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  • Air Beaver ARF

    Air Beaver ARF

    Just like its big brother, the robbe Air Beaver also has exceptional good mannered flight characteristics. The intermediate beginner pilots will also quickly become confident with this model. Added to by its distinctive silhouette in flight and the non critical take-off and landing characteristics in windy conditions. The servo-operated landing flaps make slow flight an absolute joy.
    Our ARF model needs only a receiver and battery fitting before the first flight. All the other electronics such as speed controller, servos and motor are included in the kit contents. These features, the level of equipment and naturally the comprehensive spare parts back-up make the Air Beaver a terrific model for the intermediate pilot.

    Fuselage, wings and tailplane fully finished in EPO foam.
    All foam parts fully painted with applied decals
    Fixing points for optional float set
    5 servos installed and wired.
    Brushless-Outrunner electric motor and controller installed and wired.
    Spinner, 2-blade propeller and prop driver.
    Plastic dummy engine cowling and other detailed parts
    2 leg main undercarriage and steerable tail-wheel.
    Aerodynamic section wing struts
    Working LED navigation and landing light installed and wired.
    Working flaps installed with servo fitted.
    Self-closing battery compartment with vented plastic cover.
    Comprehensive, illustrated final assembly instructions.


    Wing loading approx: 42
    Length approx: 960
    Total surface area approx: 28
    All-up weight approx: 1200


    SKU: RB-2569
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  • Air Trainer 140

    Air Trainer 140

    The aerobatic trainer

    Fit the propeller and wings, and connect the receiver and battery: that‘s all there is to it, and the Air-Trainer is ready for its first flight without any need for glue.
    With its highly cambered wing airfoil, low wing loading (thanks to the hollow wing construction with stiffening ribs), and any amount of power, the model is easy to fly and capable of all aerobatic manoeuvres including torque-rolls.
    The Air-Trainer is highly crash-resistant, and is also easy to repair if damaged.
    A further highlight is the pair of LED lights mounted at the wingtips.
    The Air Trainer 140 is a great choice for the advanced beginner who already has some basic experience with aileron-equipped models.

    Set contents

    • EPO foam fuselage, wings and tail
    • All foam components painted or with decals applied
    • All servos (robbe E-Coline series) installed and wired
    • Robbe E-Coline series BL outrunner electric motor and speed controller (40A) installed and wired
    • Spinner, propeller and propeller driver
    • Robust undercarriage with large wheels
    • Two working LED lights installed and wired
    • Comprehensive illustrated final assembly instructions


    • Wingspan approx. 1400 mm
    • Length approx. 1130 mm
    • Total surface area approx. 36,8 dm2
    • Wing loading approx. 41,6 g/dm2
    • All-up weight approx. 1550 g
    RC functions

    • Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Motor control
    SKU: RB-2581
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  • Arcus V-Tail EDF 1400

    Arcus V-Tail EDF 1400

    Set contents

    • Robust EPO foam fuselage, wings and tail, with decals applied
    • Factory-trimmed canopy
    • Small hardware items for control linkages and servo covers
    • Factory-installed 50 mm Ø fan unit with brushless motor and speed controller from the robbe E-COLINE series
    • 3 factory-installed robbe E-COLINE 8 g servos
    • Illustrated multi-lingual assembly instructions


    • Wingspan approx. 1400 mm
    • Length approx. 770 mm
    • Total surface area approx. 15 dm2
    • Wing loading approx. 33,3 g/dm2
    • All-up weight approx. 500 g
    • RC functions
    • Elevator, Aileron, Motor control

    SKU: RB-2592
    €149.99 €159.00
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  • Arcus V-Tail Prop 1400

    Arcus V-Tail Prop 1400

    Compact powered glider suitable for beginners The V-Tail Prop is the latest addition to the
    robbe Arcus family, and is an eye-catcher in several ways - not just due to its unusual looks.

    Its above-average performance in the air, and its suitability for any pilot from the relatively inexperienced pilot with some experience of aileron models right up to the advanced pilot, are ample proof of its tremendous versatility.
    With its compact dimensions, the Arcus V-Tail Prop is the ideal „evening flyer“, as it is easy to transport in any car, and can be ready for flying the moment you reach the
    club patch.
    The model can also be fitted with an optional rudder servo.

