RotorTech Aurora 710mm Night

RotorTech Aurora 710mm  Night


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FUN-KEY RotorTech AURORA blades Lights change color while in operation (red, green, blue, yellow).

Removable / Replaceable power pack (sold separately).
Auto on/off Different Top and Bottom Light Pattern
Long flight duration.

  • Length: 710mm
  • Width: 63mm
  • Weight: 208g
  • Root / Grip Thickness: >=14mm
  • Hole: 4-5mm
  • Airfoil: Symmetrical
  • Tip: Aeroflat
  • Make: Carbon Fiber Common
  • Application: 60-90, Gas powered R/C helicopters.

Includes: 1x 3D/holographic decal sheet
1x 1mm thick spacer (4mm bolt hole adapter)
4x 2mm thick washers
4x 1mm thick washers

Please note: Charger or power pack are sold separately, not included in the set of blades.
In case of crash, Powerpack and charger can be reused.
  • Agile 5.5 Kit Super combo, Motor, YGE 120LV, Savox servos, Blades

    Agile 5.5 Kit Super combo, Motor, YGE 120 LV, Savox servos, Blades

    Included items of this special combo

    • Agile 5.5 Helicopter Kit
    • Motor KDS 4020-1100
    • ESC YGE 120 LV
    • 4 servos Savox ( optional upgrade to RJX servos )
    • Carbon main and tail Blades
    • Flybaress  controler ( optional )

    Specifications of the Heli:
    • Length: 1120mm
    • Height: 350mm
    • Width: 176mm
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 1250mm
    • Main Blade Length: 550mm
    • Tail Rotor Diameter: 260mm
    • Tail Blade Length:92mm
    • Motor Pinion Gear: 21T
    • Motor KV: 1100KV
    • Main Drive Gears:(First Reduction) 21/54 (Second Reduction) 17/56
    • Tail Drive Gears:(Front)58/15 (Tail Shaft)16/16
  • Blade 180 CFX Tail Pitch Slider

    Tail Pitch Slider for the Blade 180 CFX

    SKU: BLH3434
  • CARBON Props 12x5.5 T-motor style L/R

    T-motor style (flat center) Pair of  12X5.5 Carbon Fiber Propellers CW/CCW for multicopter


    • Material: Carbon fiber
    • Epoxy resin cover
    • Size: 12X5.5 cw, 12x5.5ccw
    • High gloss 3K finish
    • Very strong and light weight
    Included : Pair: 1 CW, 1 CCW
    SKU: TMPROP1255
  • Dualsky VR Pro Duo High end Linear regulator 2S lipo, 15Amp

     High end Linear regulator, 2 batteries redundancy input, come with FSS-3 fail safe pin switch.

    • Miniaturization design, input & output port using horizontal row;
    • Dual battery input design, automatic switching and  between batteries;
    • 4 current outputs, support 4 channel servos direct connection;
    • Plug and play. No need to weld the connectors;
    • Internal dual input voltage monitor for low voltage with memory function;
    • Support HV servos (7.4V), output voltage is switchable;
    • Includes FSS-3, the failure safety switch with status indicator (#46813),
    • VR Pro Duo also supports FSS-4 lightweight switch(#46814);
    • Equipped with heat sink and external cooling fan (#46816);
    • Support up to 10pcs of 30kg digital servo;
    • Use for largest 13KG model aircraft,Helicopter, eg.120CC Powered Aircraft.

    Electrical Features:

    • Linear regulator, no interference, low ripple;
    • The input power uses simulated diode dual redundancy power supply;
    • Double MosFET output, independent linear control IC, high output current
    • Low dropout design makes fully use of the cell's capacity,on HV mode;
    • Large heat sink, good heat dissipation and high overload capacity;
    • Built-in MCU precisely controls FSS-3 and internal voltage;
    • Fail safe design, ensuring Non-stop work;
    • SMT process, insuring the quality;
    • Input & output port all use high quality tantalum capacitors;
    • Fully tested before dispatch.


    • Input voltage: DC5.3V -8.4V, MAX10V (2S LiPo)
    • Output voltage: 5V, 6V, 7.4V (Switchable, Tolerance + 3%)
    • Output current: DC 0 -15A (Vin-Vout =1V)
    • Minimum differential voltage: < 0.3V
    • Power effect: %0.3
    • Voltage effect: %0.3
    • Output ripple: < 2mV
    • Size: 63mmX32mmX18mm
    • Weight: 62g (including duo input wires)

    SKU: 46746
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