TX & RX Accessories

Antennas and Radio accessories and Bling, tunig for all major radios

  • 12 MZ/FG, 14MZ Switch Nuts

    Personalize your transmitter with these colorful aluminum switch nuts. Fits  Futaba 12 MZ/FG, 14MZ
    Full set including 8 pcs and Removal/installation tool.
    You'll notice that the upper rim of the nut is smooth. Some Transmitters have the slots cut in the nuts had sharp corners. If you using to put the fingers between the switches, this got to be very irritating. Those nuts have smooth rim.
    Color is Green

    SKU: ELRC601


    The robbe 6 Volt Limiter derives a stabilised voltage of 5.7 Volts from a 5-cell NC / NiMH battery or two Lithium cells.
    The maximum continuous load is 5 Amps, but the peak is significantly higher. A constant voltage supply offers the advantage that the servos always deliver consistent power and transit speed regardless of battery voltage. With this limiter it is also possible to use servos which are only designed for use with four NC / NiMH cells.Also suitable for stabilising the voltage of two Li-Po cells (7.4 Volts).

    In this case the maximum continuous load is reduced to around 3.0 Amps since the unit has to dissipate more waste power. For simple applications one cable to the standard switch harness is all you need. For applications with higher current drain we recommend that you use two cables and a switch harness designed for higher load currents.

    For example, the 5 A switch harness, No. 8024, or the Safety Switch, No. 8498, which features secure electronic contacts. In this case the second cable is connected to any vacant channel at the receiver.Note: If you wish to connect a second cable it will be necessary to attach a second lead to the receiver battery.
    Two separate batteries must not be used, as this would bridge the input, causing the batteries to be wired in parallel.

    SKU: Robbe-8476

    IN STOCK 48H
  • 9C /FF9 Switch Nuts

    FF9/ 9C Transmitter SWITCH NUTS

    Full set including 8 pcs and Removal/installation tool. For Futaba FF9/9C
    You'll notice that the upper rim of the nut is smooth. Some Transmitters have the slots cut in the nuts had sharp corners. If you using to put the fingers between the switches, this got to be very irritating. Those nuts have smooth rim.
    The colors are just a bonus

    SKU: ELRC604G


  • Adhesive Velcro 1 meter

    Best way to properly fasten your battery packs is to use Self Adhesive Velcro on the battery (loop side) and Self adhesive Velcro (hook side) on battery tray.
    Also works well in attaching Receivers as it absorbs some of the vibrations.
    Set of Both sides, Hook and Loop, 1 meter each. 25m wide,Black color


  • Aluminum Transmitter Stand

    High quality and good looking CNC transmitter stand that should work with any radios that has a round handle with a diameter of 5mm and length of 85mm.

    Avaliable in Light Blue color (Transmitter not included)
    Please see Zoom images to see how Transmitter looks with the stand on it

    SKU: SKU40609

  • Antenna Tube

    Special Antenna Tubing, length of Approx 1m, to install antenna on your heli or Airplane/car

    SKU: RB6063

  • Antenna Wire Futaba/Jr

    Receiver Wire, direct replacement for broken Rx aerial.length of 1meter, color - Black

    SKU: SKU14623

  • Base loaded Antenna - 35mhz

    These base loaded aerial are unique in that the electronics are sealed inside a CNC machined alloy mounting case. Allows for a very neat and tidy radio installation keeping your aerial wire out of harms way.

    Suitable for all frequencies 35-40 Mhz
    Overall length - 200mm (10")

    SKU: H5330

  • Battery Heavy duty connector

    Excellent quality connectors, made in Germany

    The cable made from Silicone 2 x0.50mm .Fits Futaba or Jr ( per choice) .

    This cable is produced and tested with most modern procedures. Cables are tested individually at 48v test, Conduction test, Polarity and shortcut test, stability of the contacts.
    Those cables provided with 3 years Guarantee.

    SKU: SKU11222


    The robbe Battery Switch is a safety change-over switch which provides a means of supplying the operating voltage to the receiver from two separate NC / NiMH receiver batteries, each consisting of four or five cells. If the main battery becomes flat or develops a fault, the Battery Switch switches over to the reserve battery.If one battery circuit develops a fault, the associated LED flashes to alert the user. Conventional battery backers usually work by discharging the two batteries equally; in contrast, the Battery Switch acts as a true "reserve tank", since the back-up battery only comes into use if and when the main battery is flat or faulty.Specification:: Weight: 18 g Voltage: 4.8-6 Volts current: 3.5 mA Dimensions: 52.5x21x13 mm

    SKU: Robbe8447

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Campac 16K

    Model data memory module, no battery required. For permanent storage of model data, and for copying or transferring data between transmitters.