    Set contents

    • Robust EPO foam fuselage, wings and tail with decals applied
    • Factory-trimmed canopy
    • Small hardware items for control linkages and servo covers
    • Propeller and spinner already fitted
    • Brushless motor and speed controller from
    • the robbe E-COLINE series
    • 3 factory-installed robbe E-COLINE 8 g servos
    • Illustrated multi-lingual assembly instructions No. 2593


    • Wingspan approx. 1400 mm
    • Length approx. 770 mm
    • Total surface area approx. 15 dm2
    • Wing loading approx. 30 g/dm2
    • All-up weight approx. 450 g
    • RC functions
    • Elevator, Aileron, Motor control

    SKU: RB-2593
    €149.99 €159.00
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  • ASK23 ARF glider 2300mm

    ASK23 ARF glider 2300mm

    The mould quality is sublime adding to the efficiency and great looks; also combined with a high powered brushless motor and LiPo battery, give the budding modeller a new level of high performance excitement.

    This glider features glass/carbon composite and aluminium tube strengthened wings that are easily removable for transport and a very compact fuselage adding further to the enjoyment of this model.

    Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight are all easily performed with this model and it will also perform excellently simply hunting for thermals or slope flying, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots.

    Material: Durable EPO

    Wing Span: 2.300mm (90.6in )

    Length: 1.110mm ( 43.7in )

    Flying Weight: Around 1,336g

    Servo: 9g Servo x4

    Landing Gear : Scaled Fixed Landing Gear

    Motor: Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor

    ESC: 35A Brushless ESC

    Propeller: 12X6 2 Blade Propeller

    Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 1800mAh 25C

    Radio: 4 Ch Radio Control

    CG Position:55mm (From Leading Edge)

    SKU: ASK23
    inc. VAT

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  • ASW 28 glider 2300mm

    ASW 28 glider 2300mm

    ASW28 PnP RC Motorglider White 2300mm

    FMS ASW28 PnP is a Motor-glider RC Sailplane from FMS for Beginner Pilots. The fuselage, The wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizer are constructed by EPOFLEX. FMS ASW28 flies stable and it is designed for start to flying. This PnP RC airplane comes PnP "Plug & Play" with Brushless motor, 35A Programmable ESC, 4x 9g Servos, Clear Canopy, one main, one tail and one nose wheel, Control-horns, pushrods, links, Spinner,Folding Propeller and small accessories.


    1 x FMS ASW28 PnP RC Sailplane /White
    1 x FMS brushless motor
    1 x 35A Brushless Programmable ESC
    4 x FMS 9g, Analog servos
    All Pushrods, Control Linkages, Hinges, Screws, Nuts and Bolts


    Wing span: 2300mm
    Total Length: 1050mm
    Weight: 1230g
    Wing construction: EPOFLEX
    Fuselage construction:EPOFLEX
    Stablazer/Fin construction: EPOFLEX
    Propeller: Folding Prop.
    Motor: FMS Brushless motor
    ESC: 35A Brushless Programmable ESC
    Transmitter (recomend): 4Ch. 2.4GHz Radio system
    Receiver (recomend): 4Ch. 2.4GHz Receiver
    servo: 4 x FMS 9g servos
    Battery (recomend): 3S 11.1V 1200-1800mAh Li-Po Battery

    Recommended products:

    1 x 4Ch. 2.4GHz radio system
    1 x 4Ch. 2.4GHz receiver
    1 x 3S 11.1V 1200-1800mAh Li-Po Battery

    SKU: ASW28
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  • DYNAM CESSNA 188 BLUE 1500mm ARF

    DYNAM CESSNA 188 BLUE 1500mm ARF

    DYNAM CESSNA 188 BLUE 1500mm ARF

    In the early 1960’s Cessna decided to break into the agricultural aircraft market and first flew in 1965, it later became well known as a glider and sailplane tug.

    Dynam have replicated this classic in visibility colour scheme.
    It has a very broad flight envelope and will provide a great platform for general pottering and sports flyers looking for a sedate sunday flyer.
    The Cessna 188 will be ready to fly in less than an hour and all that is required to complete are a 4 Cell LiPo 2200mAh battery, compatible charger, radio and transmitter.


    1. Wingspan: 59 in (1500 mm)
    2. Length: 39.6 in (1005 mm)
    3. Wing Area: 418.5 sq in (27 sq dm)
    4. Flying Weight: 2.9 lb (1300 g)
    5. Motor: BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner
    6. Speed Controller: 40A ESC
    7. Servo: 4 x 9g + 2 x 9g Flaps

    Still Required:

    • 2200mAh 4s 14.8V LiPO
    • Your Own Transmitter and Receiver.


