LiPO Voltage Guard w.Led

LiPO Voltage Guard w.Led


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Lipo packs must not be discharged below approximately 3.0 Volts per cell. Even a single deep discharge may permanently damage your pack. The tiny Lipo Voltage Guard operates in parallel with your Electric Speed Controller. It will flash a LED when your pack drops below a preprogrammed voltage threshold. The factory setting is for 3 cells , 3.0V per cell, with 'timed minimum hold'. The LiPo Voltage Guard may be easily reprogrammed to suit your own requirements with your transmitter/ receiver the supplied programming lead and your flight pack or power supply capable of any voltage between 5 and 45 volts.


Microprocessor controlled, auto calibrating, 10-bit A/D converter with digital signal processing.

Operating voltage: 5V - 45V
Minimum threshold: 5V (2 cells, 2.5V / cell)
Maximum threshold: 34V (10 cells, 3.4V / cell)
Precision: 1% or better
Current draw: 35mA during alarm state, <10mA otherwise
Weight: 4g
Size: 28mm x 20mm x10mm

  • High NRG Li-Ion cell 1400mah

    Those High-NRG Cells have a permanent Discharge capability of current 10-12C (= 13,2A) and Max Dis-Charge current of 20C (27A) for up to 5sec. Charge current is up to 1c. A cell weight is 41gr, a bit . more than foil-packed Li-Po cells of same capacity, but the excessed weight is well explained - the robustness of the cell is based on it. Many special protective functions . High-NRG Cells have a cylindrical metal housing that protect them against mechanical damage . Therefore they are much better protected, as well the model, and your investment into those cells. High-NRG Cells have a temperature safety device, which cut off the current flow during faulty operation or short cut but the cell will not explode, as can happen with other brands. The High-NRG Cells offers new possibilities for RC pilots: Achievement for longer running times with fewer weights! This leads unbelievable 3D aerobatics in Helis to 20min long flights or. Aerobatics machines fly better by the program, because they are more easily and also RC Cars drive much longer

    Each cell is Equipped with Soldering tags for easy packs preparation

    Please note those are High Discharge cells. Using Digital Servos must be used with those cells. Other competitors packs will not hold high Discharge and will put your model in Crash danger

    Technical Details

    Voltage 3.7v
    Capacity +/-1400 mah
    Φ18 x 65mm
    Weight +/- 41 g
    Max Charge ( Recommended) Current 1.3amp
    (Data Sheet allows up to 3c)
    Discharge: Normal Discharge <12c
    Burst Discharge (Max 5 Sec) 15-20c >28amp

    Full data Sheet can be seen Here

    Safety devices:

    Metal case
    Temperature/Overload device
    Equipped with Soldering tags for easy packs preparation


    Radios, Cars, E-helicopters, E-airplanes

    SKU: SKU14214
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