Transmitter battery 8NiMH 2700

Transmitter battery 8NiMH 2700


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Transmitter battery 8NiMH 2700 for T7C, T8U, T9C, T10C
  • 3D Purple Paddles m4

    3D Purple Paddles (2)

    SKU: KS3282
  • Control rod 720mm

    Tail metal control rod 720mm ( TT )

    SKU: UP90-83069TT
  • GF Electro Prop 12x6 set (4pcs)

    GF Electro Prop 12x6 set (4pcs)

    GF propellers for Multicopters, especially balanced per specs to have ZERO vibration.

    This is a perfect replacement for Graupner E electro props

    Although being more flexible, GF performs identically to Graupner.


    Propeller is pure polymer.
    Bore: 6mm
    Balance: 0.01g (0.1%)

    Set of 4 props with adaptors : 2 CW and 2 CCW.

    SKU: GMFN1260
  • Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R18 Receiver

     Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R18 receiver including RSat2 satellite receiver.

    Power can be supplied via the built-in MPX connector, which is compatible with the Jeti Max BEC 2, or via JR/UNI connectors. The power supply voltage required is 3.2-8.4V, but please note that this voltage is not regulated, so please ensure the input voltage is regulated appropriately according to your servo specification.

    The R18 includes a single RSAT2 satellite receiver with dual antennae, which should be operated in clone mode with the PPM output mode of the satellite set to 'DIRECT' and the PPM input mode of the R18 set to PPM Input on your chosen satellite channel.

    As with all Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz receivers, an audible alert can be configured so that the Duplex transmitter module emits an alarm, should the receiver supply voltage drop below a preset level. This is configurable by connecting the Jeti Box to the Tx module and this particular feature requires no additional sensors.

    Complete with bind-plug and MPX plug with two pieces of heatshrink.
    For a stable and reliable power source, we recommend the Max BEC range of voltage regulators. Alternatively you may wish to use two A123 LiFePO4 batteries, depending on your power requirements.

    Technical Details for Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R18 Receiver

    • Dimensions (mm)    62x38x16
    • Antennae Count    2
    • Antennae Length    400.00mm (15.75")
    • Channel Outputs    18
    • Temperature Range min. (°C)    -10
    • Jeti Box Compatible (JBC)    Yes
    • Temperature Range max. (°C)    85
    • Supply Voltage min.    3.2V
    • Supply Voltage max.    8.4V
    • Average Current (mA)    40
    • Transmission of Telemetric Data    Yes
    • Satellite receiver support    Yes
    • Power output (dBm)    20
    • Receiver Sensitivity (dBm)    -106
    • Weight    34.0g (1.2oz.)
    SKU: JDEX-R18-US
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