    SKU: DYN-C188-BL
    inc. VAT

  • GRAUPNER X44 VTOL Vertical Airplane with Gyro stabilisation

    GRAUPNER X44 VTOL Vertical Airplane with Gyro stabilisation

    Innovative VTOL airplane model, takes off and lands vertically. The abbreviation VTOL stands for "vertical take off and landing"
    Through the particularly tuned gyro electronics the X44 shows a harmonious transition from the vertical to the horizontal flight phase. The X44 horizontal flies like a conventional airplane model and can be controlled in hoverlike a helicopter model.

    ARTF model consisting of Graupner SOLIDPOR rigid foam. Two wing with CFRP spar and fully installed motor gondolas, model equipped with a total of 4 Brushless speed controller. Fuselage finished with 3 installed servos for aileron, elevators and motor gondola adjustment. The highly complex central electronics already installed. Two maintenance covers for central electronics, receiver and gondola servo on the hull bottom. Removable canopy with magnetic closure. Rudder, landing gear and 4 propellers size 8x6". In addition included 4 pieces Spare Propellers 8x6 ". The decorative elements Version 'Graupner HoTT' are already glued. Detailed manual included with detailed advice for the first few flights.


    • Wing area : 9,15 dm²
    • All-up weight, approx.: 855 g
    • Total surface area, approx. : 16,5 dm²
    • Overall length, approx.: 860 mm
    • Wingspan approx.: 695 mm
    • Wing loading : 51,8 g/dm²
    SKU: GR9944.100
    inc. VAT

     72HR STOCK
  • Hangar9 Extra 330SC 60e ARF

    Hangar9 Extra 330SC 60e ARF

    Few aircraft have influenced aerobatic aviation with greater impact than those built by Walter Extra. In the full-scale arena, performance, quality and luxury go hand-in-hand with the aircraft they build. To the RC enthusiast, the Extra platform has proven moreover that there’s nothing more capable in both the precision and 3D realms. Designed after the most modern and highest performance Extra Aircraft variant, the Hangar 9® Extra 330SC 60e is specially designed to deliver performance versatility for which the design is known, but with the unlimited manoeuvrability only possible through model aviation.

    The Hangar 9 Extra 330SC 60e ARF is an aerobatic marvel that’s ideal for the experienced aerobatic pilot. Designed by the only International Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) airplane pilot to win three years in a row, Seth Arnold used his experience with the Extra to make a practical aerobat that excels in both precision and 3D manoeuvres. Material choices, structural engineering, airfoil and area optimisation come together in a very lightweight platform to deliver an aerobatic experience hard-ball 3D pilots and precision fanatics can appreciate. When combined with the recommended E-flite® and Spektrum™ accessories, the Extra 330SC 60e is sure to be your choice for aerobatic thrills.

    When you go to choose a transmitter, receiver and servos required for a quality airplane like this Hangar 9® Extra 330SC 60e model, consider all the advantages genuine Spektrum™ technology gives you. Not only will you possess a proven radio system at a great price, you’ll get the safety benefits that only ModelMatch™ and SmartSafe™ features can give. In addition, the Bind-N-Fly™ technology built into every Spektrum receiver and transmitter entitles you instant access to an entire fleet of aircraft that can be ready to fly in the time it takes to charge a flight battery. Plus, having a genuine Spektrum transmitter means you can also take advantage of the incredible control innovative AS3X™ flight stabilisation technology offers.

    Designed by three-time XFC Champion Seth Arnold
    Excellent precision and 3D performance
    Engineered around the E-flite Power 60B outrunner and 6S LiPo power
    Lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood construction
    Carbon-fibre landing gear and wing tube
    Large control surfaces with double-beveled hinge lines
    Two piece, plug-in wings
    UltraCote™ film matching, fibreglass cowl and wheel spats
    Large hatch with quick-release latch
    Removable Side-Force Generators (included)
    Ball-link connectors and fibreglass control horns
    Complete, high-quality hardware pack (included)


