Zenoah G231 PUH Heli

Zenoah G231 PUH Heli


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  • Single-cylinder 2-stroke gas engine
  • Better power and performance with no increase in cylinder volume
  • User-friendly and easy to start and adjust
  • Easy conversion for existing helis
  • 20% increase in horsepower
  • Displacement: 22.5cc

Zenoah aircraft-Helicopter engines are famous throughout the modeling world for their outstanding power and exceptional reliability.
These same qualities can be found in their new G-231, 23cc heli engine as well.

It boasts approximately 20% more horsepower than its predecessor, the G-23 Heli, and is simple to start and adjust. It shares the same overall mounting dimensions as the older version.

Type: 2-stroke
Displacement: 1.37 cu in (22.50 cc)
Bore: 1.30 in (32.00 mm)
Stroke: 1.10 in (28.00 mm)
Cylinders: Single - Chrome Plated
Engine (Only) Weight: 56 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M8 x 1.25mm
RPM Range: 3,000 - 11,000
Fuel: Gas/Oil Mix
Mounting Dimensions: 142 x 105 x 181mm
Muffler Type: Can
HP: 2.2
Cylinder Type: Ring
Carb Type: WT644/WT643
Crank Type: Ball Bearing

  • Carbon tail rod LOGO 600-3D

    Carbon control rod for tail LOGO 600-3D
    SKU: MIK-4073
  • HELI JIVE 120+ HV

    The Jive Series of ESCs offer integrated shock resistant housing made from a specific poly amide protects the JIVE ESC from mechanical damage and makes it waterproof. The plastic material has been developed especially for injection molding of electronic parts without tensions or stress for the electronic components

    The name 120+ HV means that the Jive is capable of putting out 120 Amps continuous current right out of the box with zero modification. The huge cooling plate transfers all of the heat from the internals with great efficiency. With decent external cooling it is possible to increase the output of the Jive considerably. Installing a heatsink onto the Jive's built-in cooling plate will boost the cooling and help keep it running cool.

    Kontronik ESC's have a legendary reputation for having the most sophisticated & consistent properties of any ESC on the market. The built-in governor mode is simply the best ESC governor available - As long as your motor and battery are up to the task, a Kontronik ESC will govern the head speed flawlessly. Another amazing feature of Kontronik ESC's is their ability to automatically program themselves to mate with the motor that they are controlling. This guarantees the highest power and efficiency possible all the time, every time.

    Further highlights are waiting inside the new JIVE ESC. One of which is the unbelievably strong BEC which is adjustable between 5V and 6V with ProgCARD II or ProgDISC. It offers 5A continuous BEC current with 15A in peak. That's enough for all spectacular flight figures even in helicopters. To provide this power the JIVE ESCs have two PARALLEL BEC output jacks. It is necessary to use both BEC output jacks if you are using this ESC with high current servos, most specifically in a flybarless application.

    Due to a second processor it was possible to exceed the well-known JAZZ Software with some new leading features. For example the JIVE alarms the pilot after the flight, when it was used in overload regions in order to prevent a later malfunction.

    - Cell count: 5-12 Lipos
    - Operating voltage: 16-50V
    - Continuous Current: 120A
    - Max Current: without external cooling - 120A. With external cooling device such as a heatsink, the continuous discharge current can be greatly increased.
    - Max RPM with 2-pole-motor: ...to be defined...
    - Size: 62x32x21mm
    - Weight with cables: 140g
    - Cable cross-section: 4/6mm²
    - BEC current continuous: 5A
    - BEC current max.: 15A
    - BEC voltage: 5.5V

    - Bail-Out
    - Manual throttle mode
    - Option to run the ESC on an external flybarless system
    - BEC adjustable with ProgCARD/ProgDISC: 5-6V
    - BEC short circuit protection
    - Auto Programming Mode
    - Stick positions programmable
    - Mode programming
    - ProgCARD ability
    - RPM Control
    - EMK brake can be disabled
    - EMK brake adjustable (for F3A)
    - Short circuit protection
    - False start protection
    - Current limiting
    - Over-temperature protection
    - Under-voltage cutoff
    - Under-voltage can be disabled
    - Under-voltage with automatic adjustment for NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion / LiPo
    - Variable cutoff voltage / cell
    - Slow down instead of cutoff
    - Active freewheeling circuit
    - LED status display
    - Overload alarm
    - PWM frequency 8-32kHz
    - Total copper thickness 630µm
    - Reversible rotation direction

    SKU: KON-4620
  • Hornet Vertical Fin

    Made from carbon fiber plates and bonded to the boom using CA. Improve your flying control and assist lift and drag with this high quality fin

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  • JR Forza 700 Tail PC Link B (2pcs)

    Tail PC Link B (2pcs) for JR Forza 700

    SKU: JRH60556
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