Retracts set Multiplex Tucan

Retracts set Multiplex Tucan



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Retracts set for Multiplex Tucan, with metal side plate for better reinforcement. Fit also other models up to 4Kg.

  • New design circuit with Regular voltage IC to get stable work voltage to retract more smoothly.
  • Three independent control circuits to drive each DSR. Checking each retracts and shut it down if despaired situation happened.
  • Redesign driving system, over 70% components were made by Metal. More strength and reliable.
  • Auto cut off jammed retract power within 10 seconds to prevent draining input battery.
  • LED lighter will be on while struts down. And off while up.
  • You no longer need AIR Canister pumps for air retracts or servo push-pull retract mechanism for your landing gear.
  • Try the revolutionary patent product innovation now.
  • The system is suitable for 4~8 lbs model.

Input voltage: DC6~7.4V(5cells Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd, 2 cells Li-Po)
Lower voltage indicator: Green LED switch to Flash RED while input lower than 5.5V.
Max working current:0.25A
Strut shaft diameter:  5.5mm Hardening Shaft


  • 2 main wing units, 1 front unit
  • controller
  • instructions

  • Tucan Kit

    Strong performance!
    A hot-blooded monoplane with cockpit, transparent cover, elaborate decals and sturdy chassis. As a coach or Season model allows the TUCAN plenty of flying fun.
    The excellent flight performance combined with uncritical flight behavior resulting from its solid construction and Capping.
    The epp model is characterized by new and extravagant detail solutions and sets new standards in its class.

    V max. = 165 km / h

    Scope of supply:
    EPP - molded parts for fuselage, surfaces, tail, cockpit and spinners. CFRP spar tubes for the wing, plywood laser parts for the torso, molded, tinted transparent cover, plastic and wire parts for rigid tricycle landing gear, 3 air wheels. All plastic parts required to assemble small items, linkage, driver 5mm, cutout decals and detailed instructions.

    Good-natured, low-wing aerobatic performance with
    High-strength body with "M-Frame technology"
    See-through canopy with a very detailed cockpit
    Optionally equipped with retractable landing
    Optional well coordinated drive kits available


    • Wingspan:1300 mm
    • Length:1110 mm
    • Flying weight:1850 g
    • Total surface area: 32 dm ²
    • Total surface loading:58g/dm ².
    • Control channels:5
    • RC functions: Controlled rudder, elevator, ailerons, engine, front wheel, optional retractable landing gear
    • Construction time: about 6 h
    • Top speed:about 130 Km / h with a standard drive / 165 Km / h with tuning drive
    • Flight time:about 8-10 min

    SKU: MPX214284
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