    • Size: 23% Scale
    • Wingspan: 166 cm (65.5 inch)
    • Length: 162 cm (63.7 inch)
    • Wing Area: 56 sq dm (870 sq inch)
    • Flying Weight: 3.5–3.9 kg (7.75–8.60 lbs)
    • Construction: Lightweight plywood and balsa
    • Airfoil Shape: Symmetrical
    • Motor: 60-size electric outrunner (required)
    • ESC: 80-amp speed control with a switch-mode BEC (required)
    • Flight Battery: 4400–5000mAh 22.2V 6S LiPo (required)
    • Radio: 6+ channel (recommended)
    • Servos: (4) high-performance digital with metal gears (recommended)
    • Spinner: 3-inch (required)
    • Propeller: 17-inch (recommended)
    • Trim Colors: True Red, Pearl Charcoal, Silver and White UltraCote™ film
    • Experience Level: Advanced
    • Rec. Environment: Outdoor, club field
    • Is Assembly Req.: Yes
    • Assembly Time: Approx. 5–7 Hours

    Needed To Complete:

    • 6+ channel transmitter and receiver
    • (2) mini- and (2) standard-size servos
    • 60-size brushless outrunner motor
    • Brushless Speed Control
    • 6S 22.2V LiPo flight battery
    • Flight battery charger
    • Propeller
    • Spinner


    SKU: HAN9025
    inc. VAT

  • Hype Acro Vector ARF Hotliner glider with Vectoric Motor

    Hype Acro Vector ARF Hotliner glider with Vectoric Motor

    Robbe HYPE Acro glider aerobatic - Blue Vector. Imagine planes flying in the sky like a Frisbee? The Acro Vector Hotliner pushes the limits of the physics of flight.

    The model is delivered in ARF version contains, besides the integrated 5 micro servos, powertrain preassembled including brushless motor and the controller. Due to the high level of pre-assembly, the scale model will be assembled and ready to fly in minutes.
    In the sky, you can use its full potential! With the Vector order, the model may enter a spin-controlled flat and evolve in the air like a Frisbee. In normal flight and landing, the Acro Vector hotliner behaves like a perfectly normal. Physical classic flight knows its limits - Acro with Vector, you will go beyond these limits ...!


    • Electric Hotliner Vectoric with innovative engine control
    • One piece wing with carbon reinforcements
    • Brushless motor


    The front part of the fuselage with the motor is pivoted laterally via a servo. The Vector control is coupled with the rudder via a mixer in the transmitter (activated or not) Thus, you can realize many figures that will amaze both pilots and spectators.

    The fuselage, wing and tail are built in HypoDur® material tested 100,000 times and thus exhibit excellent resistance properties with minimal weight. The wing in one piece is reinforced by several rails made of carbon fiber. Similarly, the fins are respectively reinforced by a separate spar carbon fiber, in order to avoid high speed twisting. In addition to the ailerons, Speed ​​Fins are also mounted and increase efficiency of the control fins.

    The horizontal stabilizer is mounted from below on the fuselage with a central screw. The tail and the elevator posssèdent each a carbon fiber spar.

    The 2450 kV brushless motor is powered by a 3s 11,1V LiPo battery and gives the Acro Vector a fascinating drive power. The motor control is via the regulator SKYWALKER AUBEC 40.

    The control of the Acro Vector is performed on all three axes. Each wing is headed by a separate servo directly installed in the wing. All control surfaces are designed as elastic flaps without slot and thus ensure maximum aerodynamics.


    • Fuselage, wings and tailplane foam
    • 5 mini-servos installed
    • Brushless electric motor installed
    • Brushless controller installed
    • Cone propeller installed
    • Propeller installed

    Scope of delivery

    • Model
    • Engine
    • Servos
    • Manual.


    • Wingspan 1112 mm
    • Weight 890 g
    • Pre-assembled model model (ARF)
    SKU: 1-029-1070KY
    inc. VAT

  • ParkZone VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology

    ParkZone VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology

    ParkZone VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology


    The ParkZone VisionAire park flyer is specifically designed for sport pilots by 3D pioneer Quique Somenzini.
    Its wings are constructed of hollow Z-Foam™ material that has been reinforced with carbon fiber to create structures that are stiffer and lighter than solid foam.
    This rigid, lightweight airframe is paired with a powerful 10-size, 1250Kv brushless motor that delivers the vertical performance you need for an exhilarating 3D flying experience.
    What makes the VisionAire model such a great 3D plane for sport pilots is the advanced AS3X (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) System built into its AR635 receiver.
    The AS3X System works behind the scenes to counter the effects of wind and turbulence, using 3-axis sensing and flight control software tuned by Quique Somenzini.
    If you’ve never flown 3D before, this enhanced stability will give you the confidence you need to try high alpha maneuvers like harriers, hovers, torque rolls and more.
    You can adjust the amount of stability the AS3X System provides or turn it off completely, but even 3D pros will find flying with it on feels completely natural.
    There are no delays in control response or limits on the control throws. You’ll simply feel like you’re flying an expertly-tuned model that goes right where you point it.

