Hype Acro Vector ARF Hotliner glider with Vectoric Motor

Hype Acro Vector ARF Hotliner glider with Vectoric Motor

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Hype Acro Vector ARF Hotliner glider with Vectoric Motor


Robbe HYPE Acro glider aerobatic - Blue Vector. Imagine planes flying in the sky like a Frisbee? The Acro Vector Hotliner pushes the limits of the physics of flight.

The model is delivered in ARF version contains, besides the integrated 5 micro servos, powertrain preassembled including brushless motor and the controller. Due to the high level of pre-assembly, the scale model will be assembled and ready to fly in minutes.
In the sky, you can use its full potential! With the Vector order, the model may enter a spin-controlled flat and evolve in the air like a Frisbee. In normal flight and landing, the Acro Vector hotliner behaves like a perfectly normal. Physical classic flight knows its limits - Acro with Vector, you will go beyond these limits ...!


  • Electric Hotliner Vectoric with innovative engine control
  • One piece wing with carbon reinforcements
  • Brushless motor


The front part of the fuselage with the motor is pivoted laterally via a servo. The Vector control is coupled with the rudder via a mixer in the transmitter (activated or not) Thus, you can realize many figures that will amaze both pilots and spectators.

The fuselage, wing and tail are built in HypoDur® material tested 100,000 times and thus exhibit excellent resistance properties with minimal weight. The wing in one piece is reinforced by several rails made of carbon fiber. Similarly, the fins are respectively reinforced by a separate spar carbon fiber, in order to avoid high speed twisting. In addition to the ailerons, Speed ​​Fins are also mounted and increase efficiency of the control fins.

The horizontal stabilizer is mounted from below on the fuselage with a central screw. The tail and the elevator posssèdent each a carbon fiber spar.

The 2450 kV brushless motor is powered by a 3s 11,1V LiPo battery and gives the Acro Vector a fascinating drive power. The motor control is via the regulator SKYWALKER AUBEC 40.

The control of the Acro Vector is performed on all three axes. Each wing is headed by a separate servo directly installed in the wing. All control surfaces are designed as elastic flaps without slot and thus ensure maximum aerodynamics.


  • Fuselage, wings and tailplane foam
  • 5 mini-servos installed
  • Brushless electric motor installed
  • Brushless controller installed
  • Cone propeller installed
  • Propeller installed

Scope of delivery

  • Model
  • Engine
  • Servos
  • Manual.


  • Wingspan 1112 mm
  • Weight 890 g
  • Pre-assembled model model (ARF)
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