Sky-Hero Kits & Combos

Sky-Hero Kits & Combos

 Sky-Hero is a new brand of Drones , Fabricated in Belgium.

Stunning look, very robost, and availiable in different shapes and sizes.


  • Sky-Hero Spyder Mutirotor X8 Super Combo, Motors, ESC's,Props

    Sky-Hero Spyder Mutirotor X8 Super Combo, Motors, ESC's,Props

    New Innovative design Multicopter- Spyder, Produced in Belgium. this machine is 700 or 850 or 1000mm wide(choice)

    This product is a X8 Combo,means you have 8 motors on the machine.This setup is made for 4S lipos, 6S setups also possible as option.

    Combo delivered with the following:

               Sky hero Spyder Frame kit

    • 8 x Avizar MC3536-710KV(4s) or 380KV (6s)or T-motor motors
    • 8 x ESC 40-60A SimonK 2-6S lipo, programmed, Optimized and size will enter the arms of Spyder.
    • 8 x Fully balanced props 11-14" ( choice of Graupner E, APC, Wood ) size of prop will be delivered based on machine size.
    • 1 x Power distribution Board 80amp
    • Canopy of choice( Stock dependent)

    To complete the combo you will need your radio, Flight controller, and Lipo battery.

    * If 6s setup chosen, 380 kv will be delivered, together with larger propellers - to suit 6S setups.

    Movie showing MC3536 motors and 40A esc

    - Build your Multi rotor in a NASA way, by experts.

    Building a Drone is not a straight forward. Proper installation is a  hassle, especially cheap motors and electronics are very simplified, and require a lot of "Know how".

    Non experienced people can take up to hundred hours to build one model and still suffer from bad Vibrations, programming complexes, Tuning, and much more.

    We are offering "One stop" service for all your needs.

    Please ask us for extra charges

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