Traxxas parts

Here you can find Traxxas Spare parts and upgrades

  • 45-tooth diff gear (for 4 …

    45-tooth diff gear (for 4420 ball diff.)
    SKU: TRX4425

    IN STOCK 48H
  • 5mm nylon wheel nuts (4) …

    5mm nylon wheel nuts (4)
    SKU: TRX2747

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Adapter nut, clutch

    Adapter nut, clutch
    SKU: TRX3283

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Adapter, spur gear

    Adapter, spur gear
    SKU: TRX4593

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Alum Chassis Bar(Nitro Ha …

    Alum Chassis Bar(Nitro Hawk)
    SKU: TRX3129

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Alum Exhaust Header …

    Alum Exhaust Header
    SKU: TRX4450

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Alum Thrust Washer Retainer

    Alum Thrust Washer Retainer
    SKU: TRX2724

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Alum. Motor Plate

    Alum. Motor Plate
    SKU: TRX1990

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Alum. Pivot Bushings …

    Alum. Pivot Bushings
    SKU: TRX1944

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum caps, pivot ball …

    Aluminum caps, pivot ball (4)
    SKU: TRX4934

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum chassis post/ bellcrank post set w/spacers.

    Aluminum chassis post/ bellcrank post set w/spacers. (Use with graphite chassis)
    SKU: TRX4321X


    Notify me when in stock

  • Aluminum chassis/ cover p …

    Aluminum chassis/ cover plate/ gasket
    SKU: TRX6070

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum hex wheel hubs

    Aluminum hex wheel hubs (2)/ 5x6 GS (2)
    SKU: TRX6046

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum mounting posts

    Aluminum mounting posts (2)
    SKU: TRX6051

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum resistor cover …

    Aluminum resistor cover
    SKU: TRX1233

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum side cover plate …

    Aluminum side cover plate
    SKU: TRX6024

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum thrust washer

    Aluminum thrust washer retainer
    SKU: TRX4424

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Aluminum tuned pipe & hea

    Aluminum tuned pipe & header (complete w/mounting hardware) (strong power across mid and upper RPM range) (blue-anodized)
    SKU: TRX4485

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Anchoring pins with lock

    Anchoring pins with locknuts (4)/ plastic thumbscrews for upper deck (4)
    SKU: TRX1516

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Anti-sway bars (front & rear)

    Anti-sway bars (front & rear) w/ hardware
    SKU: TRX6078

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Arms, Rear Suspension (2)

    Arms, Rear Suspension (2) For
    SKU: TRX2750

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Attachment bracket, plug/ …

    Attachment bracket, plug/ foam tape/tie wrap/ 3x10mm wst screw (old style, replace with 4132)
    SKU: TRX4577

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Attachment screws, shock

    Attachment screws, shock (3x12mm shoulder screws) (6)
    SKU: TRX3642

    IN STOCK 48H
  • Axle carriers, left & rig …

    Axle carriers, left & right (1 each) (use with larger 6x13mm ball bearings)/ bearing adapters (for 6x12mm ball bearings) (2)/ dust boot retainers (4)
    SKU: TRX5334R

    IN STOCK 48H
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