    Key Features

    Spektrum™ AR635 DSMX receiver with AS3X System, installed
    Powerful 10-size BL outrunner, 1250Kv, installed
    E-flite 40A Lite Pro Switch-Mode BEC brushless ESC (V2), installed
    E-flite 13-gram digital micro servos, installed
    Clear belly window for monitoring AS3X System status
    Carbon-reinforced Z-Foam™ construction
    Leading-edge vortex generators
    Double-beveled hinges for large control surface throws
    Durable wire landing gear and large wheels for flying off grass
    Two-piece wing for easy transportation and repair
    Sharp Mirco Pecorari signature trim scheme
    Includes 3S 2200mAh 25C Li-Po battery
    Includes 2- to 3-cell DC variable rate charger
    Requires a full-range 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX aircraft transmitter, sold separately

    Needed To Complete

    - A 4+ channel full-range DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter.


      Wingspan:  45.0 in (1143mm)
      Overall Length:  42.5 in (1088mm)
      Wing Area:  539 sq in (34.8 sq dm)
      Flying Weight:  43.7 oz (1240 g)
      Motor Size:  10-size BL10 brushless outrunner, 1250Kv (installed)
      Radio:  AR635 6-channel DSMX AS3X sport receiver (installed)
      Servos:  (4) 13 g digital high-speed servos (installed)
    SKU: PKZ6580
    inc. VAT

  • Sbach 342 ARF

    Sbach 342 ARF

    Developed by Philipp Steinbach the Sbach 342 is a purebred carbon-fiber plane.
    It can be found in it just a few metal parts.
    The engine is a Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A with 315 hp.
    The six-cylinder engine drives an adjustable composite propeller with 203 cm diameter.
    It brings the empty Sbach 342 to 655 kg.
    Compared to the other two-seaters on the market it weighs 60 to 140 kg less. With 7,75 m Length and 6,67 m Wingspan and it is also the smallest of its kind.
    The maximum takeoff weight is 999 kg.

    The model:

    Fuselage, main wing and tail are made from the lightweight and strong material HypoDur®.
    All parts are already painted and decorated in the shown design.
    The brushless direct drive is powered by a 4s LiPo battery and gives the model a most powerful flight performance.
    Even under windy weather conditions the model is easy to control.
    Via the removable canopy, the LiPo battery can be changed easily, when you are out on the airfield. The ailerons are linked by a separate servo on each side.
    As a special feature, the elevators are also linked by two separate servos.
    All RC parts are installed ready to fly in the Sbach 342.
    The main wings are supported by a massive carbon bar, which leads the forces into the wing.
    The Sbach 342 is supplied as ARF version and contains the model with five servos installed. Furthermore the brushless motor and the ESC are installed ready to fly in the fuselage.
    Already on the ground the Sbach 342 impresses by its outstanding design and size.
    Once airborne, the Sbach 342 shows its full potential! Rolls, loops, snap maneuvers - this model is a true aerobatic maniac! No matter, if your are an intermediate pilot or an aerobatic professional - the Sbach 342 is your perfect choice for unlimited flying fun!
    So this is your next ultimate eyecatcher on your airfield...!


