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Hooks to be used on ENDLESS 54 panels

Set of 16

  • 700N DFC Receiver Mount

    Use for T-REX 700 Nitro DFC .


    Receiver mount x 1
    Socket button head collar screw x 6(M3x8mm)
    Aluminum Hexagonal Bolt x 4(Φ5.5x47mm)
    SKU: H7NB009XXW
  • CGY-750E flybarless gyro

    Futaba triple-axis flybarless gyro system for controlling model helicopters without flybar paddles. Low-cost version for electric helicopters with new V1.3 software.

    Important new features:

    • Greatly simplified set-up routines and menus
    • Clear update instructions and setup notes
    • Supports rotational speed measurement using brushless motor phase sensor.
    • Completely new flight performance due to:
    • New algorithm, permitting higher swashplate stabilisation rates and substantially improved control response
    • Substantially improved rate control and consistency between hover and fast forward flight modes
    • Reduced inter-dependence of collective and cyclic set-up values
    • Improved piro compensation for flat pirouettes in hovering and aerobatics
    • Improved hovering stability

    This system operates with special sensors manufactured specifically and exclusively for Futaba; their outstanding feature is their enormous sensitivity in motion detection.
    The new MEMS sensor features even higher sensitivity and rotational speed (up to 1200°/sec.) and yet is highly resistant to vibration.
    The sensor is located in a separate aluminium housing for further improved vibration absorption, resulting in higher sensor sensitivity. Overall the combination of enhanced sensitivity and increased speed results in an even higher level of stabilisation.
    In conjunction with the ultra-fast micro-processor and a special PID control algorithm the CGY750 delivers unprecedented performance for competition models.
    The gyro is set up using four buttons and a clearly arranged menu, in conjunction with an OLED screen which is clearly legible even in bright sunlight.
    Connecting a rotational speed sensor expands the CGY750 by the function of a speed governor, ensuring that the gyro and speed governor interact perfectly.
    All necessary information is available from the
    receiver via the S.BUS socket and a single
    cable; even the collective pitch position can
    be interrogated for optimum regulation

    Note: without an adapter the CGY750 can only be operated with S.BUS receivers such as the R2008SB, R6108SB, R6208SB, R6203SB, R6308SB, R6308SBT, R7003SB or R7008SB.
    The SBE-1 (S.BUS converter), No. F1711, is required if you wish to connect it to a normal PWM receiver.
    Elektronics Box
    With bright, high-contrast OLED screen (128 x 36 dots).
    Firmware update possible using CIU-2 adapter.
    Support of analogue and digital servos (1520 μs) and digital servos (760 μs) with S.BUS connection.
    Gyro range
    Switchable F3C or F3D mode
    Supports H3-120°, H3-140°, H3-90°, H4 and H4-45° and rotor head systems.
    Wide dynamic regulatory range of +/- 1200° / sec.
    Speed governor range:
    Three operating modes are available in speed governor mode:
    Motor speed regulation, motor speed limiting, rotor speed regulation
    Broad regulatory range of 1000...3000 rpm
    Rotational speed compensation when tail rotor commands are given
    Provision for crankshaft speed sensor for OS-91,OS-55 and OS-50 engines


    • Weight: 8 g (gyro sensor) 13 g (electronics box)
    • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 8.5 mm (gyro sensor) 44 x 29 x 13 mm (electronics box)
    • Operating voltage: 3.8...8.4 Volt
    • Current drain: 70 mARotational rate: +/- 1200° / second
    • Rotational speed resolution: 6 rpm
    • Servo frame rate:70 Hz (analogue), 280 Hz (digital 1520 μs), 560 Hz (digital 760 μs)

    SKU: F1649
  • OptiDrive electronic shif …

    OptiDrive electronic shift module
    SKU: TRX5398
  • OS Engines Throttle Arm Assembly 40L

    OS Engines Throttle Arm Assembly 40L

    SKU: OS29085140
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