Micro pitch gauge 250size

Micro pitch gauge 250size



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Micro Helis pitch gauge:+12/-12

Fits Helis up to 250 size

  • 250DFC Main Rotor Head Upgrade Set

    Follow by 700 DFC/600 DFC's design, the 250 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision, resulting in superior 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed with extremely attractive design.

    Extreme low CG and short main shaft design, dramatically reduces flight resistance, effectively improves T-Rex 250’s 3D performance and speed.
    New style linkage rod design, complete assembly increases linkage rod rigidity, allowing the pitch slider (follower) to be omitted, resulting in a head assembly that is much simplified and rigid.
    Upgrading to the 250DFC rotor head assembly is extremely easy; just replace the head block included in the 250DFC kit, connect the 250DFC linkage assembly, and replace the main shaft with 250DFC main shaft. Existing swashplate is kept in the upgrade.
    Suitable for T-REX 250 .


    • 250DFC Main Rotor Head Assembly × 1
    • 250DFC Main Blade Grip × 2
    • Bearing 682XZZ × 4
    • Socket screw × 2
    • Damper rubber 70° × 2
    • Spacer × 2
    • Socket button head screw × 1
    • Washer × 1
    • Socket button head screw × 1
    • Washer × 2
    • Socket collar screw × 2
    • 250DFC Main rotor grip arm integrated control link × 2
    • 250DFC Main rotor grip linkage bearing sleeve × 2
    • 681ZZ-d2 Bearing × 4
    • 250DFC Linkage rod A × 2
    • Ball link × 2
    • 250DFC Main Shaft × 1

    SKU: H25119
  • AR8000 8-Channel DSMX

    Spektrum is committed to offering receivers to modelers in all categories within the hobby, and the AR8000 is no exception to that commitment. The AR8000 is packed with industry-leading features including an incredibly fast input-to-output response with an 11-millisecond frame rate when used with capable transmitters, 2048 resolution for ultra-smooth servo travel, and a compact footprint making it ideal for any application from extreme 3D to competition helicopter performance. Always purchase products from a Horizon Hobby, Inc. authorized dealer to ensure authentic high-quality Spektrum product. Horizon Hobby, Inc. disclaims all support and warranty with regards, but not limited to, compatibility and performance of counterfeit products or products claiming compatibility with DSM2, DSMX or Spektrum. Attention: Horizon Hobby has confirmed that all Spektrum Products being sold by KoKo Technology are counterfeit. We consider it a danger to use these products, waive all liability and will not support any warranty or service in regards to them. This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision. Type: AR8000 DSMX High-Speed 8-Channel Receiver# of Channels:8 Modulation:DSM2/DSMX Band:2.4GHz Length:1.35 in (34.3mm) Width:1.27 in (32.3mm) Height:0.45 in (11.4mm) Weight:0.33 oz (9.4g) Voltage Range:3.5V-9.6V

    SKU: SPMAR8000
  • Carriers, stub axle (rear) (left & right)

    Carriers, stub axle (rear) (left & right)
    SKU: TRX5555
  • GENS ACE 2200MAH 7.4V 25/50C 2S1P LIPO

    GENS ACE 2200MAH 7.4V 25/50C 2S1P LIPO


    • Product Type:lipo battery pack
    • Capacity: 2200mAh
    • Voltage: 7.4V
    • Max Continuous Discharge: 25C (55A)
    • Max Burst Discharge: 50C (110A)
    • Weight: 135.6g
    • Dimensions: 103*34 *19 mm
    • Balance Plug: JST-XH
    • Discharge Plug: T-plug
    • Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max
    • Gens ace lipo 2200mAh 2S1P 25C/50C battery suited to the following model:70MM EDF rc plane,450 helicopter,rc boat.

    • Net Weight (g)    135.6
    • Delivery time    2-3 Tage
    • Brand    Gens ace
    • Capacity    2200 mAh
    • Discharge Rate (C)    25
    • Max Cont Current (A)    55
    • Max Burst Current (A)    110
    • Max Burst discharge Rate (C)    50
    • Parallel (P)    1
    • Voltage    2S (7.4V)
    • Length (mm)    103
    • Width (mm)    34
    • Thickness(mm)    19
    • Wire Gauge    14#
    • Wire Length (C/D)    50mm / 100mm
    • Connector Type    DEAN-T
    • Balancer Connector Type    JST-XH
    SKU: B-25C-2200-2S1P
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