Other Motors

Other  Motors

In this section you will find different Electric motors. if you dont know what you need, mail us, and we will advise about the best application for your needs.


  • Multi-Rotor Motor MC3536-710KV

    Multi-Rotor Motor MC3536-710KV

    MC3536 is a high torque motor especially developed for the Multi-rotors platforms . made for 4-6S setups.

    This motor has been custom designed and tested during 2 years, and found to be the most efficient for most multi-copters from 500cm and up, due its features.

    So what is so special in this motor:

    1- Dynamic balance, very few motors are really dynamically balanced. the equipment is very unique, and we do insist on the fact and also costs involved that the motor should be balanced, otherwise the fatal vibration will kill the machine sooner or later

    2- Heat, 25% lower heat generation thanks to ceramic bearings.

    3- Ceramic hybrid bearings, and the motor has 3 of them: Radial forces of motor taken away with the help of those special bearings, which also self lubricated,the smoothness of the motor felt directly with the throttle reaction.

    4- 60cm cables, will allow direct connection to most size frames, up to 1.2 meters.

    5- Special size of cage and motor shaft will allow perfect setup and perfect performance on any setup, single or coaxial.


    •   No-load speed: 710kv
    •   Load current: 23Amp
    •   Burst Amps : 32 Amps
    •   Power: 340 W
    •   Short shaft
    •   Propeller mount diameter: 6mm
    •   Long cables (60cm)
    •   3 x Ceramic Hybrid bearings
    •   Weight: 104gr
    •   Size : 35 x 36 mm
    •   Poles: 14
    •   Recommended Battery: 4S, 6S for Speedy machines!
    •   Resistance 44 mOhm
    •   Idle current @ 10v :1.7 Amps
    •   Propellers to use: from 11" to 13"


      MC3536-710KV motor
      Propeller mount with screws, Nut and Cup provided for choice.





    Movie shows the Sky hero setting a record using this motor

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  • Multicopter 5010-360KV

    Multicopter 5010-360KV

    Multicopter Quadrotor 5010-14 360KV Brushless Motor

    1.Machined aluminum front housing with four fan-style cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs.

    2.Rear threaded mounting holes with both 16 mm and 19mm hole spacing fit a variety of applications.

    3.Specially designed NdFeB magnets with high temperature rating for trouble-free operation.

    4.High Temperature 140 C (356 F) rated wire is used for winding the motors to minimize the risk of burning up the motor.

    5.High quality stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorts. 0.20mm stator plate id used .

    6.High quality shielded and permanently lubricated ball bearings are used to support the motor shaft in all our motors.

    7.High temperature adhesives are used to secure the stator windings and prevent them from shifting and getting pinched or shorting out .

    • Model: D5010-14
    • Motor size: 50*10mm
    • Shaft size: 3.17mm
    • Weight: 80g
    • KV(rpm/v): 360
    • Battery: 2-6Li-Po
    • ESC: 10A
    • Cable 40cm
    • Best working with props of 14-16"

    SKU: BC5010/14-360KV
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  • O.S Brushless Motor Airplane OMA-5020-490

    O.S Brushless Motor Airplane OMA-5020-490

    O.S Brushless Motor Airplane OMA-5020-490 :

    A thick can design that resists distortion;
    Three high-quality bearings;
    Rigid and secure rear mounting design;
    Shortened motor length for easy installation in short cowls;
    A stainless steel prop shaft;
    Supplied backplate, prop shaft, and gold-plated female plugs.


    • Rotor Diameter: 50 mm
    • Magnet Length: 20 mm
    • Weight: 350g
    • Output: 490kV
    • Rated Power(W): 1110
    • Rated Voltage (V): 18.5-22.2
    • Rated Current (A): 50-60
    • Maximum Current (10sec) (A): 90
    • No-Load Current (A): 1.5
    • Phase Resistance (Ohms): 23
    • Maximum Efficinecy: 85
    • Poles: 14
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  • Radial Mount

    Radial Mount

    Radial Mount for motors with 3mm shaft

    SKU: KRF916
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  • T-Motor U5 KV400 Motor U-Power Series

    T-Motor U5 KV400 Motor U-Power Series

    T-Motor U5 KV400 Motor U-Power Series: Stable, Durable, Powerful.

