Smart Guard battery-tester

Smart Guard battery-tester
Smart Guard


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This device will know eveyr battery you connect to it , it shows kind of battery ( LiPo , LiFe , NimH , Nicd) and give you information about the charging status of every single cell ( LiPo LiFe)in the pack .
It shows voltage and capacity of each batterypack and even each single cell ( LiPo, LiFe). It works from LIXX 2-7 cells ( 7,4-26V LiPo and LiFe) and 4 - 7 cells NiCd and NiMH to check a receiver battery).

  • Ball Link A-B

    Ball Link A-B

    SKU: H25056
  • Hardware Bag

    Use for T-REX 250.


    Hexagonal screw hole 1.3mm
    Socket screw x 2(M2x5mm)
    Stainless steel socket screw x 2(M2x8mm)
    Socket button head screw x 23(0#x3mm)
    Socket button head screw x 13(0#x4mm)
    Socket button head screw x 9(0#x5mm)
    Socket button head screw x 3(0#x6mm)
    Socket button head screw x 4(0#x8mm)
    Socket button head screw x 2(0#x10mm)
    M2 set screw x 4(M2x2mm)
    M2 set screw x 2(M2x6mm)
    Socket button head collar screw x 2(0#x4mm)
    Socket button head self tapping screw x 16(T1.5x3mm)
    Socket button head self tapping screw x 2(T1.5x4mm)
    Socket button head self tapping screw x 4(T1.5x5mm)
    Socket button head self tapping screw x 6(T1.5x6mm)
    Countersunk philips self tapping screw x 3(T1.5x4mm)
    Screw x 1(M1.2x3mm)
    M1.5 special washer(Φ1.5xΦ2.7xΦ3.6x1.2mm) x 34

    SKU: H25033A
  • Input shaft/ drive gear a …

    Input shaft/ drive gear assembly, lightweight (18/ 13-tooth top gear) (hard-anodized/Teflon-coated 7075 T6 aluminum gears)
    SKU: TRX3993X
  • JR Propo XG8 8-channel DMSS Radio with RG831B Rx

    • 30 model internal memory.
    • JR DMSS 2.4GHz Technology.
    • SD card slot for model data sharing, expanded storage and software updates(SD card not supplied).
    • 1400mAh Li-Fe transmitter battery pack, Transmitter weighs just 770g
    • Integrated charging circuit, 9V AC/DC adapter supplied with automatic shut down when fully charged.
    • Back Lit Screen
    • Touch Select System for switch selection.

    Using JR's very own DMSS technology the XG8 provides a reliable 2.4GHz radio link to control all types of model aircraft, having Aeroplane, Helicopter and Glider modes.

    The XG8 is the first JR transmitter to come with a Li-Fe battery, being fitted with a 1400 mAh pack. This has greatly reduced the weight of the transmitter, which weighs in at only 770 grams. It also ensures perfect balance. The transmitter has an integrated charging circuit so just plug in the 9V AC/DC adapter supplied and the charging unit will shut down automatically once it detects that the battery is fully charged. No more worries overcharging! The XG8 offers Aeroplane, Helicopter and Glider modes, a 30 model internal memory, stick modes 1 to 4 and an SD card slot for model data sharing, expanded storage and software updates (SD card not supplied).

    Programming is easy thanks to JR's well-proven, intuitive user interface with data entered using the familiar scroll bar and four push-button entry keys. The programming information is clearly displayed on the large, graphical back lit screen.

    XG8 uses the new JR DMSS 2.4 technology, which besides offering a secure, robust radio link to control your models also offers advanced telemetry functions and JR's new Intelligent Output System. Receiver voltage telemetry is built in as standard and other forthcoming add-on sensors will give you real time feedback of information from your model such as the RPM of an aircraft propeller or helicopter rotor blades, temperature and variometer/altimeter readings.

    JR's Intelligent Output System automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted at exactly the same time and transmits the data for these channels as one complete signal frame. This ensures that there is no time delay when commanding servos used for critical functions such as a CCPM swash plate on a helicopter or when operating a four servo aileron wing.

    Other features include side-lever controls on either side of the transmitter, a Touch Select System for switch selection, dual trim options, a user selected menu for frequently used functions, failsafe on all eight channels, user assigned switch function, programmable throttle cut and two independent programmable timers.

    XG8 features all the functions that you would expect from an eight channel JR transmitter, plus quite a few new ones too.

    If want to take advantage of the telemetry functions built into the XG8 easy to fit sensors are available to give you in-flight information from critical parts of your model.

    Combo Content

    •XG8 Transmitter
    •Transmitter Battery
    •240V Mains Charger
    •JR RG831B Receiver

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