Tail Servo Boom Mount

Tail Servo Boom Mount
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Tail Servo Boom Mount: 130 X
  • Battery fixing rings

    Battery fixing rings for LOGO 10 Carbon

    SKU: Mik-3070
  • BLS 254 brushless

    Ultra fast 20 mm brushless digital servo, especially developed for tail rotor control of helicopters of 1-1,6 m rotor diameter.

    With robust, double ball-raced metal gears The perfect match for the GY-520 gyro. The casing centre piece is made from Aluminium and serves to cool the brushless motor. Dimensions identiacl with BLS 251, however designed for gyros with neutral point of 1520 µs.


    Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 36,8 mm
    Mass/weight: 61.00 pond/g
    Operating voltage: 4,8-6 Volts
    Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts Nominal voltage: 6.00 Volts
    Torque: 38.00 Ncm Torque: 47.00 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.04 Sec/45° Transit speed: 0.04 Sec/45°
    Holding power: 95.00 Ncm Holding power: 117.00 Ncm
    SKU: RobbeF1610
  • FTDI Basic Breakout Arduino USB-TTL

    This is the newest revision of our FTDI BASIC. It now uses a SMD 6-pin header on the bottom, which makes it smaller and more compact. Functionality has remained the same.

    This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC. The pinout of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with official Arduino and cloned 5V Arduino boards. It can also be used for general serial applications. The major difference with this board is that it brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable. The DTR pin allows an Arduino target to auto-reset when a new Sketch is downloaded. This is a really nice feature to have and allows a sketch to be downloaded without having to hit the reset button. This board will auto reset any Arduino board that has the reset pin brought out to a 6-pin connector.

    The pins labeled BLK and GRN correspond to the colored wires on the FTDI cable. The black wire on the FTDI cable is GND, green is CTS. Use these BLK and GRN pins to align the FTDI basic board with your Arduino target.

    This board has TX and RX LEDs that make it a bit better to use over the FTDI cable. You can actually see serial traffic on the LEDs to verify if the board is working.

    This board was designed to decrease the cost of Arduino development and increase ease of use (the auto-reset feature rocks!). Our Arduino Pro boards and LilyPads use this type of connector.

    One of the nice features of this board is a jumper on the back of the board that allows the board to be configured to either 3.3V or 5V (both power output and IO level). This board ship default to 5V, but you can cut the default trace and add a solder jumper if you need to switch to 3.3V.

  • Lost Alarm Finder Tracker for RC

    RC lost Airplane/helicopter/drone  finder Alarm.

    • Connect the alarm between the servo and the receiver, i.e. act as a servo extension cord.
    • Turn on your TX. and you will hear 2 x beep sound.
    • Do not move any of the control stick on the TX or simply turn off the the TX. You will hear a continuous beep sound after 1 minute. It will stop once u turn on your TX or move the control stick.
    • If you ignore the continuous beep sound for around 2minutes, the beep sound will change the a louder V sound.
    • You need to disconnect the alarm from the receiver in order to switch of the alarm.


    • RC Radio Control  Lost Finder Tracker
    • Suitable Controller: All PPM/FM, PCM/FM, AM Tx/Rx
    • Loud >85dB alarm gets your attention
    • Two alarm tones pattern
    • Works with AM/FM PPM or FM/PCM R/C systems
    • Plugs into any standard servo channel
    • Operating Voltage(v) : 4-6v
    • Current Drain(mA) : 1-35
    • Can be heard in 50 meter distance

    How to set up

    1. 1. Connect the lost alarm between the servo (the one which runs when flying) and the receiver, i.e. act as a servo extension cord
    2. 2. Turn on your transmitter
    3. 3. Turn on your receiver then you will hear two beep sound
    4. 4. To test if it is functioning:
    5. Do not move any of the control stick on the transmitter for 1 min. or simply turn it off
    6. You will hear a continuous beep sound after 1 minute
    7. If you ignore the continuous beep sound for around 2 minutes, the beep sound will change to a louder V sound
    8. It will stop once you move the control stick or power off the receiver
    9. 5. If you cannot find you plane, do not move the control stick or turn off your transmitter for 1 min for the alarm sound
    10. 6. By the tracking sound, you will be able to locate your RC plane / Helicopter
    11. 7. To stop the alarm : Move the control stick or Power off the receiver
    12. Can be connected to any kinds of servo
    13. Should be connected to the servo that runs when flying

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