    U-Power Technologies for AUW 8-12KG Multi-copter. Industrial grade, dust proof, water proof.

    Unique Side Hole Design ensures swift airflow. Motor cools 2.5 times faster than others. Six holes beveling upward sparkles motor with waterproof and sand-resistant features.

    Abnormal Shaft – a special screw is used for stator and rotor installation, avoiding loosiness of circlip.

    High-Quality Varnished Wired – imported, oxygen-free copper coil which can tolerate temperature of 180C is employed to enhance short circuit resistance.

    High-Standard Silicon Steel Sheet Precision Winding – the precision winding ensures the tightness of coil and slot. It helps reduce the copper lose while improving the utilization. Advanced 0.2mm silicon steel sheet reduces heat and eddy, thus improving efficiency.

    Larger Bearing – Lower Noise: Adoption of imported German bearing prolongs the service life to over 1600 hours under trouble-free operation. German bearing enables motor run more smoothly and longer with lower noise.

    Propeller Installation (Two Options, Patent Design) – Prop Installation and Traditional Installation.


    Voltage: 6S
    Recommended prop: T-Motor CF15*5 / CF16*5.4 prop
    AUW: Hexacopter, 9KG; Octocopter, 12KG.

    SKU: U5-KV400
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  • Thunder Tiger 600 size Brushless Motor OBL 50/06-50hH

    Thunder Tiger 600 size Brushless Motor OBL 50/06-50hH

    ACE RC Ripper OBL series outrunner brushless motor. The latest series of BLDC OBL outrunner brushless motors from ACE RC is a fantastic solution for electric conversions or stock e-powered models ranging from medium-size helis to 3D aircrafts. Configured with curved magnets, all OBL motors deliver high torque & high RPM at maximum efficiency for longer flight time and cool temperatures.

    this motor fits 600-700 size helis with 8-12s lipo setup


    • Voltage range: 8~12s Li-Poly V
    • RPM per volt: 630 RPM/V
    • Shaft Diameter: 6MM,Length 38 mm
    • Max.efficiency current: 20-70A
    • Current capacity: 90A/60s
    • Internal resistance: 16mΩ
    • Weight: 448/15.77g/oz
    • Shaft size 6mm
    SKU: TT2370
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  • Thunder Tiger Brushless Motor OBL 49/08-50H

    Thunder Tiger Brushless Motor OBL 49/08-50H

     High performance AC ('brushless') outrunner with high operating speeds specially developed to drive the Raptor E620 SE or similar, the size of the corresponding models with internal combustion engine class 50 In engine design, the emphasis was on achieving excellent performance parameters, low weight and excellent cooling, which is supported by the fan, which is part of the motor housing.

    Motor comes with three pairs of gold-plated connectors, a set of mounting SHCS and allen handle.


    • Diameter: 49 mm
    • Length: 55 mm
    • Weight: 355 g
    • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
    • Speed the Volt: 770 rev./min/V
    • Efficiency current: 4-60b A
    • Max. Peak current: 80 A
    • Internal resistance: 18.4 mOhm
    • Poles: 12
    • Controller: 65
    SKU: TT2380
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     72HR STOCK
  • XM5010TE-4 870KV

    XM5010TE-4 870KV

    28 poles. High torque. High efficiency. Specifically designed for Multi Rotor. It also can be used for Remote control aircrafts.


    • KV: 870RPM/V
    • Weight: 126g
    • Diameter: 50mm
    • Length: 32mm
    • Diameter of Shaft: 6.0mm
    • Mounting holes pitch: 19/25mm
    • Slots,Poles: 24,28
    • Idle Current(Io) @10V: 2.4A
    • Resistance(Ri): 22mOhm
    • Cruising power[8 mins]: 330W
    • Bursts current[15s]: 54A
    • Peak power[15s]: 600W
    • Recommended ESC: XC6018BA
    • Setup 1 (No. of Cell, Prop.): 3S, 14x6
    • Setup 2 (No. of Cell, Prop.): 4S, 12x6
    • Max. weight of 4-rotor copter: 3.3kg
    • Max. weight of 3D models: 1.1kg
    • Memo: 3KG 4-rotor copters, 15-25E airplanes
    SKU: XM5010TE-4
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