    • Scale replica of the famous aerobatic airplane
    • High power 4s brushless drive train
    • Carbon tube for wing halfs Fuselage, main wing and tail are made of HypoDur®
    • Ailerons and elevators are designed as gapless elastoflaps
    • High level of prefabrication for shortest assembly time
    • Outstanding aerobatic flight performance
    • Easy to operate on the ground and in the air
    • Carbon bars in main wing


    • Foamed parts for fuselage
    • Main wing and tail made of HypoDur®
    • Brushless motor
    • Brushless ESC
    • 5 micro servos
    • Spinner Propeller Wheelpants

    • Wingspan: 1.395 mm
    • Length: 1.290 mm
    • Weight approx.: 1.990 g
    • Motor: Brushless
    • Battery: LiPo 4s 14,8V
    • Radio: 4 channels
    SKU: 027-1050
    inc. VAT

     72HR STOCK
  • Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic by ParkZone

    Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic by ParkZone

    •   Spektrum AR636 DSMX receiver with SAFE technology
    •   Powerful 10-size, 1250Kv BL outrunner motor
    •   E-flite 40A brushless ESC
    •   E-flite 13-gram digital micro servos
    •   Lightweight, hollow-wing Z-Foam construction
    •   Leading-edge vortex generators
    •   Stunning, high-visibility trim scheme
    •   Two-piece, plug-in wing for easy transport and repair
    •   Double-beveled hinges for large control surface throws
    •   Durable wire landing gear and large wheels for flying off grass
    •   Large, easy-access battery hatch

    Needed To Complete

    •  4+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter with computer programming
    •  1.1V 3S 2100-2200mAh LiPo 25C flight battery
    •  Charger for flight battery

    SAFE Technology for Advanced Aerobatics

    SAFE technology actually makes the Sukhoi SU-29MM ‘aware’ of its attitude relative to the ground. This attitude awareness has been used to create four flight modes that let experienced RC pilots explore aggressive aerobatics with more confidence and less risk.

    Stagility Mode
    The airplane can perform any aerobatic or 3D maneuver but will immediately return to upright flight if both sticks are released.

    AS3X 3D Mode
    Provides a marvelous balance of crisp response and rock-solid stability when practicing low-speed 3D maneuvers like hovers and harriers.

    AS3X Precision Mode
    When flying precision aerobatics at high speed, this mode smoothest out the effects of turbulence so the aircraft tracks like it’s on rails.

    Panic Recovery Mode
    Immediately returns the aircraft to upright flight with the push of a button. It can be activated at any time, in any flight mode.

    Specifications :

    Airfoil Shape:                          Symmetrical
    Anti-Crash Technology:       Yes
    CG (center of gravity:            3.2 in. (82mm) Back at Wing Root
    Flying Weight:                         40.6 oz (1150 g)
    Fuel Type:                                Electric
    Material:                                    Z-Foam
    Minimum Required Radio:   4+ Channel DSM2/DSMX Transmitter Required
    Motor Size:                              10-size BL10 Brushless Outrunner, 1250Kv (installed)
    Overall Length:                      42.3 in (1074 mm)
    Plane Type:                             Sport Planes
    Power Plant Size:                  10-15 Electric
    Prop Size:                                12 x 4
    Recommended Battery:      11.1V 3S 2200mAh 25C LiPo
    Servos:                                     Installed
    Speed Control:                      40-Amp Pro ESC (installed)
    Spinner Size:                          1.93 in (49mm)
    Wing Area:                              403 sq. in. (26.0 sq, dm.)
    Wing Loading:                       14.5 oz/sq. ft.
    Wingspan:                              44.0 in (1120mm)

    SKU: PKZ8050
    inc. VAT

  • Thunder180 Ultra Lightweight Advanced Indoor 3D

    Thunder180 Ultra Lightweight Advanced Indoor 3D

    Thunder180 Ultra Lightweight Advanced Indoor 3D

    Thunder 180 was designed as higher level than TechOne indoor 3D best seller-Venus EPO.
    We’ve been eager to design a mould indoor 3D plane with super lightweight and very good rigidity for medium and advanced pilots.
    We’ve been trying many ways but all failed, but we got to know if we insist using EPO material, then we would never success even changing to different structure. At last, we decide to use EPS due to its lightweight and great anti-torsion rigidity. And we make reinforcement with balsa and carbon fiber stirps in fuselage and wing.
    We think medium and advanced pilots will mostly focus on flying performance, they has less requirements on anti-break ability than beginners, so Thunder is designed to consider more about how to get better flying performance.


    • Wingspan approx.: 900 mm
    • Fuselage length approx.: 976 mm
    • Weight (ready to fly): 250 g
    • Type of construction/material wing: Depron
    • Type of construction/material fuselage: Depron

    Box contents:

    • Motor: AS2204 (1700kV)
    • ESC: 10 A
    • Servos: 3x Micro
    • Propeller: GWS 8x4"


    SKU: THU180
    inc. VAT