Sky-Hero Spy 600mm Mutirotor Y6 Frame kit


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New Innovative design Drones, Produced in Belgium. this machine is 600mm wide, White canopy

We are offering also Combos, depends on your Flying weight demand. mail us for Offer

  • At the moment first batch will be delivered around 15.5.2013, available for pre-order
  • 2 mm carbon fiber main frame plates = stronger
  • 30 mm carbon fiber booms = ESC inside
  • Injected motor mounts = reliable
  • Flight controller between the frame plates = protected
  • Pre-drilled for 45*45 flight controller patterns = easy
  • 28 mm to 36 mm motor size = choice is yours
  • INERTiC camera mounts = no jelly
  • 20 mm carbon fiber landing poles = stable
  • 600, 800 or 900 mm size = choice is yours again
  • Y6 shape = enjoy windy days

Frame only, Electronics Not included

  • After Run Oil

    After run oil for engine protection after use suitable for use with all engine types and compatible with nitromethane and methanol.
    Bottle of 50ML

    SKU: AIR002T
  • Avizar XXL aftermarket Inertic Long mount for Spyder

    Special design, XXL Aftermarket Inertic bottom plate for Spyder.
    This inertic mount was created after research and opportunity to improve and ease of use for Mounting, allow easier adjustment  CG of Sky hero Spyder

    • Made from 3.0mm Carbon reinforced FRP material, make this mount plate resistant to Shocks, and very rigid.
    • Wider : Allows mounting of 2x 6s 5000-6000 Lipos side by side without touching the screws.
    • Longer plate : 37 CM - allows perfect CG with or without gimbal, use with 1 or 2 lipo packs
    • Forward Side mounting holes: For easy gimbal mounting direct, or on tubes of Xaircraft type
    • Back Holes for GPS mounting, or FPV TX.

    To use this plate in current Spyder you will need to make some 4mm holes in the bottom plate of Spyder.

    SKU: AV03-Inertic-Spyder
  • LOGO 500-550 Carbon-Fiber Chassis

    This frame kit features carbon-fiber side frames with anodized cnc aluminum parts merged in a truly unique fashion. The frame is offered as a complete set for use with an existing LOGO 500/550. It is an essential "must-have" for those pilots looking to equally combine form and function with the LOGO's unparalleled design.  
    CFK Chassis Highlights

    •   Carbon/Aluminum Chassis - highest stiffness and rigidity
    •   Carbon material - piano-finish surface
    •   Black-anodized alu parts with unique surface
    •   Third bearing for rotor shaft
    •   Counter bearing for 6mm motor shaft
    •   Heat sink for speed controller
    •   Choice of two motor plates (25 and 30mm) with large cooling surface
    •   Larger battery area than plastic frame (hight 65 mm x width 62mm)
    •   Weight 725g
    •   Pre-assembled frame
    •   Tail boom holder 20mm

    SKU: MIK-04449
  • Main Rotor Housing Set/Blue

    The damper rubbers are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic.
    6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
    Use for T-REX450DFC.(H45162)


    • 450DFC Metal Main Rotor Housing × 1
    • 450DFC Damper Rubber × 2(Φ4xΦ6.5x3.8mm)
    • Spacer × 2(Φ4xΦ5.6x1mm)
    • Socket collar screw × 1(M2x12mm)
    • M2 Nut × 1
    • Socket screw × 2(M2x6mm)

    SKU: H45190QN
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