Zenoah G231 PUH Heli

Zenoah G231 PUH Heli



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  • Single-cylinder 2-stroke gas engine
  • Better power and performance with no increase in cylinder volume
  • User-friendly and easy to start and adjust
  • Easy conversion for existing helis
  • 20% increase in horsepower
  • Displacement: 22.5cc

Zenoah aircraft-Helicopter engines are famous throughout the modeling world for their outstanding power and exceptional reliability.
These same qualities can be found in their new G-231, 23cc heli engine as well.

It boasts approximately 20% more horsepower than its predecessor, the G-23 Heli, and is simple to start and adjust. It shares the same overall mounting dimensions as the older version.

Type: 2-stroke
Displacement: 1.37 cu in (22.50 cc)
Bore: 1.30 in (32.00 mm)
Stroke: 1.10 in (28.00 mm)
Cylinders: Single - Chrome Plated
Engine (Only) Weight: 56 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M8 x 1.25mm
RPM Range: 3,000 - 11,000
Fuel: Gas/Oil Mix
Mounting Dimensions: 142 x 105 x 181mm
Muffler Type: Can
HP: 2.2
Cylinder Type: Ring
Carb Type: WT644/WT643
Crank Type: Ball Bearing

  • 800E Torque Tube

    Torque tube × 1(Φ8x918mm)
    Bearing MR148ZZ × 2(Φ8xΦ14x4mm)
    Torque Tube Bearing Holder × 2
    SKU: H80T011
  • AntiSlip VELCRO Lock Strap XL

    The new XL Lock Straps feature a Patented anti slip material in the inside surface that securely locks your battery in place and prevents them from slipping, during extreme maneuvers.
    These large size straps are made from heavy duty nylon Velcro material and perfect for 500 to 800 class electric helicopters or larger RC Aircraft.

    Strap measures 25 X 450 mm, so they will also catch lipos from 6-8S 5000-8000mah without any problem.
    Each package contains 3 Velcro straps
    SKU: Batstrap
  • Gear set Servo 9257

    Gear set for Servo S 9257

    SKU: F1399100
  • LOGO 550 SE, JIVE 100LV/Scorpion Combo

    LOGO 550 SE is the next step in the LOGO 500 Series. The LOGO 550 SE keeps all the proven and popular components of the LOGO 500, while incorporating several new developments to sustain today’s technical requirements during extreme flight manoeuvers.

    • 600mm main blades
    • 6 S Lipo 5000 mAh, Alu-rotor head yoke with 8mm spindle shaft
    • Light and durable chassis fiberglass reinforced frame direct servo link to the swashplate
    • Hollow main shaft with 10mm diameter
    • Herringbone main gear with 153 teeth (module 07)
    • Motor counter bearing with additional main shaft support
    • colored fin set in neon-yellow, matched with the canopy
    • Extra-strong 22mm diameter tail boom
    • Detailed airbrush canopy in neon-yellow


    •   Rotor diameter: 1340mm.
    •   Rotor blades: 600mm.
    •   Gear ratio main rotor: 8,1:1 to 12,9:1 Mod .7
    •   Weight: 2.5kg - 3.2kg Depending on power system.
    •   Battery: 6S 5000 Lipo.

    Kit Content

    • Kit without electronic
    • Counter bearing with main shaft support
    • Detailed printed manual
    • Motor Scorpion HK III 4025-1100 Kv, Mikado Edition
    • 13t pinion
    • Kontronik JIVE 100 LV
    • Mini VBar blueline express
    • Blades EDGE 603
    • Tail Blades EDGE 95
    • Airbrushed Canopy

    SKU: MIK-2224
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