R-6106HF 2.4 GHz

R-6106HF 2.4 GHz



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6 Channel FASST-receiver 2.4 GHz with High Speed output for digital servos.

A small, lightweight six-channel FASST receiver with end-mounted servo sockets. Switchable for analogue or digital servos, although the signal sent for digital servos is faster, giving a shorter reaction time. With just a 3 cm antenna, can be used for any type of model where there is no hull or chassis made from fibreglass reinforced plastic or metal to affect reception conditions.

Not recommended for large-scale models and jets. Range: approx. 1000 m

  • Airwolf 500 fuselage Grey

    Suitable for 500 Helicopter •

    Includes retracts functionality
    Realistic military equipment refined version.
    • Body length: 1000mm
    • Body width: 380mm
    • Body high: 310mm
    • Weight: 800g
    • Size: 101x41x30cm

    SKU: KZ0820111
  • Body Mount, Rear (Rally)

    Body Mount, Rear (Rally)
    SKU: TRX7315
  • Equalizer-adaptor TP/FP

    For connecting LiPo batteries with Thunder or Flight-Power Balance sensor leads to robbe Equalizers or battery chargers with Equalizer.
    Various connecting leads are supplied with the adaptors. Can be used with 5 or 6S Equalizers. Matches the Lipoly Equalizer 5S, the TOP Equalizers 6S, 6S 300 and 12S, and Duo Power 6S, Optimate and Eternity battery chargers

    SKU: RB-8215
  • JR XG14 DMSS Radio Combo With RG731BX Receiver

    While other large channel systems only offer 10 or less “non-shared” channels and achieve the additional channels through “sharing” (splitting update rates between channels to expand) or expansion, JR’s XG14 is a true “non-shared”, full 14 channel system.

    In addition, thanks to JR’s creative programming and DMSS sophistication, the XG14’s 14 channels can be accessed through the use of 2 JR RG731BX X Buss receivers, creating not only true 14 channel access, but a redundant airborne system as well.

    JR’s Finest Gimbals Ever
    Based on our Premium Gimbals found only in the Flagship 12X Professional systems, our new CNC Machined Premium Aluminum Gimbal Base provides the ultimate in precision feel, with no flexing during quick and full stick extremes as found with standard plastic gimbals. JR’s new Premium Gimbals with CNC Base will truly have you “feeling the difference”.

    JR’s New X Bus Digital Serial Data System
    The New XG14 is also JR’s first system to offer the new JR X Bus digital serial data communication technology. When purchased with the new JR RG731BX X Bus Receiver, the XG14 is capable of connection of up to 4 servos per channel via the X Bus serial connector. When using the XG14 X Bus feature, this allows for connection of up to 56 Servos (4 x 14ch) via special JR X Bus servo harness (available separately). For connection of conventional (non X Bus) servos, a special conventional servo harness converter is also available.

    JR World Championship Winning Dual Modulation DMSS for the ultimate 2.4 RF Link
    JR’s exclusive DMSS (Dual Modulation Spectrum System) 2.4GHz RF protocol offers a secure and reliable RF link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wideband transmission system. This DMSS exclusive combination results in not only high-speed response, but also high resistance to RF Interference for unmatched reliability.

    JR’s DMSS 2.4 also features a patented JR “Intelligent Output System” (IOS), which automatically selects control signals/channel priority for channels that need to be transmitted at exactly the same time, and delivers this data as one complete signal frame. JR’s unique IOS ensures there is no time delay/latency for channels used for control surfaces such as a CCPM swashplate on a helicopter, or multiple servo control surface setups in large aircraft.

    Another exclusive JR DMSS feature is its dual stream, bi-directional Telemetry communication system.

    JR DMSS transmits all Telemetry information through a separate RF stream, rather than through the primary channel stream so as not to reduce or share update rates with critical control channels as is common practice with most all 2.4GHz protocols.

    Receiver voltage telemetry is built in as standard in every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors will give you real time feedback of information from your model, such as the RPM of an aircraft propeller or helicopter rotor blades, temperature and altimeter readings.

    Other Standard XG14 Features
    The all-new XG14 radio system provides the ability to control popular model types within the Airplane, Helicopter or Glider categories, all from the same transmitter. Special switch labels are provided for each of the 3 categories of models so the pilot can customize the switch labeling for their main model type so these switches are easily identifiable at a glance

    Programming is “JR Easy” thanks to the well-proven, intuitive user interface with data entered using the JR trademark vertical roll selector to the right of the screen, as well as the four push-button entry keys to the left of the screen. Programming information is clear and concise thanks to the XG14’s large, graphical back lit LCD display screen.

    No matter what kind of airplane, helicopter or glider you fly, the XG14 will truly have you “feeling the difference” like only a genuine JR system can!

    Combo Content

    • XG14 Radio (all modes)
    • RG731BX Receiver
    • Transmitter Battery
    • Mains Charger
    • Instruction Manual
    SKU: JRXG14A
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