Other Motors

Other  Motors

In this section you will find different Electric motors. if you dont know what you need, mail us, and we will advise about the best application for your needs.


  • XM5010TE-4 870KV

    XM5010TE-4 870KV

    28 poles. High torque. High efficiency. Specifically designed for Multi Rotor. It also can be used for Remote control aircrafts.


    • KV: 870RPM/V
    • Weight: 126g
    • Diameter: 50mm
    • Length: 32mm
    • Diameter of Shaft: 6.0mm
    • Mounting holes pitch: 19/25mm
    • Slots,Poles: 24,28
    • Idle Current(Io) @10V: 2.4A
    • Resistance(Ri): 22mOhm
    • Cruising power[8 mins]: 330W
    • Bursts current[15s]: 54A
    • Peak power[15s]: 600W
    • Recommended ESC: XC6018BA
    • Setup 1 (No. of Cell, Prop.): 3S, 14x6
    • Setup 2 (No. of Cell, Prop.): 4S, 12x6
    • Max. weight of 4-rotor copter: 3.3kg
    • Max. weight of 3D models: 1.1kg
    • Memo: 3KG 4-rotor copters, 15-25E airplanes
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