Scorpion HKIII 4020-1100KV

Scorpion HKIII 4020-1100KV



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The Scorpion HKIII-4020 Series Motor is designed for using on 550 class helicopters running on 6 to 8-cell Li-Po power. This motor represents the most technologically advanced power source ever offered for a 550 class electric helicopter.

Scorpion Competition Series Brushless Motors are built from the best materials available, and are designed to provide both quality and performance at an affordable price. Scorpion starts with high quality aluminum alloy parts that are produced on the latest CNC milling machines. These parts are then gold Electro-Coated to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The stators are made with 0.2mm laminations to give maximum efficiency, and minimum Eddy current losses. The stators are epoxy coated to prevent shorts, and are wound with wire that is rated at 180 degrees C (356 F). The magnets used in Scorpion Motors are custom manufactured to be able to withstand high temperatures, making a motor that is virtually impossible to burn up in normal use.


  • Stator Diameter: 40 mm(1.57 in)
  • Stator Thickness: 20 mm(0.79 in)
  • No. of Stator Arms: 12
  • Magnet Poles: 10
  • Motor Wind: 3T/4T Delta
  • Motor Wire: 24-Strand 0.29mm
  • Motor Kv 1100KV RPM/Volt
  • No-Load Current (IO/10v) 3.15 Amps
  • Motor Resistance (RM) 0.008 Ohms
  • Max Continuous Current 78 Amps
  • Max Continuous Power 1640 Watts
  • Weight 302 Grams (10.65 oz)
  • Outside Diameter 49.98 mm (1.97 in)
  • Shaft Diameter 4.98 mm (0.20 in)
  • Body Length 46.8 mm (1.84 in)
  • Overall Shaft Length 78.7 mm (3.10 in)
  • Max Lipo Cell 6s
  • Peak Current 90 Amps (5 seconds)
  • Peak Continuous Power 1890 Watts (5 seconds)
  • Motor Timing 5deg
  • Drive Frequency 8kHz

Included in the Box

  • 1 x Scorpion HKIII-4020-1100KV Motor
  • 3 x Female Connectors
  • 3 x Heat Shrink
  • 4 x M3 Screws

  • 15A Brushless ESC

    5-6V step-less adjustable BEC output allowing custom voltage setting to match servo specification.
    BEC output utilizing linear power system, suitable for 7.4-11.1V (2S-3S) Li battery, with continuous current rating of 2A, and burst rating of 3A.
    Three programmable throttle speed settings to support quick throttle response.
    Include soft start and Governor Mode.
    Small and compact PCB design for lightweight and simple installation.
    Large heat sink for optimum thermal performance.
    Highly compatible to work with 98% of all brushless motors currently on the market.
    Ultra-smooth motor start designed to run with all kinds of brushless motors.
    The power inlet utilizes a Japanese made "Low ESR" capacitor in order to provide stable power source.
    The throttle has more than 200 step resolution that provides great throttle response and control.

    Continuous current:15Amps
    Surge current:20Amps
    Supporting motor types:2 poles to 10+poles in/outrunner brushless motors
    Supporting maximum RPM:2poles=>190,000rpm
    Supporting input voltage:5.5V~12.6V
    BEC output voltage: 5-6V step-less adjustment
    Supporting battery types: Li-Po 2~3 cells

    SKU: KX880003A
  • Agile 5.5 Main rotor holder grips

    Main rotor holder grips

    • Rotor holder x 2
    • Bearing x 4(8x16x5mm)
    • washers x 2 (12x15.8x0.5mm)
    • PVC washers x 4 (4x20x0.5mm)
    • socket head screw x 2(M4x30mm)
    • lock nut M4 x 2
    • HF8-16M Thrust bearing X2

    Agile 5.5 Parts

    SKU: KA-55-002
  • Bearing(6800ZZ/695ZZ)

    Bearing 6800ZZ x 2(10x19x5mm)
    Bearing 695ZZ x 2(5x13x4mm)

    SKU: HN7068
  • Canopy Mounting Bolt

    For T-rex 500

    Canopy mounting bolt x 2
    M2.5 set screw x 2(M2.5x12mm)

    SKU: H50049
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