    This campac is 16k, fits 8-9ch radios and FX-fc RANGE

    SKU: F1509

    IN STOCK 48H
  • CIU-2 Usb adaptor

    Setting Data Read-reads the program setting data of the connected ESC
    Setting Data Write-writes data to the ESC
    Default Data Write-writes standard data from the factory
    Get Data-reads the program data when connected to ESC
    Clear Data- clears data from the ESC

    INCLUDES: PC Interface with interface to ESC extension

    REQUIRES: PC with USB type A port
    Software can be downloaded free from www.futaba-rc.com

    SPECS: Interface: USB Rev1.1 compliant
    500mm extension included with the CIU-2 to connect to your ESC
    USB Connector: USB series A connector
    Operating Voltage: 5V ± .2V (USB bus power)
    Current Drain: At connection idle; 12.3 ± 2mA
    Operating Environment: Temperature -10 ~ 50°C
    Dimensions: 18.2 X 56.5 X 9mm
    Weight: 7.5g
    Applicable OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000

    SKU: RobbeF1405

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Cross strap for DUPLEX transmitters

    Cross strap for DUPLEX transmitters


    IN STOCK 48H
  • Crystal case

    Made of extremely strong plastic, this box can hold up to 16 crystals (two rows of eight). The crystals are held vertically, protected by foam which is held closed by a plastic locking mechanism.

    Dimensions: approx. 134 x 73 x 27mm

    SKU: RCM16247

  • Cyclic ring

    Cyclic ring fits Futaba and Jr radio, those rings prevent interactions caused by Non linear sticks.

    SKU: SKU8123

  • DX7 Screen Protector

    • Totally Invisible
    • Totally scratch resistant
    • Patented material
    • Military technology

    Your new device is beautiful and shiny - but it won't stay that way unless you protect it. You need a clear Spektrum DX7 protector to keep it that way. You can shop for flashy skins and bulky covers, but they'll make your device bigger - and they'll detract from the sleek design of your gadget. When you're looking for the ultimate Spektrum DX7 cover, this product has a reputation for being the best and most durable in the market. Guaranteed , it's a higher quality than all other transparent Spektrum DX7 skins because it was originally a military technology developed to protect helicopter blades from dirt and debris. It's the toughest material of it's kind, and it will keep your device in pristine condition for life. In fact, it's so tough that if anything ever happens to your invisishield, just send it back to us and we'll send you a brand new one for free!

    The shield is only .2mm thick - so it's a virtually undetectable on your device. And if you ever want to remove it, simply peel off your Spektrum DX7 Invisible Shield. What you will find is that your transparent Spektrum DX7 cover has perfectly protected your gadget and it still looks brand new. Not to mention, this state of the art clear Spektrum DX7 skin won't leave any sticky residue.

    In the end, the ultimate Spektrum DX7 screen protector is the true original.When it comes to finding the best clear screen protectors, the other protective cases won't do the job. If you're looking the highest quality Spektrum DX7 skin, This is the only solution .


    IN STOCK 48H
  • External Charge Socket (JR/Sanwa Z)

     Accessory External Charge Socket (JR/Sanwa Z)


  • FF-10C / T7C TX Switch Nuts

    Futtaba 10c(FF10) , 7C (FF7) Transmitter SWITCH NUTS

    Full set including 8 pcs and Removal/installation tool. Fits Futaba 10c(FF10) , 7C (FF7)

    You'll notice that the upper rim of the nut is smooth. Some Transmitters have the slots cut in the nuts had sharp corners. If you using to put the fingers between the switches, this got to be very irritating. Those nuts have smooth rim.
    The colors are just a bonus

    SKU: ELRC603G


  • FF-6/7/8/9/10 plug futaba

    Plug for square Futaba series.

    Fits FF (FC) 7/8/9/ 10 transmitters, to be used to make Trainer or Simulator cables.


  • Fromeco SmartFly Switch

    SmartFly Super Switch Cermark Style case Deans in Deans out Standard. Comes with charging socket

    SKU: RCM19018

  • Futaba 9Z plug

    To be used for making Traner or Simulator cables

    SKU: SKU4073

  • Futaba Anodized TX Sticks Long (Blue)

    RC Controllers Transmitter Stick End Long Blue
    (Set of 2 pcs)  For Futaba

    SKU: AV016-03003

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Futaba Anodized TX Sticks Short

    Give your radio a bling look.
    CNC sticks for Futaba transmitters

    Set of 2.

    SKU: KRW137

  • Futaba extended sticks

    Diamster of 10,5 mm, Length 47 mm,fis all Futaba transmitters.

    Set of 2 pcs

    SKU: RB8086

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