Building process Multicopters

            Building your  Multicopter in as " Nasa " Way




We are  offering custom building service, which can be tailor made for customer needs.

The service done by our in-house specialist, which is also rewriting own programs for controllers and esc’s

The building process is very unique and including the following objects.

1-      Building and wiring the frame.

2-      Dynamic balance of each motor, and re-balancing with props mounted.


3-      Flashing and Matching the ESC set, specific programming for customer ( Aerial, Sport, Acro)


4-     Settings of Flight controllers, Options, and tuning

5-     Test fly and verification of all working layout followed by a Fine-tuning.

6-     Demo in front of the customer with his own Radio,( In customer absence or distance issue, Proof of Video will be delivered)

***  Balancing the motors and props have a  same importance as your car wheels - Almost zero vibrations!

The difference of balancing each  moving component results a difference between “Yes” and “No” when you deliver video with shakes or without.

Studies proved that vibration free machines live longer, and prevent very expensive crashes.