,specialized servo drive module,this peeper T10X can be widely applied to various model aircaft activities and entertainments.10X optical zoom breaks the limitations of light and space, providing a new visual dimension, you can use it to capture a clear, precise search area anytime, anywhere,which makes work more efficient, easy and safe.It is widely used in public security monitoring, power patrol, search and rescue, remote sensing mapping, life exploration and other types of UAV mission.

    Specifications :

    • High precision driving algorithm, independent IMU to control PTZ posture, attitude control accuracy reaches 0.02 degrees, the integrated precision servo drive module.
    • Point angle is 420 degrees, support 3-6S wide voltage input.
    • Micro-SD card slot is overhead to avoid the rain influence.
    • HDMI 1.4 HD output port.
    • Support SBUS decoding module upgrade port, using the Micro-USB link to connect the computer to upgrade parameters.

    Kit Content :

    • 1 x Gimbal
    • 1 x SBUS Decoding module
    • 1 x 5V OUT & SBUS Receiver
    • 1 x SBUS Decoding module & Gimbal connection cable
    • 1 x SBUS Decoding module & Assistant module
    • 1 x Camera remote
    SKU: TL10A00
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  • XuGong V2 Pro 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal – Foldable FPV Quadcopter

    XuGong V2 Pro 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal – Foldable FPV Quadcopter

    This is a 2-axis Brushless Gimbal for the XuGong v2/Pro Quadcopter . Compatible with all GoPro 3, and 4 cameras.

    A custom brushless GoPro gimbal, designed by one of the industry leaders, is integrated into the XuGong v2/Pro design.


    •     Weight: 140g
    •     Working voltage: 7v-17v
    •     Max. Roll angle: -55 - +55 degrees
    •     Max. Pitch angle: -180 - +60 degrees
    •     Direct connection to the Power Distribution/OSD board on the XuGong v2/Pro

    Integrated Brushless Gimbal:

    Pan and Roll signals picked out of the single-cable Rx connection by the onboard OSD.
    Install a new GoPro Hero 4, for stabilized 4k video footage.
    The Power Distribution board includes an on-board quiet switching regulator which powers the GoPro with no GoPro battery required.

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